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Under Review

Audit switching between sessions on multi-user machines

jtackett 6 months ago • updated by Brandon Alexander 15 hours ago 5

On muti-user machines (like a Citrix or RDS server for example) we should be able to see when a host switches from one user's session to another.  Currently the audit log only records the user that is logged in on initial connection.

Pending Review

Keyboard shortcut in the Mac app to cycle through the options in view > select monitors

simon.dodd yesterday at 7:19 a.m. 0

Keyboard shortcut in the Mac app to cycle through the options in view > select monitors

Pending Review

Share PC Audio when hosting a meeting

RDSN 1 day ago 0

It would be great if you could provide a way to share PC audio over screen connect.


Manage Credentials Security Setting

MSP User 5 months ago • updated by Brandon Alexander 1 day ago 7

Similar to how Managed Shared Toolbox is available for selection or de-selection within security, it would be very helpful to be able to restrict a user from the ability to access Manage Credentials for a workstation.  We have administrators that would use the feature, but we don't want secondary ScreenConnect users who also have access to the station to have the ability to Send to Screen or alter the credentials.

Pending Review

Search for service ticket by company in Time Entry

CompusultTech 1 day ago 0

Request:  Allow searching by company instead of just by ticket name from the Time Entry screen

When entering time entries, I go to Time and Expense > My Time Sheets> + to add a time entry.  I begin the time entry by typing in the "Charge To" search bar.  Often, I know the company that the ticket was under, but not the name of the ticket itself.  I have to switch to the mouse (which I try to avoid doing, I work faster from the keyboard) to scroll through the list of companies, click the arrow to expand tickets under the company name, then select the ticket, if I don't know the name of the ticket to begin with.  It would make my workflow much smoother if I could type the name of a company in the search bar, and have all tickets associated with that company show in the results.

Pending Review

Let remote users end session

sbakhit 1 day ago 0

Users should be able to end the session of whomever is connected to their computer, surprising you do not have this option available for them. Ctrl+alt_del should not be required for it, and that doesn't work anyway. There are several reasons this feature should be in place.

Under Review

Store password only for the current session and remove on disconnect

Jim Medina 3 days ago • updated by Caitlin Barnes (Product Manager) 2 days ago 1

Password prompt to have an option to store the credentials only for the time the remote session is active and cleared on disconnect or on a time out, this would allow us to support our clients without having the liability of storing their passwords for our tech use or needing the client to be present every time we require to login to their account to test any changes


The Ability to set the screen resolution when connecting to a device

Colin Aggett 2 years ago • updated by Sean Keown 2 days ago 25

When you connect to a server the screen resolution can be quite small and there is no way to change the default window size, having the ability to change or set a default connection resolution size or control it in the session would be very helpful, it is very frustrating when you are viewing a sever at 800x600 when you have 1920 x 1080 monitor.

Pending Review

More details in documentation about remote printing, RE: Drivers

ResolveIT_Flunky 2 days ago 0

I'd like to see in the official documentation how Control chooses to use a print driver.  It appears that it will use the same driver that the computer local to the printer uses if that exact driver is installed on the remote computer. 

We worked on a ticket for a long time about printing issues over a remote connection (#10780644).  Installing the same driver on both PCs allowed us to fix our issue ourselves.  CWC support didn't know how to help us on it although their effort was good.  Our issue was that the Microsoft XPS Class Driver (used on Windows 10) would not handle narrow margins but the OEM printer driver does.

Example: Customer uses a Brother MFC-8810DW printer in their Branch office on PC2. 

Connects to Main Office PC1 to print documents located on PC1, sending the print jobs to the Branch Office PC2 Brother printer.

By default, ScreenConnect will use the 'Microsoft XPS Class Driver'

If the same driver used on PC2 for the MFC-8810DW is installed on PC1, ScreenConnect will use that driver instead

Printer will then behave identically to how it prints locally.

Under Review

Remote Printing Margins

Hillary Parker 8 months ago • updated by ResolveIT_Flunky 2 days ago 3

We use a program that prints receipts and reports for us that have very specific margins. We have no trouble printing these things out normally, yet when we try to remotely print via ConnectWise, the margins are being cut off by about 0.5" on each side. These receipts and reports are extremely important to our business, so if we aren't able to control the printing margins or have them widened on ConnectWise, perhaps we need to switch back to LogMeIn Pro.