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I have been asking these support questions regularly for months and get less precise but similar answers again and again. In the meantime, I only believe in this software again when there is actually another release that gives the feeling that Linux programmers are still working on this software.
And I will only renew my licenses when new and finally working versions appear here. And if that doesn't happen, I'm guaranteed not to wait many months without further development. In parallel, we check which alternative remote support solutions exist. If someone has good recommendations, I'm very interested.

Hi Max,

I know this page. But do you see a property or operator that allow me to get a last connection time of a host? Everything is guest related. If it's a script language I would save during every session the host name and host connection time. Then I can filter unattended clients that has host connections in the last x days.

I request this in your support forum. They agree, there is no way right now to create this filter. If you know a way, I would be glad to hear your idea.