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Under review

I see more than just my computers in the access area.

cory.waltzer 5 months ago • updated by Mark Van 23 hours ago 2

Ver. 6.4.157

I see more than just my computers that I have added to control. This is not the first time this has happened. In the past I have just Ended them, there were about 10 PCs in my list that were not mine.

Under review

iOS 12 not able to login to CW.

Al Perez 2 days ago 0

My iPhone updated to ios12 and now I am not able to login.

Waiting for information

Acquire wake lock does not work on Macs

Shri Chaudhary 2 years ago • updated by tim beasley 2 days ago 2

Have been trying this on a couple of Mac guest computers. We set up Access clients on those. However, they tend to go to sleep and then we cannot access them. THe Acquire Wake Lock does not seem to work. is there a better way or can that work for Macs more reliably?


Disabling the HostSessionWithoutConsent security role prevents hosts from connecting to guests

Justin Samsel 2 weeks ago • updated by Eric Davis (SDT) 5 days ago 5

After upgrading to Windows ConnectWise Control 6.7.19388.6796 I noticed I was no longer able to connect to guests. I spoke with support and we pinpointed a bug that when HostSessionWithoutConsent is disabled no connection to a guest is possible. The connection to a guest attempts to happen but immediately fails.

Waiting for information

OSX Blank Dialog Boxes and missing top menu

kevin 5 months ago • updated by Andy H 1 week ago 14

When controlling a Mac with no keyboard, mouse or monitor attached, the system dialogue boxes on the Mac are blank.  The top menu is also missing.

In the attached example, the grey box should show that I am wanting to update the ipads to the latest iOS.

Under review

Blank Screen shown when connecting to Win7 PC. Client version 6.7.19388.6796

erikhelg 1 week ago 0

Standard Intel Video on client PC.  Tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times.

Trying to test this solution to connect to all the client systems at this site but they are all running the same versions of Win7.  Does us no good if it's just a blank screen.  


OSX black screen - Unable to view or control

MColford 1 year ago • updated by Roberto Chandler 1 week ago 26

Seen this on an isolated machine before but since upgrading to the latest version almost every mac client we have unattended access to is doing this now. In the unattended list, the machine will display "root" as the user and there will be no thumbnail of the screen. If you try to connect it will pop up normally but just sit at a black screen. There will be a few messages sent/received but will not move past a few.

Scott Linak 2 months ago

A separate issue was found in 6.5 and 6.6 with very similar results where upon connection to some Mac Guests the screen is black and you are unable to wake up the machine.  This has been fixed in 6.7.

A potential workaround for this scenarios is to disconnect from the remote machine and execute the following command  (via the Commands tab on the Host page):

/usr/bin/caffeinate -u -t 1

And then reconnect to it.

Under review

Suspend Control At Startup on android

JasGot 2 weeks ago 0

When SuspendControlAtStartup is used for Access Clients, there is no way to "Un" suspend the control in the Android Client.


Session freezes when scrolling and cursor moves out of client window

Davison 2 months ago • updated by Eric Davis (SDT) 2 weeks ago 1

If a scrolling action is occurring (via holding down left mouse button) and the mouse cursor moves outside of the host client window, the session locks up.  It becomes unresponsive (as though the entire client window has lost focus) until the window receives a mouse click to bring back "focus", at which point normal interaction can then resume.  This can be quite annoying especially since the scroll bar in a full screen window will always be right at the very edge of the client window making it difficult to not move the cursor out of the client window.

In addition, when the cursor leaves the client window while scrolling a "generic" icon appears in the task bar coinciding with the unresponsiveness, and this icon disappears when the window receives a mouse click that restores normal behavior.

This occurs in v6.6.18120.6697 (as well as all previous versions going back at least several years).  I'm happy to provide any additional information requested.

Under review

Support Session Tools Not Anchoring (Un-Pinned) Properly

FAB-ITRescue 1 month ago • updated by Eric Davis (SDT) 2 weeks ago 3

Sorry for the Poor Title, but it's difficult to summarise.

I have Un-Pinned several Toolbar Items (moving them to side of the screen).  Since updating to the latest version 6.7.19388.6796, the anchored tools expand so much they disappear off the bottom of the screen, when a session is Hosted.

If you pin a tool back to the Toolbar, the remaining un-pinned tools display properly & remain so when the first tool is un-pinned again.

Further, when posting this & selecting CWC Version from the Drop-down menu; the latest version listed is 6.4.15361.  When I select "My version is not Listed" - 2018.2 is display - whatever that is!!!