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Pending Review

Prompt for Consent to be added for BackStage

Ron 3 years ago updated by Daniel Oakley 2 days ago 1

Requesting for tech accounts with the Prompt for Consent permission enabled to be able to access BackStage and the host machine seeing the prompt to authorize access to the tech account. 


Allow Idle Disconnect time to be set lower than 3600 seconds.

RevolveIT 4 months ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 2 days ago 3

I recently discovered that the minimum time you can set for Input Idle Disconnect Time Seconds is 1 hour (3600 seconds).   This is not mentioned when you change the setting, nor does it prevent you adding lower times.  It simply ignores the time you enter and fails to disconnect an idle session.

Please fix this and allow lower times - for people that use this solely for remote support purposes, there is no need to have the default idle timeout to be 1 hour.  Realistically, there  is no need to have an arbitrary minimum time - leave it to us to decide what we want.


Automatically close all support session after 72hours

Thompson Kufgem 3 days ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 2 days ago 1

Choice after how long a Support sessions or sessions without connection from Hosts/Guests/Hosts+Guests are closed (Ended) after x hours.  
Our support staff have got into the habit of leaving the support session open and never deleting them.. We would like the option to automatically close all support sessions after 72hours.. All these open support sessions are a security risk as anyone can connect to the open session without consent etc...

Under Review

Allow users to set and reset their own 2FA

David Geddes 3 years ago updated by gprscrprs 3 days ago 7

I might be missing something, but it doesn't make sense to me that the administrator would need to set up the 2FA (i.e. Google Authenticator) for users, and then figure out how to securely transfer the 2FA token to the users.  I don't know any other service that works this way.

Is there some way to just require 2FA for all users, and then have them be prompted to set it up for themselves on first log-in?

Pending Review

Support for connecting to a headless endpoint (windows computer without a monitor plugged in).

joelcrburgess 3 years ago updated by allaroundtechnologies 3 days ago 6

Currently there is no support for connecting to a headless endpoint (windows computer without a monitor plugged in). This is a big problem, as we are in the middle of moving from Bomgar to Control and now we realize that we can't support many of our client's servers or even Win10 computers who are headless. Even though the client has no monitor connected, we should still be able to see the Explorer GUI, other remote support apps certainly can do this. This is a HUGE feature-lack.

Pending Review

Closing Screen Connect Support Session only locks SERVER OS

Thompson Kufgem 3 days ago 0

Time to try the request again..

We would like the feature that would only auto lock a server OS.... Once our support staff close the support session the screen is automatically locked BUT only for Windows Server OS... 

I know we have the option to set the following setting - "Lock Guest Machine -> Locks guest machine when host disconnects." but as previous requests have stated, we do not want to lock the customers client once we end support session has - > only Server OS

Considering for Future Release

Support ALL Duo 2FA authentication methods

pfp 5 years ago updated by James Pulver 3 days ago 28

The addition of Duo push 2FA is great but a bit puzzling. Why only support push when Duo supports so many authentication options and they make it easy to implement them all.

  • Some people don't have a smartphone where they can install the Duo app so push won't work for them but they can still receive a text message of phone call just fine. Duo supports both of these options for 2FA but Screenconnect's Control's integration was is implemented in a way that does not allow them.
  • Some people might have multiple devices with the Duo app installed and need to choose which one they want the push sent to. Duo allows users to choose which one they want to receive a push from, or which one they want to receive a text or call on. Again Control's integration does not allow this.
  • Ever forgotten your mobile phone at home? I have and that's why I've configured my Duo account with a hardware token too. Unfortunately Control's integration does not support this Duo 2FA method either.
  • Perhaps you are prone to forgetting your mobile device but don't want to have a hardware token. In this case Duo can be configured with bypass code (basically a OTP that you know beforehand). Well, you know the story.

I'd really like to see Control support the all the Duo authentication methods and for the looks of their documentation this should be relatively easy.


As an added bonus this also provides a natural way to handle the 2FA logon rather then show the user a prompt for a code that they can't type (what your Duo 2FA currently does).

Sean White 2 years ago

Jay, It was great working with you yesterday. We will be looking at expanding support for Duo to include hardware tokens, but we do not have a timeframe on when we may make that available.

Also, I want to make it clear that this issue was not a Control vulnerability, but instead, the Duo App on the affected users phone was out of date. Once the Duo App was updated, the issue was resolved.


Sean White


Update university article - Advanced SMTP settings and Trigger creation

Lee 2 weeks ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 3 days ago 1

Some navigation info is incorrect in this connectwise university article. 


It appears to be out of date, the steps I use to access the advanced smtp settings are as follows: 

Click on "Admin" on the left nav column -> Click on "Mail" in the list of menus -> click on the "Edit Mail Configuration" button in the upper right hand of the page. 

Also, some notes indicating that it doesn't play well with sending to multiple email addresses in the documentation for setting up a trigger would probably help out as well 

 - https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/Get_started/Administration_page/Triggers_page/Create_a_new_trigger

Thank you kindly

Pending Review

more input control on different devices than just samsung android

awaggoner 3 days ago 0

i have some WAVE POS terminals that i connect but not conrtol 

would be nice if we could get control of more androids than just samsung

Pending Review

usb forwarding

Dan DiMuzio 1 year ago updated by Trevor Paugh 4 days ago 6

Can you please add ability to connect to remote USB devices. Trying to use a 3D space mouse from home to operate with Solid Edge software at work.