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Pending Review

Remove "Login" field after SAML integration.

adam.ellington 4 weeks ago • updated by KD-FDI 4 hours ago 2

Have the option to only allow authentication through SAML once it's integrated.

Considering for Future Release

Linux / Mac Improvements

James Joseph 2 years ago • updated by cmanning 4 hours ago 11

I made a post on the original forum but considering I don't see any new changes to linux on 5.6 I'd like to post this again here.

The update to Mac & Linux client (specifically linux) is very lacking in terms of appeal/interface/feature rich like it's Windows sibling.

There are features that aren't available on Linux or Mac like remote printing and the new lasso tool for searching for items etc. Not to mention that the interface could use a bit of a change also.

While I appreciate you supporting Linux & Mac as hosts when alot of other companies wouldn't even consider it I think there should be some consideration taken for providing close if not the same usability that Windows users can get.

Pending Review

Please Index Login Sessions

andrew.bykovec 21 hours ago 0

I'd like to search by username and get hits from terminal servers with that user logged in. Currently ScreenConnect does not index TS login sessions.

Pending Review

Extension: Guest Session Starter *Usability Improvement Request*

Jonathan McKnight 2 days ago • updated yesterday at 10:46 a.m. 1

Please make the entire box, (image ref #2), clickable rather than simply the little arrow (image ref #1).

Many new clients call and report the button does not work because they do not know to click the arrow.

Pending Review

Remote Printing Margins

Hillary Parker 3 months ago • updated by Dan Long yesterday at 9:03 a.m. 1

We use a program that prints receipts and reports for us that have very specific margins. We have no trouble printing these things out normally, yet when we try to remotely print via ConnectWise, the margins are being cut off by about 0.5" on each side. These receipts and reports are extremely important to our business, so if we aren't able to control the printing margins or have them widened on ConnectWise, perhaps we need to switch back to LogMeIn Pro.


Preference to have multiple monitors auto split to seperate windows

jhardwick 2 years ago • updated by Brandon Alexander 2 days ago 23

I would like the ability when a host connects to a guest with multiple monitors to have a separate window opened for each monitor automatically as part of a user/guest preference. Perhaps even memory of last window positions and size on the host side for each monitor... ie guest monitor 1 always goes here, guest monitor 2 always goes here. The thought being if the host has >= monitors as the guest you could have a better experience.

The majority of our clients have multiple monitors and it's time consuming to manually split them out to individual windows manually, and the default "all-up" view results in an unusable experience 90% of the time... more so when they have three monitors.

Considering for Future Release

Nested active directory groups support for authentication

Steve 2 years ago • updated by Kirsten Martinez (Business Analyst) 2 days ago 2

We use a stunning number of AD groups for managing client information and access. Because of this we need to have nested groups support for authenticating to ScreenConnect. Currently I will have to manage all users in yet another group, rather than adding the "AllUsers" group as a member of the SC-HOST group.

Under Review

Keyboard shortcut to switch monitors/custom shortcuts

bendr 1 year ago • updated by support-technique 2 days ago 9

Hi I have been using screen connect for over 6 months now, and I would like to first say how much I like this product and that I appreciate the work you guys do.

My feature request is around working with clients on multiple monitor setups. This is frequently the case and it's not often that I can fit all their monitors on one of my screen or even stretch it across two. So in order to see clearly what is going on I often tend to view just one of the monitors but then something might get opened on the other screen and currently there is a lot of movement required to switch to the other monitor. What I would really like is a way to cycle through the monitors via keyboard.

While thinking about this it occurs to me that there are many other keyboard shortcuts that I would use and love if I could have them. So perhaps instead of you getting a feature request every time someone wants a new shortcut, you could give us a configuration file for shortcut keys. So that we can assign our own shortcuts to certain functions.

Configuration file could be a set configuration dialogue or something as well, but personally I would be just as happy with a plain text file to configure things like this.

Pending Review

Email Alerts - Service Outages

mgrad 2 days ago 0

There should be a feature for email alerts when a server goes down so that we could be moved to a different instance or be able to prepare a backup support software to use in the meantime to connect to our clients.

Pending Review

Add pagination to session list of Access pane

Russell 2 days ago 0

This could improve performance and reduce load times for very large session groups. I searched for this among feature request topics and did not specifically see it.