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Pending Review

RSS Feed or Email Notifications for Version Updates

Phill Holbrook 3 years ago updated by nathan levandowski 23 hours ago 4

It would be very useful to be proactively notified when a new version of ConnectWise Control is released via RSS Feed or via an email as opposed to having to periodically check the "Version Check" page in the Admin Status section.

Under review

User credential storage for maintenance periods

nate greene 4 weeks ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 4 days ago 0


We recently moved to ConnectWise for the Access feature that it included. One feature that seems to be missing over the product we moved away from (LogMeIn Rescue) is password storage for "unattended sessions".

In an unattended session, the user grants access to their machine by entering their username and password which is stored for the duration of the unattended session. Access offers better accessibility to our end user machines, but when I am performing a Windows build upgrade, it is easier to sign in as the user so the profile provisioning process completes before the user goes to use their machine the next day.

The current limitation by Access is that we can capture the credentials and push them UNTIL the computer is rebooted for the build upgrade (e.g. Windows 10 22H2). After the reboot is completed, the credentials will no longer push. If this feature could be improved by allowing for longer storage (such as for maintenance), it would be much appreciated.



Looking for an ETA on Mac M1 client / processor support

dpuenner 2 years ago updated by wwarren 5 days ago 31

Is than an estimated release date for the Mac M1 client?   The current client installs sucessfully, but never registers in the control panel.


All, I wanted to give an update on this. We have finished scoping out the work required and will soon be scheduling the work. I can't give a firm date on when this will be available yet, but will update when the work is nearing completion.

Pending Review

sessiongroup changes in audit log

Ken DSC 6 days ago 0

I am told that seesiongroup changes (deletions) are not tracked in the audit log. Seems like a big hole. We had a group disappear and there is no way to know who did it.

Under Review

When chat window opens, it is on top of all others and must be acknowledged (clicked) before it goes behind.

Xander Warrender 6 years ago updated by Camelot One 1 week ago 27 3 duplicates

Currently, when the chat window opens, it opens behind whatever the active window is and, with my clients at least, is often ignored until they finally close what they were doing.

I would like it if, when the chat window opened, it opened on top just like a regular new window does - and most require that they are clicked before they can be pushed behind others. This would force the client to acknowledge the window is there. This way, if they choose to ignore me, they go to the back of the queue and I can move on to another client.

Under Review

Auto Logoff Windows session on Disconnect/Exit

MCOverwatch 4 years ago updated by Sean Keown 1 week ago 9 1 duplicate

We are looking for when a SC session ends or we exit, that the Windows session also get logged off. There are too many times where a SC session disconnects, and the next day someone goes to log into the server, everything is left off where the previous tech was. We need this to be clear when a user logs into the system.


shared clipboard

amandammarchini 2 weeks ago updated by swhite (Product Manager) 2 weeks ago 1

Add the ability to have a shared clipboard by default and toggle off as needed, instead of set to off by default.


You can change the default behavior using the Advanced Configuration Editor extension: 

Advanced Configuration Editor - ConnectWise

The specific setting to change is described in that article, but a more visual document is available here:
Clipboard sharing during a remote session - ConnectWise

Pending Review

Allow SAML login on the Remote Workforce client

JamesEN 2 weeks ago 0

Many of our users use the Remote Workforce client to connect to their PCs however it seems that you can only login to internal accounts on the client. Can support be added for SAML login on the client?

Pending Review

Please add "Installed Software Report" in Report Manager option!

prakash 3 years ago updated by JLT 3 weeks ago 3 2 duplicates

Please add "Installed Software Report" in Report Manager option!

Pending Review

On systemd systems, generate a service unit file and use restart option to ensure service is recovered from crash

Alex Heylin 2 years ago updated by Michael Magill 3 weeks ago 7

On Linux systems running systemd currently no unit file is generated for the guest service thus if the service crashes the init system will not restart it.  This is simple to do, and offers a simple way to automate service recovery which is important given ScreenConnect (Control if you must) might be the only way to access that system.

Also, the service is not started automatically after install via .sh file and it should be.  No one installs ScreenConnect and doesn't want it running.