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Chat Pop-up Notification and Sound in Host Interface

c72f8b1c 3 years ago updated by Kristy Acevedo 8 months ago 8 2 duplicates

Feature: Add an audible sound notification and 'toaster' pop-up notification in browser when a chat message is received while logged into the ScreenConnect host user interface.

Currently, a sound indicating a received chat message is played only when an active support session window is open.

No sound or notification pop up is displayed or made when a chat message is received when logged into the host interface. Only a small green dot is displayed to indicate a received chat message. It is very easy to miss a received chat message without having a support session open to a given user.

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Is there any progress on this?  I really need it.

Desktop Notifications extension will not work for me because I have ConnectWise Control self hosted without SSL.

As far as I can tell the desktop notifications addon only work if the browser tab is focused, which kind of defeats the purpose. Also if there was a way for clients to initiate chat, this would be super useful.

@jacob, wasn't aware that was the case. I'll pass this note along!

Clients can initiate chat via the SOS extension and/or the Guest Initiated Chat extension

What is the status of this?  When users send me a message, I do not get alerted.  If I keep Host Access up, then I will see a very tiny red dot.