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Thank you for taking the time to write this up!

I can't help with the export piece which I'd love to have as well, but we started prefixing the client's company name to their display name in the Internal user source -- at least it makes the list somewhat easier to manage -- ignoring that you can't sort, filter or export it.-- but find in the browser helps some.

Then I'd assume its a limitation of the free account and probably on purpose.

Why don't you just make a second admin account? 

I'd love to see a mapping of the domain name to OAUTH user source in Control -- so these 5 domains go to this OAUTH client.. and anything else goes to the local source for example.  

When a user enters their email address Control would know where to send them for login the same way Microsoft does when you enter a domain that is using federated auth.

I'd like this as well, not to have the accounts bypass MFA but allow login at all from a defined set of IPs (with MFA as well)


David's one of my guys so as a point of clarification...

The problem with the side dock is that you can't go full screen with the remote session and keep it docked on the side.  As soon as I maximize the window the helper dock goes away.  

I just discovered I can go back to the top and it pops back up, but maybe an option to just have those stay present even when full screen along with the ability to take the helper pod and pop it out to a full browser window when needed.