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Under Review

Disk Information at "General Menu"

Accuracy Solutions 4 years ago updated by Webcafe 30 minutes ago 7

Would be good to see the space available / total space for all hard drive (like Available Memory). It is a good intel to know.

Under Review

Backstage Mode Option to Turn Off the Feature

CSFi 3 years ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 21 hours ago 12

The Backstage Mode feature that allows hosts to have complete Windows Terminal and PowerShell access to a remote machine doesn't have an option to turn it off except for using the option of unchecking SwitchLogonSession in Security Roles which also affect other features that are needed.

When you have the option to require Consent where the user has to allow access, if you use the Backstage Mode is doesn't require consent even thought the option is set on.

This is a big security issue for financial institutions that have secure servers and don't want people doing anything to their servers that they are not aware of. With the Backstage Mode option it's wide open.


time and Timezone

mhighsmith 5 years ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 1 day ago 3

it would be nice on the information panel to have the remote system time and timezone available.

Considering for Future Release

Session Window resizing

Hank Anderson 5 years ago updated by Simon 2 days ago 3

Currently when you resize the session window it auto scales the session to fit the window.

we would like an option to not auto scale, some times we need to resize a window around a specific part of the screen to monitor something and with the auto scaling we cant do this as easily.

with this it would be nice if it remembered the window size/location, not so much the location on the host desktop but what part of the remote session you were viewing.

Under Review

Computer Name + Organization Info on top bar

Peter OTools 5 years ago updated by Todd Lee 2 days ago 14

This is a must, I guess, for everyone.

It's important when you open a session, to see Computer's name on the top left corner.

But as important as this, is to have also:

* Organization (field) where you put particular info for this session)
* User (field)

I have to work with more than one session at a time very often.

So It's hard to relate by Computer Name, instead to see to whom each session (pc) belongs (user) when I switch between those. Confused

I did ask for this suggestion already, but I'd like to see it in this new release, please !


Considering for Future Release

Ability to export list of internal users, with company name

David Geddes 3 years ago updated by Cameron Mann 4 days ago 11

We use "Access" licenses to give our clients remote access to their own machines.  It'd be helpful if:

(1) user accounts had a field for "Company" so that we could track which account was linked to which client

(2) the ability to export a list of users, including that company name, in some form (XML, JSON, CSV, XLSX, whatever)

Under Review

Automatically Hide Banner When in Backstage

Fred 3 years ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 5 days ago 11

It would be nice if there was an option to automatically hide the banner when in backstage mode or when connecting directly to Backstage mode.

Pending Review

Add "retry connection" to SC Client

PODcom 10 months ago updated by Matrix 7 5 days ago 1

We often need to talk our customers through restarting the Windows ScreenConnect Service so that the SC Client will attempt to reconnect to the SC Server (especially if the client has been disconnected for some time).

We understand we can control the retry times through configuration - but we'd like the Customer to be able to initiate this "over the phone" when we ask them, and get an immediate response (now waiting for your host, or connection failed).

Can you add a button (in the Client Status) - only displayed if "waiting to retry", that allows the end user to manually initiate a connection attempt?


Allow an add-on purchase in Control to allow a one to one connection of a user to a specific device.

Mayson 1 week ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 6 days ago 1

Useful for vendor access controlled by company or end user remote control of their own device. Full technician license that could access multiple devices is overkill when the user will only ever need access to one device.

Pending Review

Allow re-arranging the login options on the ScreenConnect login screen when using alternate auth methods like SAML.

Matthew Stein 1 week ago 0

Would like to make the SAML login the first login on the screen on the screenconnect login.  Optionally, would like to remove the standard login or otherwise hide it when we have SAML enabled and working.