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App.config files based on session Groups vs Global

US Monitoring, Inc. 2 weeks ago 0

We have 2 ConnectWise Control on-premises licenses used for our medical data portal where our users have various needs based on their "group" for screen sharing, remoting in, other controls that some need and others have no business having certain control access.  Our solution initially was to buy more licenses since App.config files are "global" but that is not practical.

Other companies like Splashtops allow the streamers deployment to be based on "groups".  This makes so much sense and I would think that the ConnectWise "client" could also have a grouping based on the app.config file.  In our case, it would not be practical nor feasible to buy a license for each individual company that wants to make a few changes to how they see and use the ConnectWise Control.

Please consider adding this ability.

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