Require tech to enter a note/comment before joining and at the end of a session

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Partner asks to add requirement for tech's to enter a note/command ("Why are you connecting to this session") before joining and at the end of a session for auditing purposes.

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this would need to be configurable

All things are configurable in ScreenConnect, :-) ...most all things. This would be an option for helpdesks. We try to put in tools that allow you to select your own workflow.


If would be nice if more than simply an option to enable/disable the feature, you could control the feature on a granular basis so the following was possible:

  • Require my assistant to always enter a note before connecting
  • Allow me to connect without having the comment box pop up.
  • EXCEPT when I'm connecting to specific organizations/computers in which case I want to be required to enter a comment.

I'm thinking it might be possible to accomplish the above through the permissions system & session groups. Thoughts?


    i agree with @Karl. And I think that this setting should be set to FALSE for default.

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