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Under review

Cursor Doesn't Change

Jenny 1 day ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 22 hours ago 1

When using programs such as Excel or Revit, the cursor won't change to a different view when it should. Examples include resizing Excel cells, copying cell information using the corner of the cell, and moving objects within Revit. We've seen this happen for several users, we are currently on version 21.3.2160.7699 using Windows 10 20H2.

Under review

Missing Security tab. After unauthorized user detected, password was reset, no verification code sent.

CW Admin 3 days ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 1 day ago 1

The Security Page does not display on the web portal on the Admin Tab.

Using the free version: 21.3.2160.7699

After an unauthorized login, there was an email that referred to this page : (received before I woke up today)


The start button brings us here :


And references this page :


The Security tab does not appear, but I also am the only user that should be using the account.

The ConnectWise password was changed yesterday, and I forced a 0 days "Trust this device" Duration after I had found unauthorized users in the audit logs. 

Two-factor authentication was active, but previously with 30 days to "Trust this device".

There was also no ConnectWise Control Login Verification codes sent to my email during the unauthorized login. The audit logs display logins to one of the computers in the access list. The password and trust the device settings were changed prior to this login.

I want to ensure that unauthorized users are not able to connect to the saved computers, and the above mentioned points have all been done (as suggested), but a user was able to get in without a Verification Code and with a modified password.


CW Admin.

Under review

Custom session group not working with notes

info 10 months ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 1 day ago 2

When adding a new note to a machine the filter in custom session groups doesn't detect it. It does work with the old existing one. But not when adding a new note.

Under review

IP Allow List Not working

Aaron K 6 days ago updated 1 day ago 2

I am having an issue and was suggested to make a post here for ticket #14446958. We are on version 21.3.2160.7699 which is not an option in the drop down.

My office is almost entirely work from home since C19. We have a full-tunnel VPN set up that we use to connect to our main office. This gains us the public IP of the office, which is on the IP allow list in Screenconnect. We can use Screenconnect fine while connected to this VPN.

Our SC server is self-hosted, in a cloud environment, with a virtual version of the same firewall at our physical office. There is a site-to-site VPN between the physical office firewall and this cloud firewall. I have set up a full-tunnel VPN to that firewall, and added the public IP and internal IP scheme for that to the IP allow list (Idea being, if the office has an ISP or power outage, we have a backup to be able to work). However, SC does not work when on the second VPN, despite the IPs  being on the list correctly (confirmed by SC staff in ticket provided) and this setup actually bypassing one of the firewalls involved.

If anyone else has experienced similar, and found a resolution, that would be appreciated as well!  


Hi Aaron K,

We're sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing. Please reach out to our Support team for further investigation.

Under review

There was an error writing to the pipe: The pipe is being closed. (232, 0xe8).

DecoyFlyer 4 months ago updated by StevenC 2 days ago 11

Version 20.11.1385.7587 Self hosted.

I have been getting this and similar errors popping up randomly while doing anything, refresh a client, click on a group, click on a client, etc...

This has been an ongoing issue over several versions.

Under review

join session pop up doesn't cllose automatically after successful connection

Karama 5 months ago updated by CFB Computers 3 days ago 15

So since upgrade to 20.11 every time i connect to a guest session the initial pop up window stays open even after a successful joining of the session.  This wasn't a problem before.  It's happening on all 3 computers that i use ConnectWise on.  I use FireFox although what browser i use should not be the issue since it wasn't a problem in 20.10.  So every time i have to close the pop up window before i can click on another computer to connect to.


Windows key stuck on host client

Dylan 2 years ago updated by Zach Thomerson 5 days ago 36

Our users occasionally report that the Windows key is stuck on the host computer after using it in a remote control session. Windows will act like the key is still being held even outside a remote control session. Pressing the Windows key a few times solves the 'stuck' key.

Problem can occur after using the Windows key in a remote session to launch Explorer (Win + E) for example.

This problem started to occur after upgrading to 19.0.23665.7058

Host computers are running Windows 10 1809 October 2018 Update x64


Hi Cameron,

We have tried replicating this issue on our end but couldn't do it. We have run through following scenarios:

  • Host is connected to active guest - Windows Key works on guest machine if the windows app on the host side is on focus.

  • Host is connected to active guest - Windows Key works on host machine if the windows app on the host side is NOT on focus OR minimized.

  • Host is connected to an inactive guest - Windows Key (kind of gets stuck) as guest has not joined the session yet. Waiting for the guest to join so that Windows Key will be enabled on the guest side.

  • Host is connected to an inactive guest - Windows Key (kind of gets stuck) as guest has not joined the session yet. Minimize OR lose the focus from the windows application to unlock Windows Key.
  • Please observe the behavior. If it reoccurs help us with a screen recording or a call to our support team to report.


    Under review

    Triggers set to execute once are not removed after firing once.

    Erik van Putten 6 days ago 0

    On the host page you can set a Trigger to execute once when you create it.

    Since 20.13 it not removed after it has executed once.

    Under review

    Control launches off screen

    Dan Belam 1 year ago updated by Chris A 6 days ago 14

    I'm a laptop user, and often use a second monitor. Control launches onto the second monitor fine. When I unplug my second monitor, and just use laptop screen, some sessions launch beyond the display size of my laptop, ie where a second screen would be, and you cannot get to the window to move back onto the single laptop screen.


    Hi Cee, thanks for contacting us. Kindly tell us what version are you on?

    Meanwhile, you can fix the issue by deleting the user config c:\ProgramData\ScreenConnect Client (xxx)\user.config

    Under review

    windows 10 Start Menu small icons and unable to scroll in Settings windows

    gregg 2 years ago updated by pcat232 6 days ago 13

    I have several Windows 10 version 1903 machines that have issues when connected via Control.  The Start Menu shows small icons.  When I am in the Settings windows, I can't scroll down.  I tried to run the Intel Driver Assistant and just comes up with a blank window when launched.

    If I disconnect using Control and then RDP into the device, all of the above work without issue.