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Under review

Connectwise Intermittently not prompting for MFA #14912503

Pchong 9 hours ago updated 9 hours ago 0
Waiting for information

update process needs improvement

afoadmin 3 years ago updated by Sean Keown 15 hours ago 6

The upgrade process is very bad.

If I start a session and an upgrade is available I get a notification to upgrade.  So I click ok to upgrade and always get errors because a session is already in progress so I have to hopefully remember to upgrade later which I never do.  So now I have to write a note to do that after the session and when I do I have to uninstall the old application and start a new session to install a new one.  That process is very cumbersome and there are way too many things to do.  This last upgrade to 6.7 was even worse.  Instead of just getting the normal error, I got a prompt that Windows could not find app  778dcbcf050d08ef and wanted me to look in the microsoft windows store which of course it could not find.  Worst upgrade process ever.

Waiting for information

Android Client App

rmaster 3 days ago updated 18 hours ago 2

Have a new Samsung Android tablet that I wanted to use for remote support using the ConnectWise Control App. I can connect to a access session but as soon as I pull up a keyboard the app freezes. Apparently after looking at the reviews on the Google Play store this has been know issue for months.

Under review

Android app connection retry

Brad Zemke yesterday at 12:06 a.m. 0


We are attempting to push out the Android app to a fleet of tablets running Android 9 and other near versions. 

They're all running over a cellular network for data access.

The problem arises when the tablet is inactive for a period of time, at which time the guest will appear offline and you cannot connect remotely. to access the tablet again there needs to be manual intervention to open the app and wait up to 10 minutes for the app to attempt connecting to the server.

I have been speaking with support with ticket number #14906943 and they have requested I post this here.

Waiting for information

Wallpaper does not change back when screenconnect is closed.

lkoss 3 years ago updated by James Monroe 2 days ago 4

When disconnecting from a client, their wallpaper remains black and they have to manually set it back. Using connectwise control version 2018.3

Waiting for information

ConnectWise Control: ScreenConnect.WindowsClient.exe Memory usage

Christian.Walch 1 week ago updated 2 days ago 5

The usage from the ScreenConnect.WindowsClient.exe is increasing as long as you are connected to a device.

And its memory usage is increasing very fast - this could cause device with a small amount of memory to crash its application.

Currently the only way to work this around is to reconnect to such machines.

It should be fixed within the Service to release it´s memory usage within a dedicated timeframe.

Either as setting or within the Service hardcoded.

Under review

unable to remove my own machine from access section

Chris Carasone 4 days ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 3 days ago 3

While on vacation I used another remote tool to set up the connectwise unattended access to my remote PC.  It's caused some graphical problems now that I am back, but I cannot uninstall/delete it from the list, it simply shows as queued.  I have uninstalled it from windows via the programs and features, but it still shows up, and I still have the graphics problems.

Under review

windows 10 Start Menu small icons and unable to scroll in Settings windows

gregg 2 years ago updated by Jason Bristow 1 week ago 21

I have several Windows 10 version 1903 machines that have issues when connected via Control.  The Start Menu shows small icons.  When I am in the Settings windows, I can't scroll down.  I tried to run the Intel Driver Assistant and just comes up with a blank window when launched.

If I disconnect using Control and then RDP into the device, all of the above work without issue.

Under review

Waiting to Retry / Negotiating

Sean Keown 11 months ago updated by Simon 1 week ago 1

We've had issues where control will not connect even though nothing is being blocked by the customer or nothing looks blocked. We've worked with support and was told that the connection is delayed enough that it's causing control to not connect.  Is it possible to extend the time at which it takes to authenticate? Example: Ticket# 13700494

The response from our customer is that all other applications including teamviewer / goto assist / zoom and a 1000 other apps work perfectly just fine. How is it our network when only one application is not functioning?

When this happens there are no logs or any way to troubleshoot this issue in control.. It just sits there and says waiting to retry / negotiating.. over and over. 

When testing we tried our hostedrmm.com instance along multiple screenconnect.com instances. 

Under review

Invite via email not working

Andy Liew 3 years ago updated by Sam Segura 2 weeks ago 1

When create new session, trying to send invite via email tab on the host not going anywhere.