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Under review

3 Screen + Enable Blank Host Screens = random blinking

L. LaMonda 13 hours ago 0

When connected to a host that has 3 monitors enabled and trying to blank the host screens, the client side screens blink in and out quickly at random intervals.

Client version 20.10

Under review

Mac task bar icon and dark mode

Roudger 3 days ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 14 hours ago 3

version : 20.10

When using a custom icon for "ApplicationIconMac22", it is not displayed in dark mode.
However, I use exactly the same characteristics for the PNG file (22x22, gray scaled with alpha mask, only black with transparency).
But instead of seeing the same icon in white color, there is absolutely nothing.

Under review

Queued actions not being processed in v20.11.1372.7585

Simon (Annet) 1 week ago updated 1 day ago 2

On my cloud instance, whenever I try to wake a machine with WOL, a QueuedWake action is added as a "Pending Activity" within the General tab, but unlike in previous versions it just stays there without being processed.

It used to disappear after a short while as the wake is attempted by the server. But now, it looks like it's not being attempted at all.

The odd thing is that if a host attempts to connect to that machine, the queued action is suddenly processed. See the attached image. So it seems like there's some bug that holds up the server from acting on the QueuedWake action until a host is connected.

Under review

Connectwise Web Console page doesn't update after upgrade to 20.11

Karama 1 day ago updated 1 day ago 1

Since upgrading to 20.11 the web console page doesn't update.  For example I will restart a computer/guest, it will change to offline then will not show it coming back online unless i refresh the web page.  This is happening on all three computers that i use to access ConnectWise.  At first i thought that the Connectwise service wasn't coming back online (which is a problem when a computer comes out of hibernation, i posted the issue in a separate topic).  But no, it's not updating the page.  This is manifesting itself in other ways as well like when a new computer is added to a group it won't appear until i refresh the page. 

And no this isn't due to inactivity on the page.  This is happening while i am actively using the ConnectWise Console.  

Under review

Server unresponsive in v20.11

Simon (Annet) 3 weeks ago updated 2 days ago 1

I've been using the following configuration on my server and it's been working fine until I updated to v20.11.1284.7577. Now all of a sudden the web server becomes unresponsive when configured this way.

<section name=“screenconnect.routing” type=“ScreenConnect.RoutingConfigurationHandler, ScreenConnect.Server” />
<rule schemeExpression=“http” actionType=“issueRedirect” actionData=“https://$HOST/” />
<rule schemeExpression=“ssl” actionType=“forwardPayload” actionData=“https://localhost:8043/” />
<rule schemeExpression=“relay” actionType=“forwardPayload” actionData=“https://localhost:8041/” />

Under review

Drag and Drop MacOS Host appears to be broken.

TomC 4 days ago 0

I know this use to work (sometime between the transition from the 19. to the 20. versions).

I can not Drag and Drop from a Windows Guest to a MacOS Host

I can not Copy and Paste a file from a Windows Guest to a MacOS Host


I can Copy and Paste a file from a MacOS Host to a Windows Guest.

(Note: Copy and pasting selected text works fine either way)

This use to work between any Guest and any Host.

BTW Im actually on Control version 20.11 (Self Hosted) now, that wasn't an option in the selection on the form.  This behavior was also in 20.10/9 and the previous several stable versions.

Im thinking it may be an application security/permissions issue for the host client on MacOS (the host client may need to ask for admin permission to interact with the file system; like the Guest Client asks for permission when installed).

MacOS Catalina 10.15.7

Under review

Computer shows offline after waking up from hibernation

Karama 5 days ago 0

Computer offline in Console after it wakes up from hibernation.  The only fix is for end user to restart the computer or restart the ScreenConnect service.  I am on 20.11 but this problem has been happening for a while, before 20.11 i know that.

Under review

join session pop up doesn't cllose automatically after successful connection

Karama 5 days ago 0

So since upgrade to 20.11 every time i connect to a guest session the initial pop up window stays open even after a successful joining of the session.  This wasn't a problem before.  It's happening on all 3 computers that i use ConnectWise on.  I use FireFox although what browser i use should not be the issue since it wasn't a problem in 20.10.  So every time i have to close the pop up window before i can click on another computer to connect to.

Under review

Invite via email not working

Andy Liew 2 years ago updated by Dee Cater (Product Marketing Manager) 5 days ago 0

When create new session, trying to send invite via email tab on the host not going anywhere.

Under review

ClickOnce - Unknown Publisher

Sean Keown 1 year ago updated by Dee Cater (Product Marketing Manager) 5 days ago 3

The ClickOnce Application is showing as an Unknown Publisher.