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I agree.  Many remote support tools that offer anything to do with files or a toolbox allow simply a download and not only a forced run.  One can of course let it run but cancel and go grab the file in the My Doc -> custom named CW folder they make -> TEMP folder and MOVE it outside that folder so it safely will stay when the session is close (otherwise it will get deleted) ....but the best option is simply add a 3rd option in the right click of a toolbox file and call it DOWNLOAD and either force it to the normal My Doc -> custom named CW folder they make -> FILES folder or a new one maybe DOWNLOADS ....or even allow any folder ...either is fine as long as a true download option is added instead of having to trick it with a .zip file or go grab the already run file quickly trick.

Glad to hear someone else at least is seeing it and not just us.  Maybe more will post.  Like you b/c it is complex in some aspects to describe and also pinpoint when it happens or what variables cause it -- We have reported many times months/year.

And also we recall right away when it first occurred and DEV / tech support acknowledged it, similar "will fix next build" or the "we have fixed already this build" ...but then this pattern kept looping and it was not resolved or not mentioned in any longer in change logs.

We really need DEV to test this on their end and disclose clearly what they know or even theorize is causing it for some (e.g. IP Change or CW nightly AntiVirus scanner running amuck or Amazon AWS file storage/container bug or de-linking of files to the account due to glitchy coding or folder/file names being over a certain file size or folder/file name length itself being too long or a combination of other things or ancient aliens).

Yes, this really needs to be disabled (the GIVE FEEDBACK shown in the picture when logged into the web host).  Especially if we have instances that are for our customers, since we don't even get this feedback ourselves, it should be able to be disabled.  Pls provide a variable to disable it.

BTW, the IN-APP HELP extension does not affect this shown-in-pic GIVE FEEDBACK as that still persists with or without the extension even today in checking.