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That makes sense.  And thank you for clarifying.  To be honest, I didn't understand that internal and external accounts were a thing.  Is that outlined in the documentation somewhere?

I do not.  I'm new to using CW Control, so since I'm just testing it, I'm only using the free account at present (I'm evaluating if I want to buy or not).  Since I only have a free account at present, I am not permitted to create support tickets.  I'm not permitted to contact support at all until after I sign up for a paid account, which I don't want to do until I've evaluated everything.  Quite a catch-22.

My account email address was the same as it is here.  In order to test if this was the cause, I changed it from an address to an email address, which still resulted in the forgotten password link from ever getting emailed.  I have since changed my account email address back to the same as this forum.  I should note that I have access to my account right now.  I merely was looking to test if a password reset allowed me to get past the TFA on my account.  I'd like to know how to regain access to my account should I ever lose the password or if Google Authenticator ever stops working for me.

On a side note, I did figure out a way to reset the password.  If I click the forgot password button from the login page of my cloud account site, I never receive the email to reset my password.  However, if I click the forgot password button on, the email does get sent.  So I guess my question needs to be revised to ask why the forgotten password button doesn't send an email when clicked from my cloud account login page.