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I posted this in another thread but I just wanted to let everyone here know that this issue has been identified again as happening with 20.2.  I'm still not sure if it's the exact same issue we previously addressed but it is under active investigation.

Thanks for letting us know, we have received several reports and are investigating.

Can you post the last 100 lines or so from /var/log/screenconnect ?

Also, what Linux OS is on the server?

following up, how many and/or which extensions do you have installed (if any)?

if you can just kick out a ls -alh for /opt/screenconnect/App_Extensions, that would be great

You can use the web.config setting RelayAddressableUri to hard-code a specific address for the relay service. A bit more info here:

This feature was thoroughly discussed on the forum and listed within the output stream. Results from the survey come back to us so we can use it to help gauge priorities.

The app.config file does not exist by default, but you can check the KB for how to create/propagate the file. Here.

The integration isn't finished yet, but we're still working on it.

Passportal isn't in the ConnectWise "family", they're a separate company but we have a very good relationship with them.

Aaron, I'm trying to get a better picture of what's happening, can you please tell me the return of the following command (basically a du of your App_Data directory):

du -h /opt/screenconnect/App_Data

initial extension revision here:

due to potential concerns with scaling, the timer is currently limited to 2 minutes. this can potentially be increased depending upon feedback.

Can you please confirm that you're running .NET 4.5 (or greater)? IAsyncStateMachine was moved inbetween 4.0 and 4.5.

Yes, both Alt-F4 and Ctrl-F4 work in both my 5.5 and 5.6 environments. If you're seeing other behavior please contact Support so they can take a look.