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Pending Review

Confirm button before closing an access session

Chrisons Co. Ltd 3 hours ago 0

We would like a confirm button to pop up every time we want to close an access session (Unattended)

Under Review

Client opening window position / scaling, perhaps client+host level window position memory

Zach Hardin 1 year ago • updated by Karama 14 hours ago 6

I am using a large 4K display ... Each time I connect to a host, I have to rescale the window size due to my resolution. I have tried several window manager utilities and they don't seem to work quite right. What I think would be perfect would be a client+host memory of window size/position. If I was connecting from two different machines, both of those machines would maintain a separate memory of the position for each remote host. This could even be elaborated on one level further, such that it was Profile+Client+RemoteHost as the key for the size/position. This could allow definition of remote control 'groups' that could connect to multiple hosts with one action. When the profile is launched, the multiple remote connections position themselves according to the last position remembered for that local client + profile combination. This would facilitate my movement between machines with minimal irritation... I'm on the verge of coding something to do this myself, it's that irritating to have to manually resize these windows every time I connect to a host. Something like this should be a high priority, it's one of those kinds of annoyances that make people jump products on a whim...

Considering for Future Release

Specify Session Group when using Install Access from quick support context menu

SeanL 5 days ago • updated by Caitlin Barnes (Product Manager) 18 hours ago 2

When in a quick support session, if you right click the session the context menu has an option of Install Access. It would be great to be able to specify an existing session group to add the machine to.

Considering for Future Release

Full screen function for using with Samsung Dex

Herald 2 days ago • updated by Caitlin Barnes (Product Manager) 19 hours ago 1

I use Samsung Dex in our Company. The Connectwise client has no full screen option, so I keep seeing the Samsung Dex bars.

Considering for Future Release

Search by logged in user

jfleblanc 1 month ago • updated by Leah Jennings 23 hours ago 6

Ability to search by logged in user


remote file transfer outside of session

mhighsmith 3 years ago • updated by cps 1 day ago 54

this might already be in the works but did not see it. It would be nice to be able to open up the devices C drive without connecting to the device. to copy and paste files in the back ground.

Pending Review

Ability to suppress update warning

David Geddes 4 days ago • updated by Caitlin Barnes (Product Manager) 1 day ago 1

Whenever a new agent is released, there's an update warning that pops up in the web console and it shows the old version number highlighted in red.

That level of warning would be helpful in the case of an urgent security fix, but it generally seems like overkill.  Plus, sometimes there are reasons to intentionally hold back an update, and I don't want people feeling compelled to update the agent without thinking.

I'd like the ability to suppress that warning, at least for some users.


Sign macOS app

Alex Hart 2 months ago • updated by Brandon Alexander 2 days ago 22

In order to deploy macOS privacy preferences policy via MDM/DEP, the macOS app in Mojave that needs exceptions must be signed. Otherwise, a user has to create exceptions to allow remote control via ConnectWise Control, which isn't ideal. I don't want to have to sign your app to get the payload pushed out to create the exceptions from our management software. If you signed your apps like other developers, this would be much easier for all users, like those of the Addigy and JAMF communities. 


SAML logout

Joe K 11 months ago • updated by Brandon Alexander 2 days ago 7

Now that SAML is supported in 6.5 we need a way to log out from the IdP when we log out of ScreenConnect.  Please add support for the Single Logout URL or a custom Logout URL when using a SAML provider for authentication.  

Right now if I log out from ScreenConnect I stay logged into my IdP and I can get back into ScreenConnect without entering my credentials again. 

Pending Review

Start in Backstage mode

TheFIxerAK 2 weeks ago • updated by Caitlin Barnes (Product Manager) 4 days ago 1

Backstage is great and would love the option to start connections in Backstage mode rather than having to interrupt a user only to switch to backstage.