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It would also be nice to see it work with self-hosted spiceworks as well.

It would also be useful to have the ability to make landing pages for support sessions that can grab the necessary images to build the temporary support application in the design that reflects the client's business. Right now I can technically make a webpage and embed SC into it but the downloaded application would not have the client's logo. In the future I can see the SC server handling name based virtual hosting, but until then assume that I would just be making individual sites and embedding SC into them.

From the admin side it would be nice to be able to create a "company/group" and then you could import graphics and change the necessary text to white label the group's access, meeting, and support applications. For support from the admin side we could select if we want to associate the support session with a group. That way when they enter the support code on the embedded SC from a sub-website the proper client is downloaded.

I also have a few clients that would greatly benefit from having their own portal to request support. A website designed with their imagery and text where they could request support sessions would be very useful.

Basically having multiple front-ends and applications while having one back-end/admin side would be quite useful.