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Pending Review

Session Group Filter For Recently Added

Ran_Dee 3 years ago updated by Chris H 1 hour ago 5

Since my client is set to install via GPO on devices joining the domain, or after reboot, I get devices connected to my ScreenConnect sessions frequently. Unfortunately, I have no way to determine which computers were joined unless I were to make the installer completely blank, but then I would need to figure out what site they were at. 

There should be a session group filter option for recently added. This will let us determine which devices recently joined the sessions list. 

Under Review

uninstall password

Dustin Evans 6 years ago updated by Alex Heylin 1 hour ago 29

We would like to have the option to add a password to protect the screen connect client from being uninstalled by users with local admin privileges. I have found that when the client is installed from labtech, users don't recognize it and tend to remove it. This causes problems with the labtech SC plugin.

Considering for Future Release

Add setting to allow Backstage to not lock when Lock on disconnect is enabled

Jpafundi 4 months ago updated by John W 21 hours ago 5

Backstage option to prevent auto lock just for Backstage 

Under Review

Ability to unlock user accounts

terryb8s 4 years ago updated by jhardwick 3 days ago 6

Currently there is no way to unlock a user account other than changing their password or deleting and recreating their account.

This is a known defect with a workaround, yet I have been told by support to log a feature request.


To me this seems like a basic feature that is clearly missing.

Pending Review

Looking for an ETA on Mac M1 client / processor support

dpuenner 1 year ago updated by Bort 3 days ago 17

Is than an estimated release date for the Mac M1 client?   The current client installs sucessfully, but never registers in the control panel.

Pending Review

ability to export software for all hosts

lynnton depano 5 days ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 4 days ago 1

allow to export software to be exported for all hosts

Pending Review

Google TV app

marcel vlems 4 days ago 0

At our company we use Chromecast with Google TV to cast a website in a browser-app. I want to control this Chromecast with ConnectWise Control but I cannot find the ConnectWise or ScreenConnect app in Google TV. Any suggestions?

Under Review

Chromebook, iOS, android client

Peter Groman 10 months ago updated by Jacob Blankenburg 5 days ago 6

Currently, in my instance, I can only create a client install for Windows, Mac or Linux.  I want to be able to remotely view the screen (and control if possible) Chromebook, iOS and Android devices.  Tablets, phones, etc.

Splashtop and Teamviewer already have this.  Why doesn't ScreenConnect?

Pending Review

Send an email notification when the network connection changes to a wireless connection

AHC IT Support 5 days ago 0

ConnectWiseControl.Client can read the following


Operating System:


Available Memory:

Manufacturer & Model:

Machine Product/Serial:

Machine Description:

Network Address:

Private Network Address:

MAC Address:

Send an email notification when the network ethernet cable connection changes to a wireless connection

Pending Review

How do I delete this account?

anonymous 5 days ago 0

I no longer have any use for this UserEcho account and cannot find the place to delete. Please help me!