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Pending Review

Bridge Service - several improvements

Stefan 25 minutes ago 0
Bridge Service would be much better and more useable with these suggestions:

  1. You'll have to fill in and save user credentials to use/initiate an RDP connection. If you don't enter and save the logon credentials in the bridge entry a blank screenconnect window is opened and you don't have a chance to put in your credentials manually. E.g. we want to offer this to our staff to initiate an RDP connection over SC with their credentials. Do you have any idea to solve this? See other topic
  2. It would be fine if the RDP resolution could fit automatically to the size of the SC window. Giving a start resolution is great but if you could change the resolution by maximizing the window and resize the resolution of the RDP session that would be a great improvement.
  3. I don't know how you managed it technically. Looking at the options of mstsc.exe these options could be really very interesting to see in the RDP implementation of thebridge, too:
  • /prompt - Prompts you for your credentials when you connect to the remote PC
  • /multimon - Configures the Remote Desktop Services session monitor layout to be identical to the current client-side configuration.
  • /span - Matches the remote desktop width and height with the local virtual desktop, spanning across multiple monitors, if necessary. To span across monitors, the monitors must be arranged to form a rectangle.
  • /f - Starts Remote Desktop in full-screen mode.
  • /admin - Connects you to the session for administering a remote PC.
Pending Review

Access session guest ability to kick host from session

Larry 5 years ago updated by Steve Sobol 3 hours ago 25

Currently if a guest wants to remove a host from a session, they will right click the tray icon and end the session.

When a host joins a access session, there is no way of kicking them besides just stopping the services or uninstalling the agent. Feature request is for the ability to kick a host from a session without removing the agent.

Under Review

Dual Monitor on Mac

joshua 4 years ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 2 days ago 8

It would be great if i could view computers with dual monitors on two separate screens when i am using dual monitors on my Mac.

SeanM 2 days ago

Would be nice to know if there are any plans to improve multi-monitor support for the MacOS client. 

Pending Review

Remote support session through Intune (like Teamviewer Connector)

lpatterson 2 years ago updated by Adam Koselak 2 days ago 6

Microsoft Intune has Teamviewer Connector now to allow launching a remote support session with managed devices straight from Intune.  Can we get this feature for ConnectWise Control too?

Considering for Future Release

Ability to filter machines based on users connected to RDP sessions

Jesse Cross 3 years ago updated by John Foot 5 days ago 3

It would be quite helpful if we could filter and search in ScreenConnect based on usernames also connected to RDP sessions.  For example on a Terminal server if user1 is connected and I search for user1 the search would populate the terminal server user1 is currently connected to.  The only way to see that user1 is connected now is to start a remote support session on each server and check the view menu to see all sessions connected.

Pending Review

Customize Control instance on Chrome app

Brian Chase 4 months ago updated by Dee Cater (Product Marketing Manager) 5 days ago 0

PLEASE consider allowing the ability to use a customize app to set the control instance in Chrome devises.  We are a K-12 and it is next to impossible to get some of our kids to properly type in the control instance URL correctly for us to help them.  In our VMWare Horizon View app we are able to install a helper app that has the location of the connection server, could you please look at doing this for your app as well?

Pending Review

In-browser control (ie without requiring client/app installation).

Mark H 3 months ago updated by Dee Cater (Product Marketing Manager) 5 days ago 0

It would be useful to have an in-browser control option, one that didn't require an app/client to be installed, for quick access from devices where the app/client is not installed or cannot be installed (for example Tesla's MCU screen).

Pending Review

Break/stop Inheritance for groups in a role

Doc M 3 months ago updated by Dee Cater (Product Marketing Manager) 5 days ago 0

Allow a group to stop inheriting permissions so that it can be set specifically within a role. Example:

2 roles helpdesk & restrictedAreaAccess. 

Helpdesk role needs to see all groups including all newly created ones but there is a specific group it should not see or have its standard rights applied to. We want users with the restrictedAreaAccess role to see the group. Unfortunately the group inherits permissions so it is not possible to stop Helpdesk role from seeing it. It is not practical to change the role every time a new group is added which is what support have suggested, ie all groups inherit nothing everything is explicit.

Pending Review

Enable ConnectWise Control client side logging.

Iver Nielsen 3 months ago updated by Dee Cater (Product Marketing Manager) 5 days ago 1

Enable the end-client to see a log of all connections to their computer. This would allow the end user to see, print and provide a log of all connections to the computer they use without Admin assistance.

Pending Review

Audit log should contain the "Account name", date and time and "IP Address" when a technician logs into the console.

tony.mcmillan 4 weeks ago updated by Dee Cater (Product Marketing Manager) 5 days ago 0

This is not a feature request but, rather the report of a serious oversight in the contents of the audit log.

We were shocked to discover that the audit log does not display technician logins into the system. How do you know when there are logins to the system? The audit log only shows activities by technicians but not, when they login, at what date and time and from what IP address. 

Given the continued pressure of cyber events targeting this product, please add this base-line audit record to your product ASAP.

Thanks for listening.