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Under review

Can't download Bridge Installer on v20.13.1861.7653

Simon (Annet) 1 month ago updated 4 days ago 4

On v20.13.1861.7653, the "Download Bridge Installer" link no longer works — clicking on it throws an error (see below).

I can't use the extension at all because of this. Please fix!

P.S. Just tried the new version 20.13.1892.7656 and the bug is still there.

Under review

Copied Files Event

matt 4 days ago 0

When connected to a guest, and you are copying files on your local computer, it creates a copied files event in the timeline of the connected guest, even though you are not copying files to the guest. So if I am copying files from my C drive to my external drive on my local computer, it shows a list of all of the files that are being copied and the timeline on the guest computer, even though nothing's being copied at all to the guest computer. Seems like a privacy issue to me, Sent it has nothing at all to do with the connected computer. The only workaround is to kill the session, and then copy files, and then reconnect to the machine but that seems like kind of a headache to have to do each time I'm copying files locally on my own computer.

Under review

windows 10 Start Menu small icons and unable to scroll in Settings windows

gregg 1 year ago updated by WesselK 5 days ago 10

I have several Windows 10 version 1903 machines that have issues when connected via Control.  The Start Menu shows small icons.  When I am in the Settings windows, I can't scroll down.  I tried to run the Intel Driver Assistant and just comes up with a blank window when launched.

If I disconnect using Control and then RDP into the device, all of the above work without issue.


Windows key stuck on host client

Dylan 2 years ago updated by Cameron S 1 week ago 30

Our users occasionally report that the Windows key is stuck on the host computer after using it in a remote control session. Windows will act like the key is still being held even outside a remote control session. Pressing the Windows key a few times solves the 'stuck' key.

Problem can occur after using the Windows key in a remote session to launch Explorer (Win + E) for example.

This problem started to occur after upgrading to 19.0.23665.7058

Host computers are running Windows 10 1809 October 2018 Update x64

Under review

Mouse click is not detected in Android WebView

eliamyro 3 years ago updated by f.giugliano 2 weeks ago 13


I have developed an Android application that uses a WebView for displaying a web page.

When I connect from a PC to the Android device running the application and try to interact with the web page the mouse clicks are not detected. The interesting thing is that the hover events are detected. Can I know if there is a possible solution regarding this problem?

Thank you

Under review

Cloud instances no longer hosted on AWS

Simon (Annet) 2 weeks ago updated 2 weeks ago 0

Until now, cloud instances have been hosted on AWS but today I received emails notification of IP address change to ones that I didn't recognise, so I decided to look them up.

As I suspected, the IP addresses didn't belong to AWS but rather to OVH, a cloud computing company based in France. 

After some testing, I found that when the Desired Location is set to anywhere in Europe or Asia-Pacific, the instances are hosted on OVH.

The US and Canada still use AWS — for now.

This affects me greatly, as my instances were located in AWS Tokyo region, but since OVH doesn't have a data centre in Japan, they have now been moved to Singapore.

Now, I don't expect many of our customers to react positively to data being stored outside of their country's jurisdiction.

Nor do I expect them to be happy about the increased latency of their connections (I did a traceroute — it has increased tenfold).

Remote working is frustrating for many as it is, but slower connections and response will surely make it even more frustrating.

I wish ConnectWise had at least notified their partners of this decision well before implementing it, especially those who have been affected by this decision (i.e. those in Europe and Asia-Pacific).

I would very much like to have the option to host the instances in AWS Tokyo region as before, when the Desired Location is set to Japan.

Under review

There was an error writing to the pipe: The pipe is being closed. (232, 0xe8).

DecoyFlyer 3 months ago updated by olivernash 2 weeks ago 2

Version 20.11.1385.7587 Self hosted.

I have been getting this and similar errors popping up randomly while doing anything, refresh a client, click on a group, click on a client, etc...

This has been an ongoing issue over several versions.

Under review

Invalid anti-forgery token

Michiel Hazelhof 2 weeks ago 0

Currently using 21.1, but this bug has been around for a while.

When the page idle timeout has been hit (e.g. switching to admin or comming back the next day) we have to clear all cookies before we can login.

/TryLogin responds with:

"{"errorType":"UnauthorizedAccessException","message":"Invalid anti-forgery token","detail":null}"

Under review

join session pop up doesn't cllose automatically after successful connection

Karama 3 months ago updated by jeffshead 2 weeks ago 12

So since upgrade to 20.11 every time i connect to a guest session the initial pop up window stays open even after a successful joining of the session.  This wasn't a problem before.  It's happening on all 3 computers that i use ConnectWise on.  I use FireFox although what browser i use should not be the issue since it wasn't a problem in 20.10.  So every time i have to close the pop up window before i can click on another computer to connect to.

Under review

iPad - Blue C (bottom left corner)

Express 2 weeks ago 0

The Blue C icon (bottom left corner of Control Panel). 

Nothing happens when your click on, ‘Support’, ‘Online Help’, and ‘Control Panel’.