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Customize Client Dashboard Menu by Pinning Favorite Tasks

cdsdave 4 years ago updated by anonymous 3 years ago 2

I would like the ability to add certain frequent shortcuts like "CTRL+ALT+DEL" and "Send Credentials" pinned to the top level of the dashboard menu without having to search the drop down menus.

Available in Version:

I Agree with this. My previous vendor did that for us because they didn't have as many features. With all of your features, I can see why everything is not a small icon at the top of the screen. But setting our favorites would be nice.

Would also like to do this  on a per tech basis. Or better yet have a couple of templates for it.  Such as one template/group would see these pinned items as there favorites, and Admin templates might see these.  Then after initial setup, we could change to customize to our own liking.

Also, what is the deal with that grey bar that opens with every session? Can we not disable or hide that? I see no purpose in that other than being in the way.

The banner is there to inform a guest that his/her machine is currently being controlled. To disable it, review the article below