Your comments

Do you want both (all) of those sessions to share the same content or do you want them to each be able to interact independently?

I'd like to have the option to map (selectively), but at the same point just because it maps I don't want to change the default.

We have users who can't seem to handle changing their own default printer around and it's obviously made worse when SC screws with them when we connect.

Maybe a multi-select so by default it could just carry over the default like what LMI did.

How about knowing that you are on the login screen and just presenting a dialog box with a big ok/cancel button overlaid like what LogMeIn did. Granted with LMI I could also have it auto-enter the creds for me, which I guess could be done if the credentials have been provided by the user, but it seems more intuitive to have it in the remote window vs. the toolbar at the top.


Just so I understand is there just a single server at each region or is there a more granular potential outage point? ie.. my cloud instances in Nevada die.. does that mean everyone in that region is down?

What about a combo box option for each of the custom properties that allows for free-form entry, but also contains any values that are already in that property (and thus already visible to the user?). That would I think accomplish the original request (which is what I was looking for) and still allow for less maintenance of the "list" which I'm afraid Karl's suggestion would cause (at least for us).

I'd also like to see more simultaneous availability of releases. The cloud was in debug of 5.5 for quite awhile before the stable version was available even though it was up for on-prem partners.

Can we maybe have an option to auto remove if they don't show in they are not reconnected again in X days? Might as well bring that up while you are working on this base foundation. Otherwise, I'm still going to need to go manually clean things up every so often.