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Add configurable automatic expiration for unattended installer

Michael Legato (Support) 5 years ago updated by Roy A. V. 11 months ago 6

Currently, the unattended installer file will work forever. However, partner would like the unattended installer file to stop working after X days so that anyone who uses an older installer won't be able to randomly add it to any machines.

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Considering for Future Release

i would really love this feature. one for security reasons, two for ease of mind. i have a client that got there machine infected and started to pass the MSI install file around on random machine. it is scary if you don't know how it happens just see a ton of machines in your console. i also have some techs of my accidentally leaving the installation on machines.

Please add to to the list. I'm having some funny connections showing up:


Not sure if I should be worried, I'm told not to, but then others say I might have to.

It would also be nice to be notified when a new session is created along with the originating public IP address.

This is a critical needed feature. We are currently looking at switching to a competitor - we need to be able to block this.