ConnectWise Control 22.9

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22.9.10589 (2022-12-07)

22.9.10446 (2022-11-21)

22.9.10231 (2022-11-04)

22.9.10221 (2022-11-04)

22.9.10211 (2022-11-03)

22.9.10143 (2022-10-31)

22.9.10118 (2022-10-28)

22.9.10032 (2022-10-24)

22.9.9944 (2022-10-19)

22.9.9897 (2022-10-18)

22.9.9440 (2022-09-26)


  • This is a BIG release
    • several brand-new Access Management features (more details to come soon at IT Nation)
    • improvements to our session event system, providing better auditability and enabling future functionality
    • a few breaking changes for extensions - we're working to get all affected extensions updated
  • Mono build notes here

Build: 22.9.9440

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Session Manager Service

Implement session event correlation

Task Metrics

Create server health metric for router garbage collection times

Bug Extension Runtime

Extensions can produce different load results in appdomains with different assemblies loaded

Build: 22.9.9897

Issue Type Components Summary
Task .NET Client, Guest Client, Security, UIUX

Mark WindowsInstallerDownload executable to always run as administrator

Task Security, UIUX

Create new Access Management functionality

Task Code Signing

Update code signing certificate

Bug .NET Client, Host Client

Clipboard sharing occasionally crashes the Host client

Bug Authentication, Cloud, Login Page, Security

Cloud authentication provider failures can prevent internal user logins

Bug Guest Client, Server

Newly created 22.8/22.9 instances have identical instance identifiers

Bug Host Client, UIUX

Host client menu items are incorrectly disabled for non-Windows guest clients

Bug Host Client, UIUX

Start sharing button is incorrectly disabled in Meeting

Build: 22.9.9944

Issue Type Components Summary
Task CAM, Session Event Triggers

Make parsed EventData available within trigger filter expressions


Disable all end-user-facing CAM UI by default

Bug CAM, Host Page

Frontend exception around multi-select event acknowledgement

Build: 22.9.10032

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Guest Client, Host Client, Installer, Security

Add additional validation of client installer URL parameters to inhibit certain social engineering attacks

Task CAM, Licensing

Adjust on-prem and labtech licenses for CAM launch

Bug Audit Page, DB Maintenance, UIUX

New session event types cause multi-select popouts to wrap text on Audit/Database pages

Bug CAM, Host Page, UIUX

Host page responses buttons can produce duplicate Approved/Denied events

Bug CAM, Host Page, UIUX

Approve/Deny buttons are difficult to see when user doesn't have the corresponding permission

Bug CAM, Guest Client, UIUX

Elevation/logon request reason should not be required if not visible

Bug Host Client, UIUX

Host client View menu monitors can take several seconds to populate

Bug Host Page, Security, UIUX

AddSessionEvents fails if different events in a batch require different permissions

Build: 22.9.10118

Issue Type Components Summary
Story CAM, Session Event Triggers

Create out-of-the-box email notification triggers for elevation/logon requests

Task CAM, Installer, Session Event Triggers

Add CAM request notification triggers to existing instances

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client

Windows XP guest client checks in but has blank guest info and gray screen on connect

Bug CAM, Guest Client, UIUX

Inconsistent feedback to end user if Reason is required

Bug CAM, Host Page, UIUX

Approve and Deny buttons both show loading indicators when either one is clicked

Bug Guest Page, UIUX

Guest page has javascript parsing errors in IE 11

Build: 22.9.10143

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug CAM, Guest Client, UIUX

UAC briefly shows 'INTERNAL_FAILURE' when auto-elevated

Bug CAM, Guest Client, Session Event Triggers, UIUX

Elevation requests can be erroneously submitted before elevation program info has been gathered

Build: 22.9.10211

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Authentication, Server, Web Server Service

FileLoadException when using OAuth2/OIDC in release builds in the cloud

Bug CAM, Host Page, UIUX

Make CAM messages more responsive on narrow screens

Bug CAM, Guest Client, UIUX

Bad Image error on 32-bit Windows machines when locking session

Bug Performance, Server

High memory usage in 22.8 due to permissions caching in certain extensions

Build: 22.9.10221

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Database, Performance

Large instances can take much longer to start up than in 22.8

Build: 22.9.10231

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Database, Performance, Session Manager Service

22.9 database transform can re-execute past events, cancel pending events, and unacknowledge acknowledged events

Build: 22.9.10446

Issue Type Components Summary
Task .NET Client, CAM

Truncate and sanitize CAM ephemeral user name formats to fit Windows constraints

Task .NET Client, Installer

Create mechanism to exclude specified components from Windows client installer

Task CAM, Guest Client, Installer

Sign WindowsCredentialProvider DLL with Authenticode

Bug CAM, Host Page, UIUX

Admin Logon request messages aren't responsive on narrow screens

Bug .NET Client, CAM, Guest Client, UIUX

Clients can cause TryAcquireSRWLockExclusive error popups on Windows Server 2008 64-bit

Bug .NET Client, CAM, Installer

Windows credential provider registry entries can be left behind on uninstall when multiple ScreenConnect clients are present

Bug Database, Installer

22.9 upgrade-created Processed/Acknowledged/Deleted events can have extraneous Data values

Bug Host Page, UIUX

Up arrow does not recall last previously executed Command on the Host page

Bug Host Page, UIUX

Session timeline can improperly render post-disconnect connection events such that they appear as active connections

Bug Licensing

Certain LabTech licenses can have SupportSessions license capability incorrectly disabled

Bug Performance, Server

ObjectPool can crash server with ArgumentOutOfRangeException

Build: 22.9.10589

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Database, Session Manager Service

On-premise servers with pre-v4.0 session events can fail to initialize in v22.9