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Yes, we've had customers logged in as domain admins and we don't want someone to switch into their account while they're also logged on the server. 


Would love to use this to tunnel other protocols i.e RDP / SSH / VNC / HTTPS..   No need for a full blown VPN. 

Honestly, this should be customizable in the admin dashboard. 

Customer: Is it fixed yet?

Support: .... Um.. Right after i find a way to change your screen resolution. 

Customer: It looks fine on my end. It works with our remote control software perfectly fine. 

Support: Can we do a remote session into your computer and then back into the server?  I sure hope this doesn't go down at night.. No way we could fix this system. 

This is causing a lot of grief for our teams at the moment. I was told it's not possible to sign the MSI's because they are being changed on the fly. But since the .EXE contains the MSI isn't the .EXE also being changed on the fly?

Automate's MSI's are signed and are custom per site. 

I wanted to add to this since the original request mentioned doing this without an additional PC.

The bridge would probably work great for server environments where a server/gateway/bridge hosting the agent could be running 24x7 but in desktop environments that might not work as well. Also companies that use Automate might not be able to use this feature. Our staff primarily uses Control in Automate via a plugin because we have all our permissions built in Automate.

  • If they integrated RDP like backstage then it could be permission based with a drop down under logon session.
  • Because the control agent is installed locally it would be able to access the registry and auto obtain the RDP port from the registry.
  • It could be tunneled via the loopback address. (we do this at my company today with other technology)
  • The control agent could auto acquire your screen resolution and feed that into the RDP session.

Then when users are in Automate they could select RDP that would tunnel over the control session. Making more users happy with one change.

To give you a honest response based off of other requests. 2 years from now it will change back to under review and then 2 years from them it will change to roadmapped

But in all honesty, I wouldn't get my hopes up until it's made it's way to roadmapped. They've been considering this feature for over 2 years now. 

We thought about adding another instance but we've already invested so much time into whitelisting our domain / ip with all of our customers. Since we support worldwide with this instance, It would be a a huge process to go back for approval from all of their security departments. (we're not using the cloud instance of screenconnect). 

This is just one issue that we face. Sadly i have a list.

    I actually want this maybe for another reason. We have multiple support departments. Maybe something like this could be used to dump the sessions into their old bucket. 

    Transfer to myself would be a nice feature.. Maybe right after you click the transfer button.