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Agreed, I believe Ubuntu 22.04 LTS will default to Wayland as well

I had the same issue last night trying to get it working on Manjaro Linux, which is Arch based.  I tried a few different things, and was ultimately able to make it work, but it was ugly.  I first downloaded the .deb package, installed dpkg, then did a dpkg -i on the deb package.  That kept failing on the init.d and lintian folders, so I manually created them.  It then completed, but didn't run the postinst script due to the java5-runtime dependency not being there, even though java was installed.  I extracted and ran the postinst script, and was able to manually run the /etc/init.d script.  It worked great, but of course won't start automatically like that.

I am thinking of creating a systemd unit file and maybe a script/pkgbuild to just get the necessary parts of the .deb and automate this process.  Unfortunately because the deb files are specific to each instance, I don't think I can just put it in the AUR.  I can put it on GitHub if people are interested, though.