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Host session freezes for 60 to 180 seconds on guest Windows menu log off

J Stevadson Massey 3 months ago • updated 2 hours ago 4

Posting this at the request of Michael with ConnectWise Control support:

When using Start Menu or Ctrl-Alt-Del menu to log off of guest machine while host is attached, host session freezes for 60 to 180 seconds.

Guest machine display sometimes shows message "1 program still needs to close: (Waiting for) ShuttingDown". At other times the local display returns immediately to login screen during this period, at which point the local guest user can log back onto the guest machine, while the host session remains frozen for a while. It does not matter whether the host or local guest user initiates the log off.

Issuing the DOS command "logoff console /v" from a DOS window on the guest or from the Commands window in ScreenConnect Access causes the logoff to occur and control to be available from the host session immediately (within the usual log off time).

This has been observed on Windows 7 and Windows 10 guests, under ConnectWise Control releases 6.9 up to 6.9.21415.6941.

Under review

Mac Remote Support Client requires High Perf GPU

kkelley 2 years ago • updated by Howie Isaacks 3 hours ago 16

The Mac version of the remote support client requires High Perf GPU, forcing macbooks to utilize the discrete graphics card. This is causing a reduced battery life on several of our machines, and customer machines.

Under review

Version 19 and win xp

Steven Tirella yesterday at 9:59 a.m. 0

We still have some clients running Posready2009 which is a smaller version of Win xp. I know that win xp is not supported but it won't install. Created an msi package and it comes up with the error, installer service cannot be accessed. 


Control app on Samsung tablet does not save unattended access settings after reboot

Austin S 3 months ago • updated by f.giugliano yesterday at 9:39 a.m. 4

I am trying to use the Control app on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A running Android version 8.1.0.  I am able to install the app, configure unattended access and connect to the tablet through the portal without issue.  When the tablet is rebooted, the unattended access setting are removed.  

Through my own troubleshooting, I enabled the storage permission for the Control app and rebooted.  This time the unattended access settings stuck around.  That being said, I had to manually open the app to regain a connection.  Even with the storage permission enabled, the tablet took more than 5 minutes to become accessible in the portal.

I worked with Michael L on your support team.  He was able to replicate the issue on his own tablet.  He provided a case number to reference in this post, #11460745.  

Under review

Keepass - quote signs ignored when using autotype to windows devices

JoM yesterday at 8:47 a.m. • updated yesterday at 8:48 a.m. 0

Using Keepass (for pleasant password server) autotype function to passwords onto remote windows devices, we have noticed that any single or double quote marks contained in the passwords are not being passed through screenconnect to either the log on screen or to any application (notepad, internet explorer) running on the machine. 

Sending the same autotype password through windows remote desktop connection to the same machine works as expected, with no characters being dropped. It appears to affects all versions of Windows XP to Server 2016.

Example: a password of 1"2'3 when autotyped appears as 123

Not a bug

High Memory Usage on MacOS

zach 9 months ago • updated by ASimm 2 days ago 3

I'm noticing on Mac memory usage of the guest client frequently exceeds 2GB while idle (no host client connected). Is this intentional? I understand the guest client is Java-based, is it possible to tweak the memory pool size of the Java VM?

The version of the client I'm seeing in my ScreenConnect console is 6.6.18120.6697.

Under review

ScreenConnect Client install has incomplete information to connect.

brian.schmalz 12 months ago • updated by Kevin G 3 days ago 4

When connecting to a session I get a popup that there is an update.

When trying to install the update I get this.


Under review

I've updated some guests to 19.0.23234.7027 and when connecting screens are not set to 100% - typically 80% plus. Is this intended or a bug?

Ian Gavin - IONET Ltd 5 days ago 0

I've updated some guests to 19.0.23234.7027 and when connecting screens are not set to 100% - typically 80% plus. Is this intended or a bug?


Remote control shows a black screen, instead of the users screen

Erik van Putten 2 years ago • updated by Kelvin Perez 5 days ago 18

Hi since the new client 6.1 I have a system that shows a black screen when being taken over.

The system worked fine with client version 6.0

I've reinstalled version 6.0 no problem.

Reinstalling version 6.1 and the black screen is back.

The client can see my mouse moving when I move it (i can't)

The PC is an Intel Probook G1 laptop with an Intel graphics card and Nvidia as well.

OS Windows 10

Intel HD driver

Kind regards,


Under review

URL Launch from FireFox 66.0.3 Not Working

phils 5 days ago 0

When launching ConnectWise Automate Web or Control web consoles, "Control" button doesn't launch the installed application and instead attempts to force re-download of the app.