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Support for iPadOS

Pbrazell 6 months ago updated by Slimvaio 4 weeks ago 7

The iOS app should be updated to include features of iPadOS. 

  1. Native cursor support. In iPad OS 13.4 Apple added mouse/trackpad support to iPadOS. Control should be able to recognize that there is a Bluetooth mouse connected and remove the on screen mouse in favor of the native experience. Including gestures and right click.
  2. Recognize if a keyboard is connected. If a keyboard is connected, always keep the keyboard activated in the app. Also add support for modifier keys. I think shift works, but not CTRL, Windows Key, etc.
  3. Ability to send/receive files to and from remote sessions. Utilize the Files app on iPadOS to be able to send/receive files. 
  4. Multi Window Support. In iPadOS 13 you have the ability to run multiple instances of the app. This would be great for being remoted in on multiple computers. 
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I agree and i have a feature request for this also.  I 100% agree on all 4 points. But stress 1, 2, and 4. Cursor support for IOS is a must now that Apple fully supports it. Keyboard support has been flacky for Bluetooth keyboards for a a long time. The fact that it closes out and you have to reopen periodically is case in point. And on Step 4, There should of been a way to open multiple sessions for years. So you could quickly bounce back and forth between sessions. Sort of a tabbed solution possibly. I typically work on multiple PC’s doing updates and this is a must for me. 

On Step 3, I do agree with this. It hasn’t been on my radar, but to add to this, Being able to print remotely through to your iPad like you can a windows PC remotely would be a nice addition.  But I definitely see the use of finding a fix on your IPad browser, downloading it and then transferring it to your remote session. It would also be nice to copy and paste text between IPad and remote session. 


At least add support for iPad Pro Magic Keyboard for now and work on the other points later. PLEASE.


It’s ridiculous that this hasn’t been updated yet. The iPad is now more than capable of running native SC in the Safari browser, likely with no add-on app needed. Even so, the app should be updated to allow for native mouse cursor support. Why can I use the Android app with a Chromebook and have the trackpad work flawlessly but somehow the IOS app can’t? The Android app had the same issues at one point but it has since been updated and now works great with the trackpad. Please update ASAP.

Amen, time for ConnectEise to start treating IOS like I viable connection platform.  It's like they view IOS as just a toy... They can do better. I honestly only use IOS app so it makes it tough when it doesn't get proper development support, especially when you use the windows app after about a year and see how far it came with development that completely slipped the other viewers.  This is a shout out to the windows showing on screen to quick click for control alt delete and insert passwords, where IOS and Android you have to fumble through the app... 

if you can add features to one viewer platform, you can add them to them all...  

Not to mention there should be some sort of tabbed support to open more than one viewer at a time on iOS and Android... Having to close out and reopen sessions when you are working on multiple pcs or servers is tough when it should be able to just tab back and forth. On windows opening multiple sessions side by side isn't an issue. Should be able to tab between sessions just like you do web pages on web browsers. 

I'll add my two cents - I've just added an iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard to my workflow. Microsoft Remote Desktop is working very well with the native trackpad support but I was disappointed to find that ConnectWise didn't offer this support, but still relied on the Virtual Mouse.

+1 Please please please at least add support for the Magic Keyboard :)

Received my Logitech Folio Touch yesterday and see it is useless for remote controlling via Connectwise Control. With a Touchpad in my hands I never want to use the Mouse Emulation. So please: Support the native Mouse support in iPad OS soon. As a Workaround I connect to a Windows Computer and start the Remote Control via Connectwise from there. 

Also use the new magic keyboard case daily and we need to have this trackpad supported.