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Pending Review

Add "retry connection" to SC Client

PODcom 10 months ago updated by Matrix 7 2 hours ago 1

We often need to talk our customers through restarting the Windows ScreenConnect Service so that the SC Client will attempt to reconnect to the SC Server (especially if the client has been disconnected for some time).

We understand we can control the retry times through configuration - but we'd like the Customer to be able to initiate this "over the phone" when we ask them, and get an immediate response (now waiting for your host, or connection failed).

Can you add a button (in the Client Status) - only displayed if "waiting to retry", that allows the end user to manually initiate a connection attempt?

Under Review

Automatically Hide Banner When in Backstage

Fred 3 years ago updated by Jordo 9 hours ago 10

It would be nice if there was an option to automatically hide the banner when in backstage mode or when connecting directly to Backstage mode.


Allow an add-on purchase in Control to allow a one to one connection of a user to a specific device.

Mayson 3 days ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) yesterday at 5:26 a.m. 1

Useful for vendor access controlled by company or end user remote control of their own device. Full technician license that could access multiple devices is overkill when the user will only ever need access to one device.

Pending Review

Allow re-arranging the login options on the ScreenConnect login screen when using alternate auth methods like SAML.

Matthew Stein 2 days ago 0

Would like to make the SAML login the first login on the screen on the screenconnect login.  Optionally, would like to remove the standard login or otherwise hide it when we have SAML enabled and working.

Pending Review

Looking for an ETA on Mac M1 client / processor support

dpuenner 10 months ago updated by information 2 days ago 8

Is than an estimated release date for the Mac M1 client?   The current client installs sucessfully, but never registers in the control panel.

Pending Review

Digital Signatures

jason 5 months ago updated by cjames 3 days ago 1

We have noticed on a few recent updates the install packages are being recognized from an unknown developer and we have to whitelist or do a work around to get the update installed.  It is frustrating having to do this.  Is there a process in which all updates are tested to make sure they are digitally signed or whatever needs to happen so Windows or MacOS does not think its a suspicious install package?

Under Review

Support for xwayland

TylerF 5 years ago updated by Mark Coelho 1 week ago 1

The Client requirements page says that xwayland may not work due to a known bug. This, however, isn't a bug. It's a security feature of wayland, not allowing apps to run wayland backend components as root.

It would be great if the screenconnect client could be made to work with policykit, so that it works under xwayland. Wayland is the current realty of fedora, and the coming reality of RHEL. This will be an increasing need.


Chromebook, iOS, android client

Peter Groman 2 months ago updated by Magnus Alexandersson 1 week ago 2

Currently, in my instance, I can only create a client install for Windows, Mac or Linux.  I want to be able to remotely view the screen (and control if possible) Chromebook, iOS and Android devices.  Tablets, phones, etc.

Splashtop and Teamviewer already have this.  Why doesn't ScreenConnect?

Under Review

Allow the Automatic Screen Recording to be limited to a single device

asteidl 6 years ago updated by Magnus Alexandersson 1 week ago 20

Allow the Automatic Screen Recording to be limited to a single device instead of global setting that applies to all devices.

This is a feature of Extended Auditing. http://help.screenconnect.com/Administration_page_audit_tab

Pending Review

Windows 365 - Logon session - choose session at initial connection or default to most recent logged on user

Kevin Brown 1 week ago 0

This is a similar request to the RDP session switching, but for a different use case and service, so I thought this deserved its own Feature Request.

I am trialling the Windows 365 service, which is a Virtual PC sitting on top of Azure Virtual Desktop technology.

By default, the agent connects to the console - which just shows the Lock Screen. I can switch logon session, but these are Virtual PCs (not Terminal Servers), so we will never use the Console session, we are using ScreenConnect to be able to provide remote support to our end-users. 

Ideally I would like to option, maybe during the agent installation, or perhaps an editable option on the dashboard, to automatically connect to the logged on user session.

There will only ever be a console session and a single user session. So for the Cloud-PCs this should be easier to implement.

Or perhaps a global setting that pops up a session dialog chooser if the agent is connected to "console" when you click "Join" ?

This would be incredibly useful.