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Under review

blank screen on connect

adam.connor 4 hours ago 0

I have verified that this is not the same as this bug



try to connect to an unattended client, results in black screen with a white rectangle in the middle and the text 'Connected'

However this text is lying, there's nothing you can do to make the connection work.

I was able to fix this on one machine by logging in with VNC, then dragging the app from /opt into the 

System Preferences/ Security/ Privacy/ Accessibility

'allow' panel

*I also rebooted the machine, not sure if that is important.

*reinstalling from the Control admin interface does not fix this

*I have not tried an uninstall & reinstall

This indicates that something is different enough between the v19.2 clients and the v19.4 clients to cause Apple's security to vomit and disallow it. I upgraded directly from v19.2 to v19.4 on Centos

Under review

v19.4 display issues using Android App

TechCare 6 days ago updated by Simon (Annet) 5 hours ago 6

Recent update to the latest version of CWC - v19.4.25542.7214

Issue with host access to any guest in that if you send a command (e.g. mouse click or what not) it doesn't fully re-render the changes on screen to the Android device.

See below

Under review

On-premises v19.4 internal users email requirement

Simon (Annet) 5 hours ago updated 5 hours ago 0

The technical bulletin posted on September 3 said that "Starting with an upcoming build of 2019.4, all internal users will be required to have an email address associated with their account" and "In 2010.4 [sic] if you edit an internal user, you’ll be required to enter an email address in order to save your changes."

But I just updated my on-premises installation to v19.4.25542.7214 (stable) and it seems that I can still create users while leaving the email field blank.

So I'd like to know whether (a) I misinterpreted that announcement since the requirement was never meant to apply to on-premises installations, but only to cloud ones; or (b) it was meant to apply to both on-premises and cloud installations, but it wasn't introduced in this version — it will however be introduced in another build of v19.4 or a future version.

Is it (a) or (b)?

Under review

Authentication example rest api

johnmoore 15 hours ago 0

I need documents for authentication on connectwise and get company or members list.

Under review

Blank screen(s) with multiple monitors macOS

CedricS 1 week ago updated by ManuelGonzalez.IT 16 hours ago 5

Updated all of the clients today and now I cannot see any additional monitors. The users I am connecting to are using macOS 10.14.6. This was not happening on the previous ScreenConnect version. Also, the one screen that is working does not consistently refresh. I have one user that clearly has windows open but I see desktop icons. Any help would be nice as all of my employees work remote and my hands are tied.

Under review

Blank guest monitor actually blanks host monitor

adam.connor 4 days ago updated by ManuelGonzalez.IT 16 hours ago 3

Server is Centos 7

Clients are Macs

This is a new bug since v19.2

I'll try to verify if it is affecting clients 

Known issue

TLS 1.3 seems to breaks screenconnect when using ssl on mono

stylnchris 2 years ago updated by adam.connor 1 day ago 124

TLS 1.3 seems to breaks screenconnect  when using ssl on mono.

Disabling it in chrome/firefox seems to be a quick fix, however at some point im guessing it would be better for mono to support TLS 1.3. 

Version 6.5.16479.6613

Under review

Control Custom Theme Text Color Issue

Stephen Molock 2 weeks ago updated by Chris Paetz 1 day ago 3


I am not sure exactly when this started but some of the text in the page has changed to white after a recent update and it is difficult to see. It is mostly when we join a session, create a new session or install access. It also happens when we hover over options after right-clicking a computer. When a guest goes to our website to join it also has this issue. "Join with a code" is also an off-white instead of the orange it was before

Version: 19.3.25169.7170

Under review

Performance Problems 19.4

Karama 2 days ago updated 2 days ago 0

So i am having a problem on both my laptop and desktop using 19.4. In many of my guest sessions the graphics seem to "smear" is the best way to put it, or Windows become unresponsive.  My laptop and desktop are running completely different hardware.  This happens in guest sessions that are on different networks, different hardware, different versions of Windows doesn't make a difference.  For example i am logged into Server 2016 Essentials, they have Comcast internet 150/25.  I have Fiber on my end 300/100. The server has an NVIDIA 710 Video Card, i have an NVIDIA 1070 in my Desktop.   It's acting as if i am on dial up.  I tried blanking the monitor made no difference.  When i move a window (when it lets me) it's acting like i am walking in Quicksand, just slowly smearing across the session window.  This wasn't a problem 2 days ago when i was on 19.3 latest update of 19.3.  And yes i have already tried various troubleshooting.

Under review

Highlighted items from context menus become invisible

Tekk 2 days ago 0

I am on ConnectWise Control 19.4.25542.7214 and I am using the "Custom Theme Manager" v 1.4.1 (appears to be latest).  The issue I am finding is that with the custom theme applied, items I highlight in the context menus become invisible (match background color).  When I change the background color for those items only the issue persists (see screenshots below).  The panel is controlled by the "Shade-1 Background Color" setting, but I don't see any particular setting for the highlighted link coloring besides the "Link Hover Color" which I have set to #636296, which should show up as a dark purple.  Just wanted to report this in case others were getting the same issue.