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Desktop Chat Notification

Gavin Seabrook 2 months ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 2 months ago 1

There used to be the extension for Desktop Notifications when using the on-premise installation with an SSL certificate installed. Why was this feature removed? It has made me want to move away from this platform because now that a client has gotten used to chatting directly, they dont want to stray from it and some messages go unanswered. I understand that I can put the autoresponder on there, but this was a real valuable function that just....disappeared from on premise installs.

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Considering for Future Release

Hi Gavin, 

This extension was removed from the Extension Marketplace for all Control instances because of compatibility issues with later versions of the product. We did not remove it from existing instances, though it may now be in your Inactive list of extensions because of a load error. We can look to fix and republish this extension, but it may take some time -- it will go into the same pool as other priority work.