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Deploy CW Control mobile apps with defined URL through MDM systems (.APK)

Peter Öhgren 3 years ago updated by MDMGuy 3 months ago 5 1 duplicate

The ability to deploy mobile app of Connetwise Control through MDM systems with predefined URL to Control Server. So end users don't have to put in the correct URL when support is needed.


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"Unattended Access" feature for Android will be mostly useful in cases where companies will want to deploy it in their android device fleet for remote assistance.

For that to happen the android client will need to be somehow configurable with no user interaction, when it is mass deployed, in MDM/EMM situations


We develop for a lot of people that are not very technically inclined and having them enter in a url is probably something we'd need to remote into the first place.

Something like an api call or even just an Intent specification to the unattended access screen would help a lot.

Under Review

This would be really useful for us. We manage a large number of android devices that are in use within a manufacturing enviroment. These are locked down so users only have access to 1 or 2 apps. We deploy screenconnect via MDM and auto install it. However, there are no predefined servers....

This would be a huge feature since unattended android is finally working great.

This would save a lot of time when deploying hundreds of devices.