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Enable SC Router service by default to allow web and relay traffic on same port

Michael Legato (Support) 5 years ago updated by Alex Heylin 4 months ago 5

Partner would like to have the router service to allow inbound web and relay traffic on the same IP address enabled by default in the software.


Available in Version:


With LT plugin now forcing customers to use HTTPS on SC, the router service is vital to ensure reliable operation without getting blocked by firewalls. Please bring this into support, and move towards this as default configuration.


Yes, it would fantastic to ensure this feature sticks around for years to come instead of just hoping it continues to work as "unsupported".


Been using the router functionality for many years, without issue. Not working with v20.11+.

Please bring back this functionality even if it is not the default.

Guys - we know this works well because we know CW use it themselves.  Please can you just make this supported in the main release. We know not all customers are going to be able to use it but many will.