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Bad Request (Invalid host) after upgrading to CWC v19.5

gil.pdo 2 months ago updated by robert1212 1 day ago 42

I've been upgrading from older versions to the most recent stable version for the past 4 years without any problems but the upgrade from version 19.4 to 19.5 broke my server access. When I try to access my site I get this error: 

Bad Request (Invalid host)

I'm running Ubuntu Server 16.04.6 LTS

I took a snapshot before the upgrade and I was able to back to version 19.4 without any problems.

I would love to upgrade to version 19.5 but I don't why it's not working like before anymore.

Under review

Portal not responding

Phil K 1 day ago updated 1 day ago 1

Mac Remote Support Client requires High Perf GPU

kkelley 3 years ago updated by Andreas Nebel 2 days ago 38

The Mac version of the remote support client requires High Perf GPU, forcing macbooks to utilize the discrete graphics card. This is causing a reduced battery life on several of our machines, and customer machines.

Under review

Control - Image Deployment Update for Windows 10 VMs

Chris Conlon 4 days ago 0

I follow this instruction as I have always for RDS or TS image deployment using Citrix MCS:


With Windows 10 deployment, I remove the same information from the registry but it doesn't seem to work, not for the master servers at least. I am finding I have to reinstall or just access via RDS. The new machines, when they deploy, appear to have the Control app working and no duplicates happen on next wipe and reload.


window opens on non-existent monitor

Timbo 1 month ago updated by Sherryl Masterman 4 days ago 10

Service Ticket#12752569

is the client is setting the custom location on the first launch, and not actually updating it on subsequent launches even if it's changed

Under review

Server 2019 VM not refreshing display unless the console is live

TheScottyQ 6 months ago updated by Adam M 5 days ago 4

We have a 2019 Clustered HyperV environment where the guests do not show a live display unless the console is live from the HOST 

Keys and Mouse seem to be being passed through because if we send a CTRL+ALT+DEL to the guest and refresh the screenshot you can see it has been passed through to the guest, the display on the session just does not refresh for the host 

Screenconnect Version - 19.2.24707.7131 (not listed below) 

Under review

Some users are not ever receiving their otp email

Neville Cook 6 days ago 0

We are running ConnectWise Control v19.5.26030.7282 on the cloud platform.

We have had several instances of people not receiving their OTP email (even after waiting for several hours).

This has been a significant cause of frustration.

What make it worse is the absence of any option to re-send the OTP email.

I'm not sure what other information you need to help to diagnose what is going wrong.

Under review

Session Window opens tiny on 4K Monitor

Karama 2 weeks ago updated 6 days ago 3

Since upgrade to 19.5 when i open a client session the session Window is tiny and i have to resize it larger to make it usable.  When i close the session and re-open it opens tiny again, it does this no matter what computer i click on and start a session.  Nothing has changed on my computer.  Wasn't doing this before upgrade to 19.5

Under review

AMD CPU - no monitors connected - Version 6.9 - blank screen

Sam Segura 1 year ago updated by Aaron 1 week ago 18

Specs of machine:

Ryzen 5 1600 does not have integrated graphics.  Graphics card: Nvidia NVS 310 (dual display port), only one monitor is being used.

If no monitor is connected to machine, upon starting a session you get a blank screen.  If during a session and you disconnect the monitor, your screen freezes (no changes, mouse moves do not affect image).

The guest stays connected to server

On host page, In Start tab -> Update Guest info, does not change image

On host page, Running a Tool does work (rebooted machine) - Start tab updates, but session image gets to "restarting" and stays there.

Able to RDP into the machine w/o issue.

Plugging a monitor back in, immediately updates the session image and returns to normal functionality.

Unplugging the monitor re-freezes session screen image.  It would appear mouse clicks do get sent to the session - in Host page, Start tab, Update Guest Info updates screen as you click, even though the session screen image is frozen.

This is a similar problem as with other AMD CPUs in the past, with integrated graphics, where if no monitors are connected, while in a session, you cannot change the resolution.  It would appear related to AMD CPUs

Not sure if Guest Client software is affected.