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Back when this fiasco started 20.2 became available for a brief window.  I have been running 20.2.27450.7387 for a wile now.  I reported a problem i am having with the system not letting go of connections once they are made.  sometimes i have to restart the entire SC process to get the stupid thing to release.  I posted a report on this very forum and attached the requested information.  Is this bug(which i can find the link to) part of the dev efforts?

I ma not going to bear the extra costs of a Windows server.  Looks like i'll be trying some alternative self-hosted options.

actually i have over 125 agents on ubuntu Linux right now on a server with hard drives.  ssd's aren't the issue..RAM is.  The machine with SC on it has 16 gigs of ram and the SC process is nearing 6 gigs of usage.  I also have 8 cpu's for it as well..although it rarely goes above using 4 i have seen it chew up all 8 when initializing.  If you are having to run ssd's to speed up your program..most likely the issue is cpu and/or RAM as if you do not have enough ram the machine will swap like mad..which then hammers your HDD's.  If you are swapping that much you will only wear out your ssd's faster as you burn up write cycles with swap file usage.

sc has said the writing is on the wlal fro Linux in another thread:

Thoughts for moving forward--

I actually think most of it has been fixed already in a 20.2 build. It's just in a parallel universe to our existing release pipeline, which is why it has lagged.

I personally think it's a shame the Linux/Mono usage has declined to such a degree. I thought it was neat technically we could really master (*ducks*) both platforms in a very unique way-- what other commercial product runs on Mono?

Our code base is in good shape and could be moved to .NET Core without a lot of obvious work. The one thing stopping it is our Extensions; most extensions have ASP.NET components, and we can't easily change and break compatibility without a lot of impact.

Y'all should probably see the writing on the wall if you haven't already. I know that when I'm a consumer of something, I like to feel like my business is valuable to the vendor. And although y'all are very valuable to me personally because I like Linux, I like arguing, I like critique of my creations, etc, I think y'all probably have an opinion about how much you think my superiors care about this particular enjoyment of mine. And we're sitting with just maybe 40-50 of y'all who are looking at a $65/year renewal? To the credit of my superiors, they have very much supported us doing the right thing and getting y'all in a good state, but we've spent a good $50k+ on this Linux/Mono refork, and we won't see nearly the return to cover that, so eventually they'll probably come a-calling for resources to be spent elsewhere. So I'd say the work on the Mono framework to get it compatible with 20.3+ seems unlikely.

Like I said before, ConnectWise wants to do the right thing. So what's the right thing?--

There will be a 20.2 release which addresses what we perceive as the stability/compatibility issues.

You know you can move to host SC no Windows with your existing SC license, right? (including this option for completeness ;))

If you're interested in moving to Cloud, let us know. I think there are existing deals that a bunch of customers have taken advantage of here. I'm sure if you are constructive about it, that could likely be sweetened.

Thread is at the following URL:

Windows is still based upon windows nt which is more than 25 years old...more and more crap gets piled on top...There is zero chance of windows being secured as the latest severe vulnerability is more than 10 years old(the dns server bug)...every time Microsoft says NT has been rewritten just look at the security vulnerabilities and you see things like the dns flaw that goes back years or decades.  With the official position being linux is being abandoned after the next release from what i saw i am curious what folks linux migration plans are.

The pitchforks will not go away until real information is given.  There are a number of big issues that have been neglected for nearly a year...until those issues are fixed you can expect the the pitchforks to continue....

Came to the conclusion?  Are you folks guessing or was a full code analysis actually performed?

20.1 has it's own if you connect to a machine and then tell it to disconnect the server might not release the connection for up to 5 minutes..this is a bug i reported a while on with no updates for months either.

!Gb of ram simply isn't enough even for Linux.  Linux itself needs 1-2 gigs of ram just for operations.  With 150 machines I would say you need no less than 8 gigs of ram...and based on my usage I would recommend no less than 16 gigs.  Here's my system stats:

2x  L5420 @ 2.50GHz, 8 cores

16 gigs ram

2 x 500 GB HDD in MDRAID 1

I have 109 machines under management and SC is using 5.2 gigs of ram itself.  If your machine isn't above 50% swap usage i will be impressed...I put SC on this machine after my 2 GB vm I had it on was at 100% swap and SC started getting OOM killed..SC starting running much better once it had room to stretch...