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Pending Review

ConnectWise Control, ability to have custom application/service name

Beh 9 hours ago 0

using the appearance editor from the extension store you are able to change the logo and the task bar icon name. But we cant change the application or the service name to a custom name, its always the default ScreenConnect (xxxxxxxxx). This feature would be great. Last time i tried Automate I was able to make these changes, so it should not be hard to have Control do this too. 


Sign setup.msi for Support Client Installation

Anonymous 5 years ago updated by Stefan Deacon 15 hours ago 17

The EXE for the ConnectWiseControl.ClientSetup.exe is signed, but the setup.msi it puts in %temp% is not.


I'm sorry for the delay on this response! 

When the Control agent auto-updates itself (or when someone issues the Reinstall command), we use the signed .exe version of the client installer, and it is sent to this folder on the Guest:

The exe file then extracts/runs the unsigned msi from the Temp folder. If you are able to whitelist the developer cert that's used on the .exe to allow it to then run the msi, then that should help alleviate the Zero Trust issue with regular upgrades (and also would help with the file hash issue you mentioned, since the file hash changes every time the installer .exe is created).

This is all necessary to happen in the current iteration of the Guest client because the installer can be customized with different values, e.g. the Name, Company, Site, etc. information (CustomPropertyN values).

Under Review

Allow more customizations of the blank screen option

Michael Bannerman 7 years ago updated by Jason Faas yesterday at 2:46 p.m. 24 3 duplicates

The software allows sending a black screen to the remote (actually its a text on a black background)
What if we can send a .pps file or a jpg,png or any other to relax the user while we are working at the background
and there should be a timer on the right down/up corner so that it will show us connection time like we have been connected for 03:11 ... and goes upward

for us this is a must feature cause we have plan to send a pps file that has ads in it and the technician information like our support team, their certifications etc...

Pending Review

Allow Microphone forwarding/virtualization

JamesEN 4 days ago updated yesterday at 8:33 a.m. 2

Considering ConnectWise already allows you to forward your microphone to the remote PC's speakers, why isnt there an option to forward your microphone to the remote PC's microphone so that you can make a VOIP/Teams call on the remote PC.

Under Review

Ability to unlock user accounts

terryb8s 5 years ago updated by jason w 2 days ago 7

Currently there is no way to unlock a user account other than changing their password or deleting and recreating their account.

This is a known defect with a workaround, yet I have been told by support to log a feature request.


To me this seems like a basic feature that is clearly missing.

Pending Review

Remote MAC updates

Mihai 3 weeks ago updated by gil pdo 2 days ago 0


It seems that remote updates for MAC devices are not working with Connectwise Control at the moment. Is it possible to implement this feature?

Currently, when you click on "Updates" in the right panel, for MAC devices you can only see the "Updates loading" message and they never load.


Image 1131

Pending Review

host pass management

Allen Anderson 2 days ago 0

Would it be possible to get some type of Host Pass management? For example:

1. View all current host passes.

2. History of passes created.

2. Revoke individual host passes.

3. Extending/decreasing lifetime of a current passes.

4. Only allow specified public IP's to use host passes to help eliminate unauthorized use of the link.        

5. Any other method that could isolate the link to an specific individual.

Thank you,

Considering for Future Release

MAC OSx ability to Screen Split

Nelly3708 2 years ago updated by SeanM 2 days ago 14 3 duplicates

Dev team,

Can you provide the feature for split screens option on Mac OSx. I am able to do it on my windows machine, but not able to do it on a mac. 


Ability to initate/use an RDP session

Stefan 7 years ago updated by Hadi Mohammed 3 days ago 34 1 duplicate

If one of our employees wants to work from outside we give them access through ScreenConnect to their PC in the company. With WOL they are able to turn the PC on at any time they want.

A better way would be if ScreenConnect could initiate a new RDP session on a given terminal server where the user can logon with his credentials so that there is no need to use of an extra PC.

Under Review

clipboard image

mwest 6 years ago updated by JamesEN 4 days ago 2

We need to paste images clipped with Windows Snipping tool, taken from the local desktop and pasted remote for example into an email or spreadsheet, or taken on the remote and pasted on the local desktop. While CTRL-C / CTRL-V works with LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, and Teamviewer, it does not seem to be a feature of the ScreenConnect clipboard. Its a critical feature we can't live without. Any chance of adding it anytime soon?