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Under Review

Support for xwayland

TylerF 5 years ago updated by Chall 14 hours ago 8

The Client requirements page says that xwayland may not work due to a known bug. This, however, isn't a bug. It's a security feature of wayland, not allowing apps to run wayland backend components as root.

It would be great if the screenconnect client could be made to work with policykit, so that it works under xwayland. Wayland is the current realty of fedora, and the coming reality of RHEL. This will be an increasing need.

Pending Review

Default Blank Guest Monitor/Input

cbray 6 months ago updated by TryonNCryon 20 hours ago 5

I have had a few people ask about the possibility to have Blank Guest Input and Blank Guest Monitor enabled by default for some workstations. Two separate scenarios have been brought up to me:

    A user is granted access through the Automate portal to use Control to access their PC remotely and would like the ability for it to default "Blank Guest Monitor" and "Blank Guest Input" for their session to their workstation so anyone walking by cannot see it.
    A client has a server where the display is visible to employees and is locked until a technical resource has connected to it, in which case it could be alarming to people who do not realize it is a technical resource using the device.
Pending Review

Change Destination Folder for sending files.

nabozny 20 hours ago 0

Could you make it possible to give techs access to change the destination folder. Everytime I send a file to a PC, it ends up in this directory and the file is unable to launch. 

"C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\Documents\Applied Tech ScreenConnect Agent\Temp"

After it send its file, it doesnt open and I have to go move the file to a folder I can open from. 

In backstage, I move xfile.exe to "C:\Documents"

Is there anyway we could modify where this sends to, it makes it really inconvenient when trying to do backstage work and I have to grab the file everytime. 

Pending Review

Android Control of all Phones!

nn 1 year ago updated by Robin Skoglund 2 days ago 21

Pleas make it possible to install and manage android devices full by remote control.

ASAP because we have to use teamviewer since then

Considering for Future Release

High Availability / Active-Active Load Balancing

Sol 6 years ago updated by Joakim 4 days ago 9

Hi all,

It would be nice to have some built in functionality and support for High Availability scenarios. We run over 5000 unattended sessions, and when there are issues or updates that means downtime to our business.

Basic HA would be relatively easy to accomplish on Windows by utilizing Windows Failover Clustering. This would likely work already but not be officially supported.

Cross platform and active-active Clustering could be achieved by leveraging a load balancing service or system and allowing for some basic communication between cluster nodes such as service status and settings replication.


Display a warning whenever an event triggers a ScreenConnect service to restart

Michael Bannerman 6 years ago updated by Doug Sajak 5 days ago 2

I would like to request a warning dialog on save anywhere in the Admin area that would cause the server to restart its services.
We were recently working with support and a suggestion was made to change the Database Maintenance to help reduce our database size. Upon save all the Screenconnect services restarted and the database maintenance kicked off. We have now been waiting 2+ hours to regain access to our sessions.

-High Tech

Under Review

Terminal Servers: Prompt user for consent for some (not all) users

Daniel von Verschuer 6 years ago updated by Shahin 5 days ago 4

The Prompt user for consent feature can only be set for all sessions on a Terminal Server. We'd like to remote into the Console session without user consent and enable the prompt for user sessions by default. Also, it should be possible to disable the prompt for a specified user. This should also be configurable within LabTech.

Pending Review

Helper User Agent

Malte Bacher 6 days ago 0

Replace the User Agent in Helper (Internet Explorer) with a Chromium-based one.

This would implement the latest web functions

Considering for Future Release

Custom keyboard shortcuts for send Ctrl+Alt+Del and Send Clipboard Keystrokes

Iggy 6 years ago updated by Chris Blyth 1 week ago 20

I would like to request the ability to map custom keyboard shortcuts to the above mention functions.

Pending Review

Add operating system/bios install date to the report manager.

Cynthia 1 week ago 0

I would like to be able to have the operating system/bios install date added to the report manager.