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Oh sorry the pkg. Correct. Still though most MDMs should handle that. I know JAMF does.

The current version should be signed. At least it is for us. Also if you deploy through MDM siding should not be a factor (depending on the MDM) as most install software as root which is not affected by Gatekeeper requirements. 

Might you be getting hit by PPPC settings that need to be whitelisted? Accessibility or Screen Recording?

Oh yeah I get it and was expecting it (well not today because Connectwise said our instance would be upgraded next week even though it was today sigh...) but I wanted to make sure other people knew as I don't think Connectwise made that overly clear and it might catch people by surprise.

As a heads up if you've signed screen connect with your own developer cert and deployed a PPPC profile this update is probably gonna break that since the app is now signed with Connectwise's cert.

 6.9.21870.6964 now shows up in stable on the downloads page.

Well that's still a huge mis step on Connectwise's part. It's one additional certificate to sign the package. 

Why would you go through the trouble of signing the app and not the package? What would like me to tell our customers/employees when they receive Gatekeeper warnings which can be very forbidding. And no telling them "its ok to install' is not a valid answer.

Thank you. There is am issue with our license that is preventing your cloud instance from upgrading. I will get that resolved internally. The link you provided now shows 6.9.21870.6964. in pre release NOT stable. It showed neither this morning.

I just built a custom branded pkg installer (10:25 am EST 2/14/2019) from our Cloud Portal and it installed 6.9.21691.6956

Is the cloud installer only available for direct download as of now rather than through our portal?

Also will the pkg installer also be code signed now as it is not currently?

Also it is currently only listed for download at

and not

Can we have some continuity?

Any word on when this will got to stable and be available to cloud customers? I can sign my customized app and set the appropriate PPPC settings via my MDM which allows the app to launch but every time an update (and subsequent reinstall) of the app comes out this breaks the code signing and is very annoying.

I think I might have found it - if it's where I think it is it's surrounded by a long has making it not really editable but what I am thinking is to create a generic installer with a very unique Organization name then running a sed command after the install to swap the name to the Organization I want - we'll see what that does