ConnectWise Control 23.3

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23.3.2 (2023-03-13)


Build: 23.3.2

Issue Type Components Summary
Story Performance, Server, Session Event Triggers, Session Groups, Session Manager Service

Reimplement expression engine from scratch

Task .NET Client, Guest Client, Relay Service

Lay groundwork for changing guest resolution from host client

Task Administration Page, Guest Page, Host Page, Performance, UIUX

Rework web pages to be able to load while server is still initializing

Task CAM, Licensing

Apply CAM license capabilities consistently across different license types

Bug Performance, Web Server Service

Handler instances are not being singleton-ed even though using SingletonHandlerFactory

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client, Performance

Blanking certain multi-monitor guests can blank displays for the host as well

Bug Host Page, UIUX

Enable tooltip for session group name at top of SessionListPanel header