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Under Review

uninstall password

Dustin Evans 5 years ago updated by Tilak Kumar 14 hours ago 22

We would like to have the option to add a password to protect the screen connect client from being uninstalled by users with local admin privileges. I have found that when the client is installed from labtech, users don't recognize it and tend to remove it. This causes problems with the labtech SC plugin.

Pending Review

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sijakig189 19 hours ago 0


Pending Review

Add support for MariaDB/MySQL or another DB engine for scalability

jp10 5 years ago updated by Max Kaplan 20 hours ago 35

The weakest link seems to be the SQLite DB. Once the DB gets to 1GB size, the SC application becomes unstable.

Pending Review

additional SessionType='Get Host Pass'

Christian.Walch 22 hours ago 0

add the Session Type Get Host Pass as an own Session.SessionType.

currently is complex to filter between Access Sessions and Sessions which are created via Get Host Pass

Access Session: Event.EventType='Connected' AND Session.SessionType='Access' AND Connection.ProcessType='Host'

Host Pass Sessions: Event.EventType='Connected' AND (Session.SessionType='Access' AND (Connection.ParticipantName LIKE '*(Pass)')) AND Connection.ProcessType='Host'

Pending Review

Access session guest ability to kick host from session

Larry 5 years ago updated by Robb Colbrunn 1 day ago 33

Currently if a guest wants to remove a host from a session, they will right click the tray icon and end the session.

When a host joins a access session, there is no way of kicking them besides just stopping the services or uninstalling the agent. Feature request is for the ability to kick a host from a session without removing the agent.

Pending Review

Add the ability to pin chats

Steven Fortune 1 day ago 0

Would be handy if you could pin multiple chat's to your main window. 

At the moment you just have to open the chat then wait for the person to reply before moving on, it would be good if you could send the chat, minimize the window and move on while waiting for their response.


add the ability to audit login failures/successes for logging in to the web interface

Ryan 5 years ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 2 days ago 73

add the ability to audit login failures/successes for logging in to the web interface

Pending Review

ability to disable Login on Startpage

Christian.Walch 4 days ago updated by Simon 3 days ago 1

Goal: increase security of ConnectWise Control in Public hosted pages

ability to disable Login on Startpage on the top right corner

Disable public login capabilities so it´s not possible to request the Login Mask.

Currently this is done within the Default.Master xml - but should be available within a setting

Pending Review

Disk sizes and manufacturer/model in session group filters, percentage free, SMART status, etc.

Samuel Flint 3 days ago 0

We filter systems by OS, memory size, memory free.

It would be very useful to filter a group by disk % free to know if we should try to cleanup temp files/etc, let our clients know it is time to upgrade disks.

Disk manufacturer/model would also be useful.

SMART status would be very useful, help us detect predictive failures.


Run powershell from ToolBox

jhardwick 3 years ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 3 days ago 2

Microsoft at some point changed the default action for powershell PS1 files to be to open in Notepad instead of running them for security reasons.  That means I can't just launch a powershell script to fix an issue from the toolbox though.

I'd like to be able to have them run from the toolbox when connected to a machine... perhaps we do a custom extension of script.ps1.exec or something. 

As it is powershell scripts in the toolbox don't really provide any value.