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Add Let's Encrypt support to base screenconnect functonality

Thomas-Louis 2 years ago • updated by Tyler 2 days ago 13

With LetEncrypt now in production It will be an ansome feature if ScreenConnect woukd support it strait at install.

you could offert ssl support out of the box for all client raising the security of your application and reducing the effort for end user to set it up.

Pending Review

FIPS Certification

tzobl 2 days ago 0

ConnectWise Control should seek a FIPS certification. It already has FIPS compliance, but our remote support software requires FIPS certification to be used to service law enforcement customers.

Pending Review

Whitelist custom extensions in 6.5+

shawnkhall 4 months ago • updated by FAB-ITRescue 2 days ago 2

Background: Control 6.5 imposes a signature validation scheme to ensure the integrity of the Connect install (per this post). This is a net good for most of the community base. For the rest of us it's more trouble than it's worth.

Request: We need the ability to either whitelist custom extensions from validation or disable the signature validation scheme entirely.

Reasoning: I've developed quite a few extensions in an on-premise Control installation to automate significant portions of my business. I'm not willing to share some of this code since it exposes the inner workings of my business, sometimes usernames and passwords, trigger URLs, and plenty of other information that would be useless for the rest of the world, but could increase the risk of my own business data should it be shared with a third party -- even ConnectWise. Microsoft, Google and Adobe have each been hacked in the past, so it's safe to assume that anything I share with CW will eventually be exposed as well.

The hosted developer instance option requires me to share business logic and requires significant rewrites to the code for each of my extensions to be able to prevent business information exposure. Furthermore, as far as I can tell, some of the functionality can not be rewritten in a way that prevents this exposure.

I've submitted an extension to CW in the past and it took weeks to have it approved. It took weeks to be approved for a developer instance. I can only imagine initial approval of each of my extensions to be able to use them in my own on-premise install will take weeks as well, and even minor updates to my extension (such as cosmetic changes or field formatting) will likely take weeks to be approved as well. 

On-premise users require the ability to continue to use and develop our extensions without exposure to ConnectWise. Please enable us to whitelist our custom extensions within the web.config so we can maintain the integrity of our own installations and source code.

Pending Review

Customize fields under computer name ( Session details)

msatterfield 2 days ago 0

Ideally we could customize hide/display what information is displayed under the computer name in the middle viewing area. These view settings should be independent of the side information panel. This is particularly relevant when enabling custom properties to be displayed, as they show under the name and it congests the view. 


Recent Connected Sessions

TheScottyQ (M1C) 2 years ago • updated by Randy 2 days ago 4

We would love here to have a feature called ‘Recent Connected Sessions’ is there a way to do this please?

Not only would it make checking up on the team easier but have a tenancy as large as ours sometimes when you accidently close a session or need to get back on quickly it takes a while to find it.

Pending Review

Make right has side like older versions of software.

dan.braun 3 days ago 0

In the Access view, the pane on the right with the thumbnail should be combined with the general tab that has IP and login information.  Like older versions of the software.

Pending Review

Indication when session has expired when at the screenconnect.com web page

bruce 6 days ago • updated by Kirsten Martinez (Business Analyst) 3 days ago 1

when looking at my list of machines on the access page, if the session is expired there is no indication. When you then try to initiate a remote control session it fails silently.

Pending Review

Improve app controls

Zanthexter 4 days ago 0

The "micro mouse" used for control in the app is an ongoing daily frustration. Every single time. Multiple times a day. 

The scroll wheel in particular is really horrible. It scrolls things when I don't want it to. It doesn't scroll when I do. It's damn phone. Who the heck thought a super tiny mouse was an appropriate way to do remote control?

Please take a look at Splashtop. They do it "right". They have a mouse mode that works better than CWC. Better, they have a touch pad mode that works quite well. Which is probably why most laptop manufacturer's use it.

Please please please fix the CWC mobile experience. 


Remote Access to Mobile Desktops

Avinash 11 months ago • updated by Mike Bannerman 4 days ago 5

When connecting to a client's mobile device using the ScreenConnect App, it pretty much has no useful functionality. As an MSP, clients call in requesting help setting up setting up their emails. Sometimes we end up sending someone onsite because there is no way for us to see what the end user is doing.

It would be great to have access to the mobile desktop to make these setup easier. Even some sort of limited or view only access would be helpful than no access. 

Mike Bannerman 4 days ago

If you're using an Android device to connect to a mobile device or if your end user/guest has an Android device, please make sure to install the ConnectWise Control App. It is the only app still receiving updates.  

If you or your guest has that app installed and you're still having trouble I suggest you reach out to our Support team so they can help you. 

You should be able to view an iOS device, but you will not be able to control it. 


Pending Review

option to run cmd commands from host page as end user instead of admin

Xyvir 5 days ago 0

For example currently running whoami returns the following:

nt authority\system

I would like an option to run the command as the current end user, so instead whoami would display:


There are many applications that assume you are running from the current end user.

Thanks for the help with this!