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Pending Review

Ability to disable preview screenshot on session groups.

andrew 1 year ago updated by Guvna 3 hours ago 3

We have certain clients in session groups that cannot have screenshots taken of their computers due to compliance requirements. We'd like to be able to accommodate this without having to disable preview screenshots altogether. 

Pending Review

Update CW Manage agreements with Control usage

Scott Christopherson 1 day ago 0

We are selling Control to our clients for remote access. It would be nice if we could have Manage Agreement Additionas be updated with Control license usage for billing purposes.


Disable SendClipboardKeystrokes from Advanced Configuration Editor

Simon (Annet) 3 months ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 2 days ago 6

Currently, we have to use a different extension, Edit App.Config Settings, to disable this functionality on the host client.

It'd be helpful if we could disable it from the Advanced Configuration Editor.


The Ability to set the screen resolution when connecting to a device

Colin Aggett 4 years ago updated by MikeD 3 days ago 60

When you connect to a server the screen resolution can be quite small and there is no way to change the default window size, having the ability to change or set a default connection resolution size or control it in the session would be very helpful, it is very frustrating when you are viewing a sever at 800x600 when you have 1920 x 1080 monitor.

Pending Review

Extend Timeline Beyond 30 days.

Matt Carpenter 4 days ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 3 days ago 1

I have a need to extend the timeline log beyond 30 days. This should be a native to the solution without addins/plugins.

Pending Review


anonymous 5 days ago 0
Pending Review

listen to both speakers and microphone

Roooy 5 days ago 0

listen to both speakers and microphone

Pending Review

Shorten the length of the Top Menu bar or Delay the Top menu bar pop up time in Full Screen mode

Sean-Michael Groomes 1 week ago updated 1 week ago 2

Perhaps it would be expedient to simply short then contact area of the top menu bar when it pops up in full-screen mode. Currently, when using full-screen mode, if you aren't quick the top menu bar will pop up and obscure your ability to interact with the upper part of the screen on the remote sessions, which impacts a user's ability to minimize or close a window in the session. 

If possible it would be really nice if the top menu bar that pops up were to be shortened to accommodate unfettered access to these controls.

Considering for Future Release

High Availability / Active-Active Load Balancing

Sol 4 years ago updated by Will L 1 week ago 6

Hi all,

It would be nice to have some built in functionality and support for High Availability scenarios. We run over 5000 unattended sessions, and when there are issues or updates that means downtime to our business.

Basic HA would be relatively easy to accomplish on Windows by utilizing Windows Failover Clustering. This would likely work already but not be officially supported.

Cross platform and active-active Clustering could be achieved by leveraging a load balancing service or system and allowing for some basic communication between cluster nodes such as service status and settings replication.