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I'd like to see it available even as an add-on for cloud hosted access session only subscriptions.

We use access subscriptions vs. tech subscriptions to allow the end users (not just techs) to access their computers remotely.  So while we would save money by going to the premium bundle, we can't because of the SC licensing restrictions and as it stands now can't do the recordings either. :(

i'd prefer to default to whatever it was last we connected, but I'd lean towards showing everything initially.  Once we've connected to a device and either filtered down to a single monitor OR split out the monitors to seperate windows I'd like subsquent connections to keep those settings.

I'm afraid that defaulting to a single monitor is going to cause us to frequently miss that they have multiple monitors.

This isn't the same thing.

LogMeIn automatically creates separate windows for each remote monitor when you connect to a machine.

In Control/ScreenConnect I have to spend time each time I hope in to manually split them out into separate windows.

Web.config yes, but the second set of the instructions say

"Step 2.

Edit Host.aspx

Change the block of code found here..."

Which you can't do as a cloud customer

Yeah the problem is you can't do that on cloud instances (change the host.aspx piece at least)

Then you'll need to use the Remote Desktop/Terminal services role from Microsoft and then clients connect via the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) instead of via ScreenConnect.

Do you want both (all) of those sessions to share the same content or do you want them to each be able to interact independently?