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Pending Review

URL launch app user.config settings location change

bigdessert 1 hour ago 0

When launching sessions as a host using the urllaunch app installed on the PC the user.config settings XML file is stored in C:\programdata\ScreenConnect Client(thumbprint) folder. This is fine for most cases however if using on a terminal server or a shared PC where multiple users log in then the users all share that same settings file. 

Currently the workaround is to force ClickOnce use that way the settings are stored on a per user basis. Please consider changing how the client application stores the user.config setting.

Pending Review

Bring Chatbox to Front on Message

Danial Bulloch 3 days ago • updated by anonymous 1 hour ago 0

When sending users message, it is very common for the chat window to actually go directly to the background, preventing them from seeing anything but a flashing icon. Many users outright ignore it.

There is an option to have it "Always on Top", but that encourages users to close the window, leaving them unsure how to respond once it is closed.
Having an option to have it jump to the foreground(even better if it doesn't steal focus) on message would be great. Or at least trigger a toast notification.

Considering for Future Release

Enable Control for MAAS360.

Claire Simmons 6 months ago • updated by Max Paspa (Business Analyst) 3 hours ago 2

We have moved to Connectwise Control for all our remote sessions including adhoc. We used to use Teamviewer. We are trialling IBM MAAS360 and i understand that the remote session part is still using teamviewer. Can you enable MAAS360 to use Screenconnect for remote sessions?

Can this be considered as a feature enhancement please?

Under Review

Manage Credentials Security Setting

MSP User 4 months ago • updated by Brandon Alexander 2 days ago 3

Similar to how Managed Shared Toolbox is available for selection or de-selection within security, it would be very helpful to be able to restrict a user from the ability to access Manage Credentials for a workstation.  We have administrators that would use the feature, but we don't want secondary ScreenConnect users who also have access to the station to have the ability to Send to Screen or alter the credentials.

Considering for Future Release

send only password from stored credentials

jsfrazier 1 month ago • updated by Caitlin Barnes (Product Manager) 3 days ago 4

I have found that, as an example, in trying to relog a user into Office 365 to activate local installations of office, the login is on 2 separate "pages."  On the first it requires the username, and on the second, it requires just the password.  So when I send credentials, it only sends the username (I assume it truncates full information, removing the password completely).  It would be great if there was an option to send only the password.  9 times out of 10, I know the username anyway...and just need the password.

Under Review

Send WOL Packet Automatically when a system goes offine.

dlindsay 6 months ago • updated by Max Paspa (Business Analyst) 3 days ago 1

Automatically send a wake up packet when a machine goes offline via WOL, instantly or after a give amount of time.


Improve audit page searching

Kirsten Martinez (Business Analyst) 2 years ago • updated by Brandon Alexander 3 days ago 7

Partner would like the ability within SC to search for events/recording tied to a specific machine/tech/time.

Under Review

AD integration for Linux

James Cardwell 2 years ago • updated by Myles Hawkins 3 days ago 3

It would be nice if the Linux installation could use Active Directory for authentication. I was told by support that the limitation is mono. It appears that mono has supported this for 6 years now!!!!


Considering for Future Release

Add triggers for idle time and logoff events

cps 2 months ago • updated by Caitlin Barnes (Product Manager) 4 days ago 2

Frequently we are waiting on a user to stop using their machine so that we can conduct some pending work. Even when requested to notify us when they are done, often the user will neglect to do so. The result is that we need to continually check and re-check to see if the computer is yet available. If we fail to check frequently enough, the user may well shut down the computer for the day and we need to try again the next day, and the cycle continues.

Solution: add two trigger events: IdleThresholdMet and Logoff. An event can trigger if the computer has been idle for some number of minutes, or if the current user logs off of the computer. The IdleThreshold might looks something like this:

Event.EventType = 'IdleThresholdMet' AND Session.IdleTime > 10

The event is triggered when the computer in question has been idle for a number of minutes exceeding a threshold amount set in config settings (let's say the system default is 3 minutes). The subsequent check of Session.IdleTime allows fine tuning to the needs of a particular session.

Considering for Future Release

Proxy config for the server

Gennady Sorochan 4 weeks ago • updated by Caitlin Barnes (Product Manager) 4 days ago 2

Please allow on premise ScreenConnect Control server to be able to connect to the internet via proxy server.

Allow to specify both proxy address and port.

This is necessary for the on premise server located on the corporate network and don't have free access to outside.