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The usual trick I use is to move the desired location somewhere else in the US and it'll force it to restart.

I assume @swhite is just going through closing stalled product requests today given this is the 10th I've received notice of the declined status change on.

This seemed like a simple quality of life enhancement request that CW has teams doing nothing but now....

Can we have some explanation why we can't just have a dialog box to enter the subnet to scan? It's not like this is a major code change since you are already detecting and processing the local subnet.

Can you give us a link to where this is at in the documentation as I don't see it listed in any of the SAML setup documentation for Azure, OKTA, or anything.


I think we are talking about two different things. only allows one account as far as I know and yes that is a PITA.  However, once you are in an actual cloud instance (apparently other than the free ones) you can create multiple accounts all with their own MFA settings.

Can you give any details on what was actually implemented?  Like does the guest cache the server IP itself, is it harder when the guest is installed or does it have a hard set backup DNS server it uses?

Ok yeah, makes total sense. Have my up vote ;)

We use customproperty1 for the client name and then customproperty2 for the location name of the client.  We then have our session groups grouped by customproperty1,customproperty2 and then things sort nicely in the session list.

It would be nice would be if there was a way to customize the title bar in the active session window to include that same information.

Wow, I see a notice of an update..and go hey that's a good idea and then realize it's my own request from over five years ago. :(

Seen it and reported it and had it start working in "the next build" more than I can imagine.

Gave up on trying to report it over and over and just work around it at this point sadly.