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Limit Hosts to X number of open Sessions

Steven 4 years ago • updated by Ryan Orme 1 hour ago 23

From CW#7560570:

Partner would like to limit ScreenConnect hosts to only be able to open a configurable number of sessions at a time, preferably with a way to have different users with different numbers of sessions that can be open (licenses used).

Considering for Future Release

Auto Logoff Windows session on Disconnect/Exit

MCOverwatch 4 months ago • updated by Allen 6 hours ago 3

We are looking for when a SC session ends or we exit, that the Windows session also get logged off. There are too many times where a SC session disconnects, and the next day someone goes to log into the server, everything is left off where the previous tech was. We need this to be clear when a user logs into the system.

Pending Review

https://MyApps.Microsott.com & SAML

Erik McCarty 7 hours ago 0

Please enable Azure Single-Sign-On by way of the Office 365 MyApps page: https://MyApps.Microsott.com

We are using your SAML login for IT Personnel. Our SAML is configured per your documentation by way of Azure App Registration and Azure Enterprise Applications which produces an icon on the Office 365 https://MyApps.Microsott.com page. However, when the user visits https://MyApps.Microsott.com and clicks the Connect Wise app icon the configuration produces, it lands the authenticated user on the login page with a malformed url like https://company.screenconnect.com/Login?ReturnUrl=%2fHost&Reason=5#Access/ which should be https://company.screenconnect.com/Login?ReturnUrl=%2fHost#Access/&Reason=5 and requires a second login. Within the browser session this does not repeat, rather occurs only on the first login.

We identified this problem in Service Ticket#12195842 but it was considered a feature request at that time. 

Pending Review

MFA OTP Email Template Edit Abilities

Dominick Fair 9 hours ago • updated 7 hours ago 2

Have the ability to change the OTP email that is received by the user i.e. be able to edit the text and color scheme for the email that goes out when a user is prompted for their OTP at login. 

Considering for Future Release

add the ability to audit login failures/successes for logging in to the web interface

Ryan 4 years ago • updated by brad 18 hours ago 14

add the ability to audit login failures/successes for logging in to the web interface

Pending Review

Ability to remove 'screenshot preview' on "Access" "General" tab

Trevor Schmidt yesterday at 1:43 p.m. 0

On both the "Start" and "General" tab for Access sessions, it displays the screenshot preview.

This seems redundant to have the same preview shown in two different locations, one tab apart from each other.

I would like to see an option to remove it from the General tab, as there is a lot of very useful information in this tab, but it is located further down the screen (scroll down) only because the screen preview occupies so much screen space being located at the top. 

There is an article https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/Get_started/Knowledge_base/Restrict_or_remove_the_screenshot_preview#Globally_remove_the_screenshot_preview
to restrict this or one can also edit the web.config -> GuestScreenshotMaxPixelCount GuestScreenshotMaxScalePercent
and set either of those to 0, BUT both of these options remove it from BOTH the tabs.

My request is to have a configurable option to remove the screenshot preview from the "General" tab only and leave it on the "Info" tab.


Direct Link to Backstage in V2019

cps 5 months ago • updated by Sean White (Product Manager) yesterday at 1:42 p.m. 2

I have reviewed the changes coming in the pending 2019 release and they look great. However one important usability tweak is glaringly obvious.

As described, one will now be able to get to Backstage by right clicking on a computer, and selecting Join with Options from the drop-down menu. This opens a dialog box where one can click the Backstage radio button and then click Join Session. This is an unnecessarily complex sequence of four clicks and intermediary mouse movements (right click, click Join with Options, click radio button, click Join Sessions).

This can very easily and more naturally be done with one or two clicks. It could be done with one click by adding a [BS] button in the vast unused space on the host page, as below:

Or it could be two clicks (right click, click Backstage) by putting [Backstage] directly in the drop-down menu. You could still retain Join with Options for those who want to select Suspend My Input or other future options.

It is, in fact, easier to go to Backstage right now: double-click to open the session then immediately click [Backstage]. This of course creates the possibility of accidentally disturbing the user with mouse movement, but the sequence is ironically more direct than what you are proposing for direct access to Backstage.

We go to Backstage 10+ times per day per technician, so having the four click sequence for no reason is going to be immediately irritating.

Backstage timeout

James Angi 4 months ago • updated by Sean White (Product Manager) yesterday at 10:34 a.m. 5

When you disconnect from a backstage session one of three things should happen:

1) The session is killed (ie the command prompt, powershell, and any other processes started)

2) The session is left running for X minutes

3) The session is left running indefinately

Right now it appears #3 is happening (or if there is a timeout it is a VERY long one).  This causes issues because just having the command prompt open to a certain working directory locks that folder so it can't be removed until either the machine is rebooted or someone connects to backstage and changes directory or closes cmd.  I'm sure there could be other issues eventually as well.

Ideally we'd be able to configure this as #1,2 or 3.  It might make sense to ask when closing the session; maybe you started a process that you want to keep running.


Allow email configuration for the Guest Session Starter

Allen Crist 1 year ago • updated by Sean White (Product Manager) yesterday at 7:39 a.m. 4

Currently I get emails all the time like this: "[SC] Your guest to session 'TAM-VM' has connected (EOM)"

I am told that it's from the guest session starter ext.

I really like that ext and don't want to disable. Can you please add an option in the ext to be able to control if it sends out emails or not?

Sean White (Product Manager) yesterday at 7:39 a.m.


You can delete the trigger 'Notify when guest connects to unconnected support or meeting session' to eliminate these emails.

Pending Review


Caitlin Barnes (Product Manager) yesterday at 7:22 a.m. 0