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We use customproperty1 for the client name and then customproperty2 for the location name of the client.  We then have our session groups grouped by customproperty1,customproperty2 and then things sort nicely in the session list.

It would be nice would be if there was a way to customize the title bar in the active session window to include that same information.

Wow, I see a notice of an update..and go hey that's a good idea and then realize it's my own request from over five years ago. :(

Seen it and reported it and had it start working in "the next build" more than I can imagine.

Gave up on trying to report it over and over and just work around it at this point sadly.

Thank you for taking the time to write this up!

I can't help with the export piece which I'd love to have as well, but we started prefixing the client's company name to their display name in the Internal user source -- at least it makes the list somewhat easier to manage -- ignoring that you can't sort, filter or export it.-- but find in the browser helps some.

Then I'd assume its a limitation of the free account and probably on purpose.

Why don't you just make a second admin account?