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Windows key stuck on host client

Dylan 2 years ago updated by Key MSP 2 days ago 39

Our users occasionally report that the Windows key is stuck on the host computer after using it in a remote control session. Windows will act like the key is still being held even outside a remote control session. Pressing the Windows key a few times solves the 'stuck' key.

Problem can occur after using the Windows key in a remote session to launch Explorer (Win + E) for example.

This problem started to occur after upgrading to 19.0.23665.7058

Host computers are running Windows 10 1809 October 2018 Update x64


Hi Cameron,

We have tried replicating this issue on our end but couldn't do it. We have run through following scenarios:

  • Host is connected to active guest - Windows Key works on guest machine if the windows app on the host side is on focus.

  • Host is connected to active guest - Windows Key works on host machine if the windows app on the host side is NOT on focus OR minimized.

  • Host is connected to an inactive guest - Windows Key (kind of gets stuck) as guest has not joined the session yet. Waiting for the guest to join so that Windows Key will be enabled on the guest side.

  • Host is connected to an inactive guest - Windows Key (kind of gets stuck) as guest has not joined the session yet. Minimize OR lose the focus from the windows application to unlock Windows Key.
  • Please observe the behavior. If it reoccurs help us with a screen recording or a call to our support team to report.


    Under review

    Ease of use for non tech customers

    nick smith 3 days ago 0

    Customers who not very technical have difficulty following the on screen client installation instructions eg they try to click on the (1) and (2) buttons in the descriptive text.
    This is further compounded with the message about the download on the "bottom left" of the browser. It is top right for Firefox and top right for the more recent Edge versions! By detecting the browser version details this could be corrected. 

    Norton and Adobe Reader installers are very good at this, pointing customers to the correct place on the screen. 

    Can you do the same, or at least get the bottom left/top right instructions correct?

    Under review

    connectwise control connection refused Mac OS 11.3

    yordys 4 days ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 3 days ago 1
    Under review

    Cursor changes using screenconnect and Adobe Photoshop

    Larin 4 days ago 0

    Brief summary of issue : We are in the process of rolling out the new Screenconnect remote solution to our clients. During this testing our clients that use Adobe products such as Photoshop are getting a strange cursor in place of the selector tool. I have verified that this is happening on more than one user.

    Under review

    Sign in loop

    Andrew Cornuelle 5 days ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 4 days ago 2

    I'm unable to complete sign in.

    I put in my credentials, I put in the security code.

    It just refreshes the page and asks me to log in again.

    I cleared the cache and restarted Firefox


    Hi Andrew,

    We tried to reproduce this issue on our end using Firefox same version as you but could not succeed. Kindly, contact our Support team for further investigation on Firefox.

    Under review

    Mac Host app connecting to Windows Guest has very high CPU usage after 2-3 hours connection

    Howard 1 week ago updated 5 days ago 1

    Mac Host app connecting to Windows Guest has very high CPU usage after 2-3 hours connection and gets frozen. I had to force quit the app.

    This has happened since Dec. last year for every version I used. Now with version 21.7 I stil have the problem. Windows host app doesn't have this problem.

    Under review

    windows 10 Start Menu small icons and unable to scroll in Settings windows

    gregg 2 years ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 5 days ago 17

    I have several Windows 10 version 1903 machines that have issues when connected via Control.  The Start Menu shows small icons.  When I am in the Settings windows, I can't scroll down.  I tried to run the Intel Driver Assistant and just comes up with a blank window when launched.

    If I disconnect using Control and then RDP into the device, all of the above work without issue.

    Under review

    Customers have difficulty installing/running ConnectWise Control client.

    GBTech 2 weeks ago updated 2 weeks ago 2

    When I'm working with a customer, we've had some difficulty getting them setup to use the client. For example:

    • Some are getting tired of having to go through the same process every time to start a session, which involves downloading the client and running it. It would be helpful if they only needed to download the client once.
    • Windows 10 restricts running downloaded programs by default, so changing this option is even more hassle and annoyance just to start a session.
    • Some editions of Windows 10 (Home S for example) completely disallow executing downloaded files, and require you to find it in the Store. ConnectWise does not have an end-point client available; only the technician's client.

    TeamViewer makes this less painful by only having to download the client once, then for future sessions, a customer only needs to launch the client and read a randomly generated password to me.


      Hi GBTech,

      We apologies for the issues you are experiencing. We do have a provision for the one time installation. For that you can always install access agents into the guest machines and then you can have unattended access with them whenever you want.

      Please refer below link to know how to do that:


      Blank Guest Monitor (Guest with multi-monitor setup) - Blanks Host monitor as well

      ManuelGonzalez.IT 1 year ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 2 weeks ago 7

      Like the title says. Blanking the guest monitor, blanks my monitor as well.

      In this case for example its the guest is running W10 with a GeForce GT 740 and 3 monitors.

      Anyone else having issues with multi-monitor setups?

      Under review

      Connection keeps dropping on v21.6

      Simon 3 weeks ago updated by Karama 2 weeks ago 3

      While remoting in to access devices, the guest connection keeps dropping — for a second or two — then reconnecting. 

      I've noticed this on previous versions but it's gotten worse on v21.6.

      The host connection seems to be stable, so it's the communication between the agent and the cloud instance/server that's unstable.

      See the image below.