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Under review

Support Session Tools Not Anchoring (Un-Pinned) Properly

FAB-ITRescue 55 minutes ago • updated 51 minutes ago 0

Sorry for the Poor Title, but it's difficult to summarise.

I have Un-Pinned several Toolbar Items (moving them to side of the screen).  Since updating to the latest version 6.7.19388.6796, the anchored tools expand so much they disappear off the bottom of the screen, when a session is Hosted.

If you pin a tool back to the Toolbar, the remaining un-pinned tools display properly & remain so when the first tool is un-pinned again.

Further, when posting this & selecting CWC Version from the Drop-down menu; the latest version listed is 6.4.15361.  When I select "My version is not Listed" - 2018.2 is display - whatever that is!!!

Under review

Firefox Secure Connection Failed - SSL_ERROR_RX_MALFORMED_SERVER_HELLO

DanFL 1 month ago • updated by Adam Schwartz 1 day ago 1

When connecting to my on-premises SSL linux installation of ScreenConnect, Firefox throws an error:

Secure Connection Failed - Error code: SSL_ERROR_RX_MALFORMED_SERVER_HELLO.

The Chrome, IE11 and Edge work fine.  I am using Screenconnect version 6.6.18120.6697, Firefox 61.01 on Windows 10 1803.  The server is working with no issues.

Firefox doesn't seem to even download the certificate.  The page info box shows no details and the view certificate button doesn't work.  The only tag shown is Content-Security-Policy default-src chrome.

Connecting to Webmin on the same server using SSL works as expected in Firefox.  

Under review

Pointer won't use arrows

conniekaycarp 4 days ago 0

my printer won't close down tabs, back up window or close windows

Under review

keyboard shortcut Alt + U doesn't work v.6

Kriss Ebersold 4 days ago 0

Need this shortcut to access hidden menus in POS software

Waiting for information

Stuck Command Keys

Kevin Yancey 4 weeks ago • updated by Kevin Yancey 1 week ago 2

I'm running the ConnectWise host on Mac OS 10.13.4 connecting to computers running Windows.  Sometimes when I move focus to another Mac application and then switch it back to the ConnectWise window hosting the remote session, all keystrokes are treated as if the windows command button is pressed.  This is similar to reported here

https://control.product.connectwise.com/communities/6/topics/953-stuck-windows-or-command-key-in-session-after-having-lockedunlocked-the-host-machine, but, in my case, the issues does not involve the lock screen at all.

Version: 6.6.18120.6697

Waiting for information

Issues with Screenshots and 6.6

KeeganJacobsonStryker 4 weeks ago • updated by Eric Davis 2 weeks ago 4

Having a couple different problems with Connectwise Control 6.6 and Screenshots.

  • The Take Screenshot>To Clipboard button occasionally crashes the client
  • Alt+Printscreen doesn't seem to allow me to grab screenshots of the active running Window
Eric Davis 2 weeks ago

Since it only happens occasionally, can you clarify those circumstances? That would help us with replication.

Regarding alt+printscreen, are you trying to capture just the host client window? When the host client is active, those keys are routed to the guest. As a workaround, you can use the Snipping Tool to select the host client window.


Remote control shows a black screen, instead of the users screen

Erik van Putten 2 years ago • updated by Sean Johnson 2 weeks ago 13

Hi since the new client 6.1 I have a system that shows a black screen when being taken over.

The system worked fine with client version 6.0

I've reinstalled version 6.0 no problem.

Reinstalling version 6.1 and the black screen is back.

The client can see my mouse moving when I move it (i can't)

The PC is an Intel Probook G1 laptop with an Intel graphics card and Nvidia as well.

OS Windows 10

Intel HD driver

Kind regards,


Under review

Change Color of Embedded Theme on 6.0+

josephh 4 months ago • updated by Brandon Alexander 2 weeks ago 3

The custom theme manager no longer works to create custom embedded themes.  When the Embedded=True flag is selected, the flag changes back to False after a reload.  Please resolve.


Status screen - elements do not function if TLS1.0 is disabled on host for PCI compliance

CSW Group 1 year ago • updated by Jonathan McKnight 2 weeks ago 15

On premises installation, using 6.3. The Status screen version, external checks etc do not work and give a red error if TLS1.0 is disabled on the host server.

Ben Burner 12 months ago

Good morning all,

I wanted to let the thread know that a fix for this behavior should be available in version 6.5 of ConnectWise Control, pending QA. Thank you again to everyone who provided information regarding this behavior.



Waiting for information

OSX Blank Dialog Boxes and missing top menu

kevin 3 months ago • updated by Ben T 2 weeks ago 13

When controlling a Mac with no keyboard, mouse or monitor attached, the system dialogue boxes on the Mac are blank.  The top menu is also missing.

In the attached example, the grey box should show that I am wanting to update the ipads to the latest iOS.