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Thanks Dee. That's a shame that US carriers are blocking these messages but the feature has been turned off for the whole world. I don't support there is an option to turn the feature ON for certain countries or simply show a message that says, sending a text to these provides may not work?

Hi Eric. Yes, I was. You guys might have been on the pre-release version. Upgraded to the latest stable version(I was on the latest version when I reported this bug) that just released which works fine now so thanks for fixing it in the latest stable released

Not a fix unfortunately. No backstage option here and we are on the latest supported version of Control

We also have "Auto-consent" after 45 seconds global setting but that doesn't work on Backstage. Backstage just says waiting on consent and the experience is the same from "Automate" and from "Control" - Clearly a bug as we are not using anything that's not supported. All these features and functionality are provided by Connectwise for MSPs to choose from so I really hope someone take ownership of this issue