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I am having the same issue on one new Server 2019 server.  it is a Hyper-V VM on a server 2019 host.  when  I try to connect, screen freezes on locked screen and I get the error above on my workstation and on the server I am trying to connect to.  I have 4 servers at this client, 2 physical, 2 VM's but only have the issue with one VM.  I can connect when the Hyper-V host is connected to the VM [has vm open in Hyper-V], but as soon as the host closes the vm, I cannot connect anymore.


That must have been it.  my Screenconnect server was off by 3 minutes.  Set time and Authy is now working.  Thank You for the info!!!

I have tried to use Authy with Screenconnect without success. can you please explain how you accomplished this?  I scanned the QR code with Authy as described in the link above, I then put the corresponding code that was generated in Screenconnect Security/user.  when I try to login, I enter the code from Auth, but it say's incorrect credentials.  Am I supposed to put something other than "goog:xxxxxxxxxxxxx" in the security section of screenconnect section?