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I glimmer of hope from ConnectWise support, followed up by 4+ months of silence...not acceptable.

Hi Rishikesh,

Thank you for jumping on and shining a bit of hope on us hopeless strugglers.

I get this issue everyday single day and it has been doing on for no less than 2 years.  I use multiple desktops in windows 10, so holding ctrl+windowskey+arrow keys left and right to quickly goggle from left to right desktop.

If I have a connectwise control window open and use that key combination its fine, but as soon as I switch back to the desktop that has the connectwise control window open, the windows key sticks.  So when I try to type in anything, I just get all kinds craziness.  Whiteboards, cortana, onenote, windows settings, emojis, just all kinds of crap at the same time.  Now, if when I go back to the desktop that has the connectwise control window open and hit JUST the windows key, it will not do all that craziness, but if I don't, all hell breaks loose.

I can reproduce this a million times if you would like to see it in action.  Like I said, its been like this for years, and by the looks of all the other people here, I'm not alone in the frustration.

Thanks again for hopping on and offering some support.

i haven't found it and am haunted by this issue every single day.  Connectwise is dead to me.  Long live screen connect. ;(

Awfully telling, isn't it?  ConnectWise doesn't give a hoot as long as we are paying the bill.

I've been dealing with this issue for YEARS, don't expect a solution anytime soon unfortunately.  Anyone who uses multiple desktops can pretty much expect to be extremely irritated when using Connectwise Control.