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Extend Timeline Beyond 30 days.

Matt Carpenter 1 year ago updated by amccabe 1 year ago 3

I have a need to extend the timeline log beyond 30 days. This should be a native to the solution without addins/plugins.

Available in Version:

Hi Matt, 

For session connection activity over 30 days, we suggesting using the Audit Page

Hi Caitlin,

This is not ideal. The timeline is useful and easy for quick billing verification. Is there any way to expand the timeline? I found this article however this parameter doesn't seem to exist any more. https://controlforum.connectwise.com/yaf_postsm36910findunread_Change-Timeline-to-Display-More-than-30-Days.aspx

Ah, that spanTime is now in the App_Themes/Base.css file (--span-time, under .Timeline). This way it can be included in custom themes, rather than needing to modify Host.aspx