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Under review

Cannot type in fields after closing a session

kc.fry 4 days ago 0

After connecting to a host session and returning to the connectwise control access page I cannot type in the search field.  I also cannot type any fields when creating a support session.  The only way to fix it is to close the tab in Chrome and re-open control. 


No mouse on Android

Zanthexter 2 years ago • updated by Kirsten Martinez (Business Analyst) 4 days ago 32

Just upgraded to a Pixel XL.

No mouse. App is basically unusable from my phone.

I'll lug a tablet around for now, but I hope this is fixed soon.


Good morning and thank you for reporting this issue with the Android app on the Pixel XL. We've had other reports of this behavior, and have implemented a fix that should be included in the next release of the Android app. While I'm unable to offer an ETA for the Android update, please refer to the ScreenConnect Output Stream for the latest development news, including bug fixes and product enhancements.




Galaxy note 8 - No mouse

Korey 7 months ago • updated by Kirsten Martinez (Business Analyst) 4 days ago 25

Currently using latest version of Connectwise Control downloaded from the Google Play Store as of Nov 17, 2017 - Version 6.2.13966.6416

I recently upgraded from a Galaxy Note 4 to a Galaxy Note 8. I was using the deprecated Screenconnect for Samsung app on my Note 4 until I upgraded my phone, and I never had an issue with the mouse printer. After upgrading to the Note 8, I tried the Screenconnect for Samsung app first, and that didn't have the mouse pointer. So I tried the Connectwise Control app, but same problem - No visible mouse pointer.

If I long-press a part of the screen and select the options like Double-click here, that will work. But trying to manage a PC like this is a nightmare. 

Not a bug

macOS Connect does not work

SteveS 11 months ago • updated by Tim Sypowicz 4 days ago 7

CW Control does not work at all in the recent versions of macOS High Sierra. There is no menu bar, and you cannot quite the program gracefully.  The only option is to force-quit the app.  This has persisted through the last two public betas. 

Ben Burner 10 months ago

The behavior described in this thread is not unique to ConnectWise Control; there have been multiple other reports that this behavior intermittently affects Java applications on macOS High Sierra beta builds, and, as such, is an unresolved bug with how the operating system interacts with Java.

Under review

Old ScreenConnect install took me to a site asking for an admin username and password

James 0 5 days ago 0

I'm using the free version of Control, I accidentally tried to install an older version of the screenconnect client and it took me to an unsecure website asking for admin access to my computer. This is the version that was compromised?????


I closed the site and installed the proper client from your website and all seems to be ok.

Just thought you might want to know

Under review

TLS 1.3 seems to breaks screenconnect when using ssl on mono

stylnchris 3 months ago • updated by Michael Y 2 weeks ago 23

TLS 1.3 seems to breaks screenconnect  when using ssl on mono.

Disabling it in chrome/firefox seems to be a quick fix, however at some point im guessing it would be better for mono to support TLS 1.3. 

Version 6.5.16479.6613


Trust this device not working on Android app

frufru 4 weeks ago • updated 2 weeks ago 4

Server version: 6.6.17808.6681

Android App version:

2FA is enabled, Trust this device works on PC and iOS /iPad/ but not on Android /Galaxy S8/, the server asks by every login for the one-time password

Scott Linak 2 weeks ago

Ah, thanks for that extra bit of info.

I am glad to report that I was able to replicate the behavior and I have registered it as a defect.


Cannot Re Organise Toolbox from GUI

Mike Hosker 2 weeks ago • updated by Scott Linak 2 weeks ago 1

When using the web GUI I cannot drag and drop programs into different sub folders in the toolbox. The workaround is to use the manage toolbox feature when in a control session.

I am running version 6.6.18120.6697.

Scott Linak 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the report!

I have replicated the behavior and registered it as a defect.  I cannot provide an ETA on when a fix will be found but we are aware of the issue and working on a resolution.

Under review

Syslog extension doesn't include guest or host info

Cindy 2 weeks ago 0

The extension to send syslog messages doesn't include either host or guest identifiers - e.g. on session connect, syslog shows "A session was connected to" and on disconnect,  "A session was disconnected from" with no further info.  This is documented as a bug in the forum, but apparently no fix is available. Version 6.6.18120.6697


please addition fonction to disable transition animation version on 6 is to slow 900 guest

aodinfo 3 months ago • updated by Kirsten Martinez (Business Analyst) 2 weeks ago 20

please addition fonction to disable transition animation version on 6 is to slow 900 guest and is no good for group of people excuse me my language is french , for me on click on all  access and slow animation if possible to add fonction on config to disable the transition animation of  you software