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Under review

6.9.20755.6879 - Guests Disappear until restarting services

ben 2 days ago 0

Since updating to 6.9.20755.6879, we noticed that some guests disappear until restarting the ScreenConnect Web Server and ScreenConnect Relay services.


Client 6.8 - some unattended clients refusing to restart or shutdown

remote 3 weeks ago • updated by Eric Davis (SDT) 2 days ago 5

Tends to affect XP clients, but have had W10s.

The W10s tend to settle after a reinstall of the client. The XPSP3 boxes need to be uninstalled and an earlier client installed.

Ending the process in task manager allows shut down or restart, but we cant end the process and initiate a shut down remotely.

Under review

Programs and Features shows up then doesn't show up

ShawnG 3 days ago • updated 2 days ago 2

After installing the automate agent, screenconnect shows up in the Programs and Features. If a user goes and uninstalls it, we (the MSP) can right click the machine in Automate and click "Redeploy". That will fix it but it doesn't show up in Programs and Features anymore. We want the option to disable this from showing up in the control panel programs and features.


Commands do not execute on Windows XP guests

Kevin G 7 months ago • updated by Eric Davis (SDT) 4 days ago 3

This started happening a few versions ago and is still happening on the current version (6.6.17808.6681). Trying to run a command on guests running Windows XP results in a blank response and the command does not run. 


Complicated process required to control macOS 10.14 (Mojave) clients

sgtpoliteness 2 months ago • updated by ASimm 5 days ago 22

Setting up Connectwise Control on macOS 10.14 (Mojave) clients is difficult and requires many extra steps as compared with previous macOS versions.

To set up Connectwise  Control on a brand new install of macOS 10.14, these steps are required:

  1. Install .pkg as normal (this allow remote viewing but no control)
  2. Reboot macOS computer
  3. After reboot, attempt remote control, this will prompt a popup asking if the macOS computer wants to allow
  4. Click "Open System Preferences"
  5. Click lock (bottom left), enter computer password
  6. Check box next to "screnconnect-xxxxxxxxx"
  7. Reboot
  8. Remote control again works

In cases where remote control was working on a macOS 10.14 computer where Connectwise upgraded from 6.6 to 6.7, connectwise software must first be removed using these steps:

  1. From Access website, select session > End > Uninstall and end
  2. On macOS computer, open system preferences > accessibility
  3. Click lock (bottom left), enter computer password
  4. select "screenconnect-xxxxxxxxx", click - to remove
  5. Reboot
  6. Install using steps above

I believe this complexity is due in part to some sort of increased system security in the new macOS.  Still, it seems much of this could be streamlined.

Not a bug

ScreenConnect.ClientSetup still accessible after logout

damien 2 weeks ago • updated by Eric Davis (SDT) 6 days ago 1

Hi, we use Connectwise for a while now but never took time to check security issues. Sometimes we connect to hosts on a random computer. When i logout from the page, i notice that if i launch the ScreenConnect.ClientSetup.exe previously downloaded, i can still have access to the remote computer. It's quite dangerous. Can we auto delete the setup?


Eric Davis (SDT) 6 days ago

This is the expected behavior, and not a bug.

Regarding your concerns, Control has a number of settings that might address them. These can be found in the web.config file: Access Token Expire Seconds, Input Idle Disconnect Time Seconds, and Session Expire Seconds. As the names suggest, these are timeouts that will let you control the lifetime of sessions.

You can edit these in the configuration file, but I recommend using the Advanced Configuration Editor instead: https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/Supported_extensions/Administration/Advanced_Configuration_Editor

Additionally, if you wish to disable access to a session, you can always end the session from the Host page.

If these don't suit your needs, you can upvote a similar feature request here: https://control.product.connectwise.com/communities/1/topics/70-automatic-uninstall-of-client

Under review

Shift key to break auto logon in Windows not working

Brian Techman 1 month ago • updated by Eric Davis (SDT) 6 days ago 1

We use an auto logon applied by Group Policy to Windows 7 and Windows 10 computers that we use for retail point of sale workstations. If we need to get out of the auto logon for administrative or support purposes, we can hold the shift key while logging out, which will break the auto login and allow us to log in with other credentials. This works while physically at a workstation but does not seem to work while connected remotely through ConnectWise. 

Not a bug

forgot password Link Not Sending Email

mhighsmith 1 week ago • updated by Eric Davis (SDT) 6 days ago 3

the new "Forgot Password" link does not seem to be working. The test email works in Adminstrator though.

Build: 6.9.20755.6879

Not a bug

Incorrect API call in Windows Active Directory options

Jacob Sommerville 2 weeks ago • updated by Eric Davis (SDT) 6 days ago 2

Admin -> Security -> Windows Active Directory -> Options -> Configure

Doing a lookup from here, for testing purposes, will always fail due to a bug in the POST request. This is a POST request to 

/Services/SecurityService.ashx/LookupUser which includes the following JSON


It returns internal 500 error, "Sequence contains no matching element"

If you remove the \t from elements from the array in 3rd element the request succeeds. See below:


Eric Davis (SDT) 6 days ago

The cause of this issue is due to a change in Chrome 70 (see: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=897373)

As of this writing, it looks like the change was reverted and should be in the next release.

(If you see this error in another browser, let me know.)


Red dot chat message indicator is hidden if host page not wide enough

Sam Segura 1 year ago • updated by Jake Morgan 1 week ago 14

The red dot is positioned after the description of the machine.  It is only visible if the Host page is maximized or stretched out to the right enough.

On a 1920x1080 monitor,

If anything less, it looks like this.  It gets covered up by the other elements in the page, elements that provide no information.


It would be more helpful (useful) if the positioning of the red dot were at the beginning of the description.