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Waiting for information

Google verification

charityharper2017 15 hours ago • updated 15 hours ago 2
Waiting for information

Guest Session Starter Extensions - Broken

FAB-ITRescue 2 weeks ago • updated 20 hours ago 8

The following Extensions have been broken and disabled by 6.5.16358.6610

Guest Full Installer Builder in Action Panel

Guest Session Starter Exe

It is now impossible to install a Remote Access Session from the Web interface.

Please reinstate & assist the authors of the extensions to return functionality.


Status screen - elements do not function if TLS1.0 is disabled on host for PCI compliance

CSW Group 7 months ago • updated by USA Technology Center 3 days ago 13

On premises installation, using 6.3. The Status screen version, external checks etc do not work and give a red error if TLS1.0 is disabled on the host server.

Ben Burner 6 months ago

Good morning all,

I wanted to let the thread know that a fix for this behavior should be available in version 6.5 of ConnectWise Control, pending QA. Thank you again to everyone who provided information regarding this behavior.




Blank Screen on connect

Tim 1 year ago • updated by NoobianGod 4 days ago 10

When connecting to some Windows 7 PCs, after logging on I see a black screen instead of a desktop. I can fix this by temporarily setting it to blank the guest monitor, then switching back to unblank guest monitor. However, at this point Windows Aero is back on and performance is poor.


OSX black screen - Unable to view or control

MColford 10 months ago • updated by Ben Burner 4 days ago 12

Seen this on an isolated machine before but since upgrading to the latest version almost every mac client we have unattended access to is doing this now. In the unattended list, the machine will display "root" as the user and there will be no thumbnail of the screen. If you try to connect it will pop up normally but just sit at a black screen. There will be a few messages sent/received but will not move past a few.

Ben Burner 1 week ago

We've made a number of changes to the OS X client in the past few releases, and have not replicated the behavior in any of our Mac test environments using the latest 6.5 release of ConnectWise Control.

As such, I am marking this thread as fixed. Please update this post if you continue to experience black screen issues with the Mac client after having upgraded your server/clients to the latest 6.5 release.


Android Client Blank

Craig Kibodeaux 3 months ago • updated 5 days ago 12

I open the ConnectWise Control app (both standard version and beta program) on an Android Pixel and place the server URL into the box. I've tried connecting as host and as guest but each time I get taken to a blank screen. There was a recent update to the app and we have also recently switched to using https on the server. Not sure when the problem began.

Server URL: https://remote.gen-techsupport.com

Server Version: 6.4.15361.6527

Android Client Version: 6.4.15453.6534


After doing a reinstall on Mac clients to v6.3, the screen is black on trying to reconnect

joshthree 8 months ago • updated by kginger 6 days ago 17

This happens if I do a reinstall from the backroom or if I re-run the package installer on the client.  After the client is updated to 6.3 the screen is black when I try to reconnect.  If I restart the computer, everything comes up just fine.  I've been going to menu: Miscellaneous...Reboot and Reconnect...To Normal Mode.  I've updated 20 clients so far and it has happened to every Mac client so far (about 15 of them).  The PC clients work fine. The version I'm updating from btw is 6.1.  I have a lot more to update, but thought I would hold off until I heard back.  

Ben Burner 1 week ago

Client upgrades from 6.4 -> 6.5 should not encounter this issue.


Text instead of banner makes extras/login button display wrong

William Hilsum 10 months ago • updated by Ben Burner 1 week ago 2

As per title, if you have text instead of a banner, and turn the banner off, rather than the extras dropdown and login link being floated right, they display straight after the text.

Ben Burner 1 week ago

Fixed as of 6.3.


Edit access groups Not working in 6.2.12684.6281

mhighsmith 11 months ago • updated by Ben Burner 1 week ago 15

cannot edit existing access groups in 6.2.12684.6281

Waiting for information

Duo 2FA with Firefox always fails

pfp 10 months ago • updated by Ben Burner 1 week ago 4

User attempting to log on with Duo 2FA on Firefox. Control never accepts the 2FA auth even when it has been done correctly. Message states that the password was incorrect and another push message is sent.

Switched the user to Chrome and it works fine.