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Under Review

Consent required based on session group ignores security group permissions

Cody Arnold 1 year ago • updated by debib 7 hours ago 1

Maybe this will overlap with something somewhere however I didn't see anything.

We have some customers that require consent for us to control the machine.

I do see there may be some ways to work around it if we use the web portal to access their stuff however using the LabTech integration I'm not exactly sure what permissions it uses.

I'd like to see that there would be the ability to make it require host consent based on additional datafield(checkbox? on a client in labtech or based on session group (we sort access sessions by organization name)

Basically most of our clients are unattended access, some require we have consent. Need to find an option that allows us all to stay within compliance.

Pending Review

Error message if "Type" is not selected

Carol Herist 14 hours ago 0

It would be nice to have an error message pop up (sort of like the "cannot be save" message) if they "Type" field is not selected. 

Ex...if a technician marks a ticket completed and the type field is not changed from "must change" or "update this", when they try to save it, it will throw up an error message telling them that the "Type" field must be changed prior to marking the ticket completed.

Pending Review

need to feature to disable mouse movement on host machine

mikefixme 14 hours ago 0


Pending Review

Receiving: add column for Expected Date of Arrival

Richard Ruter 15 hours ago 0
Considering for Future Release

Add ability to config client-side proxy during installer build

Kirsten Martinez (Business Analyst) 2 years ago • updated by Simon (Annet) yesterday at 9:25 p.m. 6

Partner wants to "bake in" proxy settings instead of using the tray icon on the client.

Under Review

Add Hot Key to change between multi-monitors from Mac client

john.davis 10 months ago • updated by joshthree yesterday at 1 p.m. 1

As a Mac user on the client side, it would be hugely beneficial to swap between multi-monitor host systems. Many of our host machines have 2 or 3 displays, so clicking "View->Select Monitors->Monitor" is very time consuming. A hot key, such as command+right_arrow or something along those lines would be a massive time-saver.

Pending Review

Basic VNC Integration

Serg 3 days ago 0

I'm requesting VNC integration for the situation where certain devices do not allow the loading of the SC client because the devices in question don't run a traditional OS, but support VNC connections. In our case the device is a Wyse thin client running ThinOS. The integration wouldn't be more than having the connection within the Access list, and only the basic ability to remote control. No file transfer, Toolbox, command prompt, etc. An extension for this would be great and I'm surprised there is not one already available.


Upgrades to Host Pass

Michael Bannerman 2 years ago • updated by Samuel S 3 days ago 21

Parneters would like additional options for the host pass feature. Capturing suggestions in this ticket.

1. Expand the Lifetime of the host pass or make it configurable. There are times when you'll have extended engagements with vendors and need more than a day for them to complete work.

2. For the permissions, allow the host to pick from a list of existing roles to further limit the permission of hosts using the Host Pass feature.

3. Restrict the ability to use the host pass feature based on role (role-based permission)


Group Session for Clients Idle Longer than X days

Graeme Jones 2 years ago • updated by msatterfield 3 days ago 18

I would like to be able to have a session group filter for machines that have not been online for more than 30 or 60 days for example.

Pending Review

Make andriod app more tied to device

Tim Wages 4 days ago • updated 4 days ago 0

It would be beneficial to tie the Android app to the device better.  Right now if you have dozens of devices that are all the same model number they all show up as the same name in the access list on the web.  Also it is possible to connect to the same account multiple times, so if you have a lot of devices you could have duplicates, may not be easy to figure out which are which.  It would be nice to make the mobile app more in line with the desktop version in that respect.