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Thanks for your feedback. Is this because the banner is taking up real estate when viewing the remote machine in the host client?

Hi Tim,

6.1 will introduce some great Mac features to help decrease the parity between the two clients. We're looking at doing a refresh of the UI in Q1 or Q2 of next year. If you're in our focus group, we'll be sending out a sneak peek later this week of the new 6.1 features. I'm closing this general issue as we have specific issues to address each enhancement. So declined, but not declined :-)

No ETA on a Duo integration.

@Stuart ScreenConnect currently offers four 2FA methods: The above request for Duo is just a request for an additional method.

There are architectural changes that would need to be made to add DUO support, so it's more of a scheduling thing at the moment as we have high value enhancements taking precedence at the moment. It is still under consideration, and will most likely occur.

CAD commands are mapped to Ctrl-Alt-Home in SC Host Client. Other shortcuts are mapped here: We don't use insert as to not conflict with other tools.

Hi Merlin, You said the file was being written to a temp file which makes me think you're confusing the toolbox option and the file transfer option. The toolbox is meant for immediate execution of .exe and .bat scripts not for a file transfer, hence the change to save the toolbox item in a temp file vs storing it on a customer's machine. Our copy and paste/drag and drop option as well as the file transfer option do give you more flexibility on where a file is placed. This will allow you to store it for later use.


File Transfer:

When we started writing to the temp folder for the toolbox items, we also included the .scapp function.

A .scapp file is basically a renamed .zip archive that the ScreenConnect Toolbox knows to handle a bit differently. When a .scapp file is executed from the Toolbox, it copies all of the tool's contents into the same directory on the remote machine and then executes the first item alphabetically. So if you have a tool that must run from a certain directory, you can create a .bat file that copies the tool into this directory and then executes it.

After creating the .bat file, ensure that it is named correctly, create a .zip file of both items, change the .zip extension to .scapp, and then copy it into your ScreenConnect Toolbox. Each time this .scapp is executed, it will copy the .exe to the specified location and then execute it, saving a few clicks for the Host.

I hope this information is helpful.

Second question would be are you looking at an on prem license or cloud? We can assist you in implementing this.

This will be included in the 6.1 release.

This is also available on cloud. You need to check for the "Expand Thumbnail Preview Extension" and the Edit the Web.config" Extension. You'll need the edit the web.config extension to increase quality: