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I know I'm thick, but I've searched the whole of my Server for the "app.config" file and it's not there!!! Desperate to switch this off. I'd roll back to 6.0 but I've got 100+ Access Sessions that are now on 6.1 Client Side - So that's not an option. We need the ability to downgrade clients so we can rollback the Server Side. I really should have waited for at least a month after release before installing 6.1.


Big Suprise and NOT Welcome. Who gets the feedback? Since it's got ScreenConnect Branding all over it and not my branding - It's got no business being there. Why was this set to Enabled by default?

Any luck persuading ESET to join in again?

Looks like they are "copping a deaf'un!"

Certainly wouldn't have happened under ScreenConnect's watch . . . Just not answering our legitimate concerns is simply unacceptable. Have the good grace (and manners) to respond please and at least explain the reasoning behind your strategy. At the moment, from the outside looking in; the rebranding is a mistake and one that adversely impacts our businesses.

I have to agree that Control has negative connotations and makes little sense when used in the the screen sharing (view a clients screen) or presentation mode. @Felipe: The problem is that ConnectWise is now the Brand and "Control" is the Product, (formally, ScreenConnect was both Brand & Product); so calling the product "AnythingWise" dilutes the Brand.

If ConnectWise must distance themselves from the ScreenConnect product and excellent reputation, how about ScreenAssist? Just as friendly, but different enough to be new. Just remember all us legacy license holders expect to be honoured as the product is the function it delivers; no matter what the name or however many rewrites of the code.

Can Add to this:

Can you publish a Pinned Thread on the Extension Spotlight forum with a table detailing Extensions (and version) vs SC version compatibility? The table could include a column for annotation by the Extension Author to indicate that they are working on any revision.

Well that's a start, but it doesn't require Authors or Publishers to participate. For example the ESET extension isn't listed yet doesn't seem to work reliably - which is not only a shame but so unlike ESET. My guess is that that particular extension got broken in a subsequent upgrade of SC. Not your fault and not theirs, but it's still a problem that requires attention.

For my part I keep a couple of Remote Support Sessions published for customers to join when they visit my portal. Therefore, at the end of a session I rightclick the Screenconnect client on the guest's taskbar and select Exit, (leaving the session published for the next time.) It would be beneficial to remove the ClickOnceRun file from the downloads section at the end of the session to leave a Zero footprint.

Surely this just requires bringing the last entry from the timeline to the general tab for a given client not host.