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Pending Review

Uninstall Access agents that have'nt been online for X amount of time

mark 1 day ago updated by Caitlin Barnes (Product Manager) 19 hours ago 1

Creating a rule/group that removes/uninstalls Access agents if they haven't been online for more than one year.

Considering for Future Release

Be able to specify guest side temporary save location for toolbox items in 5.5+

Steven 4 years ago updated by Tyrell 1 day ago 25

From CW-7637203:

Would like to customize the temp location where "As of version 5.5, when you run a tool from the shared toolbox, the tool will be downloaded to a temporary folder on the guests machine. When the session has ended, ScreenConnect attempts to delete the downloaded tool from the temporary folder."

Pending Review

Secondary or redundant login to the admin cloud portal

lmolzan 1 day ago 0


I would like to request that you add-on the ability to add a second login for the cloud admin accounts in future iterations of your program. Trying to purchase an extra license was quite an ordeal. It took a week to get ahold of anyone in your company and then someone explained that the only way that is conceptually possible to add any kind of license is through the cloud portal, but you guys don't allow companies to have more than one user registered for access to it. I was kind stuck in between a rock and a hard place because of this today. I just think that this would make user administration easier across the board for everyone. Companies would have more autonomous control over their own accounts. Because of this they theoretically wouldn't have to open as many tickets with you guys for either question like I had or needing to gain access to the said account because there is only one and that person is gone or something. Food for thought hopefully anyway.

Thank you.

Considering for Future Release

Computer Name + Organization Info on top bar

Peter O'Tools 4 years ago updated by Jeff Hanks 1 day ago 12

This is a must, I guess, for everyone.

It's important when you open a session, to see Computer's name on the top left corner.

But as important as this, is to have also:

* Organization (field) where you put particular info for this session)
* User (field)

I have to work with more than one session at a time very often.

So It's hard to relate by Computer Name, instead to see to whom each session (pc) belongs (user) when I switch between those. Confused

I did ask for this suggestion already, but I'd like to see it in this new release, please !


Considering for Future Release

Smart card pass thru support for Windows Login and/or Admin Functions

Steven 4 years ago updated by B.Martin 1 day ago 17

From CW-7588576:

Partner is looking for a means to be able to use smart cards through a session to support smart card requirements for admin functions on remote systems. Notes that RDP supports a pass through device so local smart card is presented through the RDP session to the remote system for Authentication.

Under Review

Automatically log in after successful multi-factor authentication

Craig Silver 1 year ago updated 3 days ago 6

As a user, I want to be automatically logged in after I complete the last step of a mult-factor authentication process so that I have fewer steps and clicks before I am logged in.

Currently, after completing the final MFA step, CWC still sits at the login screen and we have to click the Login button to actually get into the system. It's a relatively small thing but it helps when we have a relatively short login timeout.

Pending Review

Default Clipboard Settings for Servers vs Workstations

Marshall Rownd 4 days ago 0

Would like the ability to set Default Clipboard Sharing Settings based on if the machine is a Server or if it is a Workstation.

Options would be Default to On, Off or Disabled

Example Setup:
Servers - Share Clipboard - Defaults to On
Workstations - Share Clipboard - Disabled

If this functionality already exists can you point me in the right direction to set it up?

Under Review

Clear Clipboard on Disconnect

Kahle P 4 months ago updated by Tom Gilmore 4 days ago 9

Having a feature to automatically clear the guests clipboard when disconnecting from a session. Having a shared clipboard can be very helpful in some circumstances. With clipboard history in Windows 10, this makes

While disabling Clipboard Sharing and using Send Clipboard Keystrokes achieves the same results, it would be nice to know the clipboard is cleared when disconnecting.

Pending Review

Only see Sessions from same team

Kevin Hennemeier 4 days ago 0

Create different Session Groups and based on the Role be able to only see those sessions part of that group

Under Review

When chat window opens, it is on top of all others and must be acknowledged (clicked) before it goes behind.

Xander Warrender 3 years ago updated by Camelot One 4 days ago 19

Currently, when the chat window opens, it opens behind whatever the active window is and, with my clients at least, is often ignored until they finally close what they were doing.

I would like it if, when the chat window opened, it opened on top just like a regular new window does - and most require that they are clicked before they can be pushed behind others. This would force the client to acknowledge the window is there. This way, if they choose to ignore me, they go to the back of the queue and I can move on to another client.