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Multiple Yubikeys

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As previously requested 3 years ago which the same scenario applies directly to my situation.

"Can you please add the ability to store more than one Yubikey with each user account like LastPass does? You can store up to 5 keys with LastPass which is very useful. For example, I have three. One for work PC that is never removed, one for home PC also never removed and one on my keychain so that if I'm at a customer site (or anywhere besides home or work for that matter) I can use that one.


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Considering for Future Release

I agree, we assign a YubiKey to a developer for off-site access. Then to require that they carry around the same YubiKey to be able have continued access is just asking for it to get lost. Not to mention our system admins who might need access at a moment's wherever they might be. Being able to assign one YubiKey for their home use and one for their work use would be extremely helpful. 

Just adding another voice.  We too, would like to have multiple yubikeys attached to an account.

Agreed. LastPass allows several.  Many reasons this is needed, especially in event one key is damaged.  Also help as I float between two PCs that only I use, plus when I'm mobile with my laptop.

+1 Need this functionality.