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Control launches off screen

Dan Belam 2 years ago updated by Eric The Potter 1 week ago 18

I'm a laptop user, and often use a second monitor. Control launches onto the second monitor fine. When I unplug my second monitor, and just use laptop screen, some sessions launch beyond the display size of my laptop, ie where a second screen would be, and you cannot get to the window to move back onto the single laptop screen.


Hi Cee, thanks for contacting us. Kindly tell us what version are you on?

Meanwhile, you can fix the issue by deleting the user config c:\ProgramData\ScreenConnect Client (xxx)\user.config

Under review

SMTP Broken with Gmail

IsaacL 1 year ago updated by Sam Segura 2 weeks ago 3

When trying to send a test email with the Gmail settings, using port 587 with the "Use SSL" checkbox checked, I'm getting this error on a on premises self hosted instance of 20.6.28954.7473:

The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. f15sm4228249qka.120 - gsmtp

Any ideas?


Waiting for information

Block Gues Input not blocking

MJ Does IT 2 years ago updated by Robertt 2 weeks ago 6

I just started a remote session with a remote client. While logging in I realized his keyboard is stuck, somebody must have left something on keyboard. Easy peasy, I blocked Guest Input and got around that. But then while actually trying to work I noticed the remote keyboard is active again, even though I blocked it, and it was still blocked.


Hi Jason,

Thank you for raising this issue with us. We have tested this on our side and could not reproduce it . I will strongly suggest you to contact our Support team for further assistance.

Under review

Connection to Client lost when switching users/logging out

rln2287 5 months ago updated by mbecker 2 weeks ago 17

When connected to client, if I try to switch users on the client PC, I lose connection. This started 2 days ago. Frustrating when I start the connection, customer walks away, and I need to switch to the admin login to work and then can't get back in. I also can't give admin creds to the customer because no. Couldn't find any other notes like this. Any help is appreciated. For now, sent request to supervisors to enable auto-connect if client is inactive or Login screen is on.



Thanks for the report. We have tried to replicate this issue in house but could not succeed. Kindly contact our Support team for the further investigation.



Under review

ConnectWise not installing on Mac with Apple M1 chip

jstein 8 months ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 4 weeks ago 4
Waiting for information

ConnectWise Control: ScreenConnect.WindowsClient.exe Memory usage

Christian.Walch 2 months ago updated by Benjamin Wilson 1 month ago 6

The usage from the ScreenConnect.WindowsClient.exe is increasing as long as you are connected to a device.

And its memory usage is increasing very fast - this could cause device with a small amount of memory to crash its application.

Currently the only way to work this around is to reconnect to such machines.

It should be fixed within the Service to release it´s memory usage within a dedicated timeframe.

Either as setting or within the Service hardcoded.

Waiting for information

chrome browser connection requires new client download every time a session is started

Nella De Luca 8 months ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 2 months ago 2

Every time i want to start a connection to my host, my guest machine (macbook pro using chrome) downloads the file. every time. URL Launch does not work. Using version 21.1

Waiting for information

Keyboard (onscreen and Magic Keyboard) not working on iPadOS

Matt Ryan 3 months ago updated 2 months ago 2

We are using Connectwise Control on-prem version 21.7

When connecting from my iPad and using the Control app from the App Store, the keyboard does not pass through to the guest. I've tried using the physical Magic Keyboard and the onscreen iPad kayboard - both fail to work.

Interestingly, when I RDP onto a Windows Server from the iPad, then run Control from there, the same thing happens. The keyboard (both Magic Keyboard and onscreen) work within the RDP session and all other apps I tried, but will not work within the Connectwise Control guest session.

The iPad is running iPadOS 14.6.

I've tried on both the iPad Pro 12.9 (2021) and the iPad Air 4th gen - both have the same results.


outlook addin not working

Caroline Nolan 8 months ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 2 months ago 7
Waiting for information

Android app connection retry

Brad Zemke 2 months ago updated 2 months ago 5


We are attempting to push out the Android app to a fleet of tablets running Android 9 and other near versions. 

They're all running over a cellular network for data access.

The problem arises when the tablet is inactive for a period of time, at which time the guest will appear offline and you cannot connect remotely. to access the tablet again there needs to be manual intervention to open the app and wait up to 10 minutes for the app to attempt connecting to the server.

I have been speaking with support with ticket number #14906943 and they have requested I post this here.