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Under review

Wallpaper/Background not properly restored

MartinT 6 hours ago • updated 6 hours ago 0

Although there are multiple topics on similar items (1, 2, 3, 4,), none of these cover this new bug our users caught.

Guest (and host) OS is Windows 10.

Guest has a multi-monitor setup. Tested from 2 to 5 monitors attached. Using the native windows different wallpaper on each screen option, when connecting wallpaper is blanked. When disconnecting, only 1 screen returns wallpaper. If the same wallpaper is used on each screen, then issue does not occur on the same client.

Not a bug

Internet Explorer in Version - 6.9.21870.6964

PeterC 2 days ago • updated by Eric Davis (SDT) 2 days ago 1

I am unable to use screen connect as a host in internet explorer. I am using version 6.9.21870.6964.

This is happening on all clients. 

Can you help? It just looks like this. 


6.9.20755.6879 - Guests Disappear until restarting services

ben 3 months ago • updated by Rylos 2 days ago 57

Since updating to 6.9.20755.6879, we noticed that some guests disappear until restarting the ScreenConnect Web Server and ScreenConnect Relay services.

Under review

Remote printers do not remove themselves after session disconnect.

Ponce Sailing Center 2 weeks ago • updated by stormy 3 days ago 8

I noticed that remote printers get created for all my printers, but when I disconnect the session only the remote printers belonging to physical printers get automatically removed and the ones belonging to virtual printers (Microsoft XPS Document Writer, Microsoft Print to PDF, Send to OneNote 2016, etc...) remain.  Eventually I end up with dozens of remote virtual printers which I have to manually remove.

Under review

Issue with graphics in XP

KirkHenry 4 days ago 0

Please see CW ticket number 11530068  and also reference Microsoft KB4487085. Causing control to just show a black screen on connection.

Waiting for information

Shortcuts like Alt+j or Alt+s not working

Kevin Schlemmer 4 weeks ago • updated by Eric Davis (SDT) 6 days ago 3

I'm using the Linux client on Ubuntu 18.04. I connect to an Windows OS oder another Linux OS. The shortcuts not working

Under review

OSX Blank Dialog Boxes and missing top menu

kevin 10 months ago • updated by Eric Davis (SDT) 6 days ago 18

When controlling a Mac with no keyboard, mouse or monitor attached, the system dialogue boxes on the Mac are blank.  The top menu is also missing.

In the attached example, the grey box should show that I am wanting to update the ipads to the latest iOS.

Known issue

Can't click on backstage when client dual displays are positioned vertically

JasGot 2 weeks ago • updated by Eric Davis (SDT) 1 week ago 5

If the client has dual displays, and they are positioned vertically, the "backstage" hyperlink is below the bottom of the "view" window and you cannot see it to click on it.


Codesigned by version of macOS too old to work anymore.

Eric Layman 1 month ago • updated by Eric Davis (SDT) 2 weeks ago 2

The app was signed by a version of macOS so old that it doesn’t validate on newer versions of macOS.

Under review

HP printer on host does not use correct driver on client side

FuturesTech-Eric 3 weeks ago • updated by Eric Davis (SDT) 2 weeks ago 1

Hey, I have a bug I haven't been able to figure out how to solve. The Host machine (Windows 7 Pro) has a HP Laserjet M502 printer. When I connect to a remote machine (Windows 10), the connections to the Host printers are added in as normal, but the HP on the client side uses Microsoft XPS print driver. Since this doesnt print out pages correctly sized, I installed the correct driver on the client machine and then changed which driver it uses.
Only it doesnt print anything once sent from the client to host machine and no error is generated.
Only the Microsoft XPS print driver works, which I don't want to use. And Connectwise attaches this driver to the printer connection every time I connect to it.