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OSX black screen - Unable to view or control

MColford 12 months ago • updated by KMiller 10 hours ago 16

Seen this on an isolated machine before but since upgrading to the latest version almost every mac client we have unattended access to is doing this now. In the unattended list, the machine will display "root" as the user and there will be no thumbnail of the screen. If you try to connect it will pop up normally but just sit at a black screen. There will be a few messages sent/received but will not move past a few.

Ben Burner 2 months ago

We've made a number of changes to the OS X client in the past few releases, and have not replicated the behavior in any of our Mac test environments using the latest 6.5 release of ConnectWise Control.

As such, I am marking this thread as fixed. Please update this post if you continue to experience black screen issues with the Mac client after having upgraded your server/clients to the latest 6.5 release.

Known issue


Ryan Yoxthimer 4 months ago • updated by Mayfield 10 hours ago 15

Getting ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE in Chrome 63 when accessing Control hosted on a Mono system (Linux) using HTTPS.  Please update Mono to support TLS 1.3.  Disabling TLS 1.3 in Chrome is not a viable solution long-term and looks bad to my end users.

Ben Burner 2 months ago

This issue should be resolved once users auto-upgrade to Chrome 63.0.3239.108 or above.

Under review

Toolbox via WebGUI broken or missing function(s)

sjswarts 1 day ago 0

Version: 6.6.17081.6648

Server OS: Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS

PHP: PHP 7.0.28-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 (cli) ( NTS ) Zend Engine v3.0.0 OPcache v7.0.28-0ubuntu0.16.04.1

Nginx: nginx/1.10.3 (Ubuntu)


Using the Toolbox option via the WebGUI certain functions do not work and some are difficult to achieve.

Do not work:

- Rename - appears to be broken have tried on latest Chrome and IE 11. Tried it in the parent folder, sub folders, no rename function appears to work.

- Create new folder - Doesn't work at all. In any of the hierarchy to the Toolbox.


- Create new folder - Unable to create a new folder when the window has no "free space" to right click on. If it is a sub folder you right click it brings you to that folder. If it is a file it gives no option to create folder.

Work around:

- Via SSH and navigate to the App_Data\Toolbox folder. Run all commands from there.

Under review

Clients clicking 'Download App' on Mac OS but no download starts

Tim W 1 month ago • updated by Andrew C 1 day ago 1

Hi there. 

Currently running v 6.5.16358.6610 .

Our clients using Mac OS are clicking the 'Download App' option but the download of ScreenConnectClient.exe does not start. We have tested using Chrome and Safari and the same issue occurs. 

Under review

TLS 1.3 seems to breaks screenconnect when using ssl on mono

stylnchris 4 weeks ago • updated by BrentB 2 days ago 6

TLS 1.3 seems to breaks screenconnect  when using ssl on mono.

Disabling it in chrome/firefox seems to be a quick fix, however at some point im guessing it would be better for mono to support TLS 1.3. 

Version 6.5.16479.6613

Under review

ScreenConnect Client install has incomplete information to connect.

brian.schmalz 2 days ago 0

When connecting to a session I get a popup that there is an update.

When trying to install the update I get this.


Under review

Hyper-V VMs

travischoward 2 weeks ago • updated by Richard H. 3 days ago 2

I manage a Hyper-V server from a laptop. I connect to the remote laptop with ConnectWise Control, then open Hyper-V, but any VM I connect to has either a completely black or grey screen. I know the Hyper-V host is working and the VMs are running without issue, and that the VMs can be viewed directly on the laptop, but I just get a blank screen on my end.

I used this extensively to setup a few VMs with version 6.4, but now that I'm on 6.6.17081.6648 it's not working. Any suggestions? I need this to work again, otherwise I'm going to have to drive 1.5 hours just to get to the server.

Under review

Remote System Diagnostics Not populating tabs on certain OS's

Richard H. 3 days ago • updated 3 days ago 0

Remote System Diagnostics Version: 1.4

Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.4.0-119-generic x86_64)

Connectwise Version 6.6.17081.6648

When you click on refresh for any of the tabs (Events, Services, Processes, Software) you see in commands it issues the data seen below on ALL OS's and you shortly after see the commands come back from the workstation in the "command" window but the corresponding tabs only populate on Windows 2012R2 Servers and OSX Workstations. 

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008R2 do not populate the tabs with information, just blank!

I have tried removing ALL extensions and found the issue the same. 


echo "DiagnosticType: EventLog"
echo "ContentType: xml"
echo ""
$Host.UI.RawUI.BufferSize = New-Object Management.Automation.Host.Size (500, 25)
Get-EventLog Application -newest 10 | Select TimeWritten, EntryType, Source, Message | Sort TimeWritten -Descending | ConvertTo-Xml -As Stream

Under review

MacOS 11.3 - ScreenConnect Client

JasonV 4 days ago 0

File transfer window does not function as it should. It doesn't register clicks to open folders and select files.

Under review

macOS on Mac Mini - on boot/reboot, ConnectWise Control does not autostart until at least one user logs in

stephen.hogan-psl 4 days ago 0

Your Version: 6.5.16358.6610

Client Version: 6.5.116358.6610

Operating System: Mac OS X (10.13.4)

Installed a Build Installer via 'Copy URL' for a "Mac OS X (.pkg) file". 

Needed to "Allow" the app through System Preferences.

No issues with either of these.

However, when the Mac Mini is rebooted, one must manually log into it for ConnectWise Control to start and be remotely accessible; otherwise, there is no way to remotely reach it via ConnectWise Control.

Should I reinstall?

Please let me know if you require further info.