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Not that this is a Support Forum & I'm sorry that someone who offered you remote support left their software client behind.

I'm not a MAC expert, but you should be able to stop any running services or processes using the methods outlined here, and then delete/uninstall the application so that it can't run automatically in future.

Good Luck.

Where are we with this?  Branding is very important - it's what makes my business, MY Business.  As stated above, this is important to maintain the security triangle.  Please also consider the connected issue of "Unknown Publisher" as this really freaks out the guest and undermines my credibility.

I host my own SceenConnect. It is important to me that my branding is carried to my customers. I used to be able to customise everything including the OLD Addon- equivalent of QuickSupport SOS (you have depreciated the plugin which worked well.)  I need to be able to change the icon associated with the Quick Support SOS download - so that my customers KNOW and can be CONFIDENT that it is ME and ONLY ME at the other end of the connection.

About 50% of my clients are elderly domestic users. They find me either by referal or local advertsing.  After they have met me; if they understand the concept I offer remote support.  But I always have to explain the importance of knowing who they are giving access to.  My Branding & Company Logo is part of this security triangle.  I have raised this matter many months ago - this is not a new request.

Please reinstate this facility as soon as possible.

Can't hold my breath any longer - turned Blue already!

Looks like the problem was solve in the old forum on post 11906  but as already pointed out, doesn't work anymore.

Please can someone point post here the contents of that method?

Self Hosting License Holders are not getting the service anymore . . . 

Hey - Thanks for listening - NOT!

I used to use the Guest Session Starter Exe extension, by Elsinore Support (Remember them?). This enables a guest to download a very small exe (suitable for placing on the desktop), which would initiate a Guest Session on demand.  Now depreciated, Quick Support SOS is supposed to do similar.  However I was able to customise the exe file to carry my brand & logo, and now due to "signature violation", this crucial feature has been "outlawed". 

My brand and logo tells MY customers that it's ME at the other end of the remote support connection & not some scammer.

I have had to clean up after one client was actually scammed by some from "Microsoft" who used a ScreenConnect client.  That's why I put MY logo on ScreenConnect.

Preventing me from doing so is interfering with my business.  Branding customisation was the key reason why I chose ScreenConnect over other Remote Support packages.  I host my own on-premise install & pay my renewal licences.  You should not break things that worked perfectly before. And when you do, you MUST put them right quickly.

No hostility on my part - sorry to have caused offense.  This is a technical forum not facebook so nothing is aimed at any individual.

This can't be any plainer - Zero Foot Print on the client machine at the end of an Ad-hoc Remote Session.  This is fundamental to the trust expected by the client.

I can see how the current system works when administering from my mobile phone - screen real-estate being a premium, so I suggest the option of allowing the screen preview to be displayed on both tabs if required. Or even the the ability to do away with the Start tab all together in the desktop environ.

As per the discussion in the Advanced Customisation Forum  (Yes I'm asking you to go to a different tab in your browser to get the information you need!  There's the numb if it - annoying isn't  . . .)  At least allow the client screen preview to be placed in the info tab.