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Brandon - OK so it's "On-Hold".  Any chance you could explain the reason for the status update/motive for the decision?  The Feature Request appears to be very popular with 47 votes.  There are at least 47 of us that would appreciate a little more information.


Good job I've got a sense of humour when it comes to interpreting your Request Status Levels . . .


That's great news - for the sake of the record would you kind enough to indicate whether which version contained the fix.  I must have missed it in the Output Stream Forum.



I think that reference covers just about everything I've already done on my Server. But that's the first I've seen everything in one place. I'm sure at least 43 users will benefit - Thanks (Pity ConnectWise Support Staff couldn't have been as helpful earlier . . .)

The Output Stream for the latest 6.2 version seems to suggest that the consideration of our requests is over and we've been ignored! A bit like a government consultation period - drag it out, tell everyone you are listening, then carry on with the original plan regardless.

So to clarify - ScreenConnect get the feedback - OK I understand. Can someone please tell me who is asked for the feed back? Is the client invited to respond or is it just the host?

If the Client is invited - then surely, I as host, should be able to:

  1. brand the feedback request
  2. receive the feedback
  3. have control over when/if feedback is requested.

If this is NOT currently the purpose or function - please add this as a request for such.

So Review It Already! How can it take 3 months to decide IF you are going to fix this x86/x64 thing that got broken in version 5.6? The isn't a Feature Request - It's a Bug Fix.

This function is also required for those occasions when we've upgraded our Server installations to the "latest and greatest" Stable version, rolled out to all Client Side Access Installs - only to find the stable version isn't everything it promised and we need to rollback to a previous version. All as I suggested in the Feedback Survey Post in this forum.

OK so I've found the thread in the Output Stream Forum - which by the way is the only forum your customers need. (This separate Bug Report and Feature Request area is obviously for your internal benefit).

Anyhow here's my constructive 2 pence worth. Add a Report Bug Button to feed into this forum which could enable copy and paste screen shots etc whilst it's all happening and fresh in the mind. That will give you the most immediate feedback. At the very least give us a Feedback on Demand Button now that we've all learnt how to, and have, disabled the 4% random feature.