ConnectWise Control 20.1

Timothy Huynh 2 days ago in Control updated 1 day ago 2

20.1.26375 (2020-01-14)

20.1.26401 (2020-01-15)


Build: 20.1.26375


Issue Type Components Summary
Task Authentication, Security

Reworked password reset token logic

Task Authentication, Cloud, Licensing, Performance, Web Server Service

Better handle cloud outages in the product

Task Guest Client, Java Client

Optimize JavaClient to not send screen data outside the tiles that intersect with host viewport

Task Performance, Server

Profile and improve various performance bottlenecks under high load

Task Server, Web Server Service

Make WebServer async to prevent stack-filling loops

Sub-task Licensing

Licensing should fail gracefully when cloud licensing service is unreachable

Bug .NET Client, Host Client

Host client split-window placement only set once

Bug Guest Client, Linux

Windows host can't see specific distributions of Linux guest machines

Bug Guest Client, Java Client, Performance

High CPU usage on OSX guests in 19.3+

Bug Guest Client, Host Client

Black screen when connecting with low or medium capture quality on 32 bit guest clients

Bug Host Page

Long scripts clog up clients

Bug Host Page, Session Groups

Resource string for session group filter has different casing for word "LIKE" in different places

Bug Host Page

Error from web service is rendered as [Object object]

Bug Host Page

Wake-On-Lan.svg not correctly cased

Bug Host Page

PageService.ashx doesn't compile at runtime

Bug Java Client

Java Client consumes a lot of memory and high CPU usage

Bug Relay Service

connection stuck in "Negotiating..." when connecting to a session

Bug Relay Service

Thread pool starves and hangs server app when many connections connect at once

Bug Triggers

Empty trigger definitions in SessionEventTrigger.xml prevent the Triggers page from loading

Build: 20.1.26401


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Server

Creating a new access session kills the server process