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Thanks I did find a video on this later in the evening.  Is there some way to allow this to report back even if the username is not valid?  Anyone trying to get in brute force is more than likely NOT going to know our username.

I tried to use this event but it does not work  Event.EventType = 'PasswordInvalid'

Can this audit FAILED logins only?  I see LOGIN attempt but I need to sift through them all to find if any failed.  If this is possible, is there a way to create a trigger to email us on failed login attempts?

We NEED this too.  I'm shocked 4 years later this STILL Is not an option.

I just had this happen w/ the latest update.  Never did before.  I have a request into support on how to resolve this.  Will report back.


This would be helpful.  We have a trigger that we need to send a session name after a new session is created but the session name is not created before the trigger is activated thus sending us a null subject basically.

There is a field to configure the text on screen.  I had set it up at one point years ago, looking for the details now.

Found it, field is BlankMonitorMessageFormat


Great, thanks for the fast reply.


Mike, is there a way to initiate this backstage functionality prior to connecting to the session as to not disrupt the user at all?    As of now, a tray icon popups up and notifies the user as well as the top bar stating we are controlling their session.  And of course the blanked background. 



Sorry  I somehow missed this.  What do you mean next time you're disconnected?  Yes it only alerts on the initial chat, subsequent messages do not notify as that would get annoying.  You can set it email on all messages and that is how I had it at one point years ago but it became obnoxious when tech and client were chatting back and forth.  This feature may have been deprecated.  


there may be a command we can type in the command field to bring it to the front if need be also but I've not looked into it.  If the customer doesn't respond I move on or contact their superior to have them tell their employee to click on that obnoxious flashing rectangle in the tray.