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We have a filter for active computers, does this solve your problem?

HostConnectedCount = 0 AND GuestConnectedCount > 0

Hi guys, any news on that one?

It is pretty sad that there are no real usernames available in the chat function.

All we want ist just that the currently logged on username is used as name in the chat instead of "Guest".

We solved it like that:

But it would be really nice to have an official function included!

Hi Kirsten thats exactly what I am talking about "So we have to pre-delete the specific session item first to not create any duplicates", but it would be convenient to not need to do that manually... If you forget the end the session first it creates a new one.

It would make more sense to NOT create a new item, if there is already one with the same serial number...

Hi Kirsten, many thanks! that is exactly what I was looking for!

Hi folks, is it possible to automatically delete all devices (sessions) of that session group?

We use this filter to show all devices which are inactive for at least 30 days: GuestInfoUpdateTIme < $30DAYSAGO

Because we have over 1000 clients I dont really want to delete these sessions manually, how to automate that?

Thanks and best regards

I cannot believe why there is nothing implemented like this yet!

We have +- 970 clients and if you reinstall one, you have to delete the old session...manually....

One of the ConnectWise employees told me to create a collection like this:

this creates a view like this:

now you can see how many items of one "name" are available.

Not a very convenient solution to scroll down 971 items to find the duplicates manually (hopefully).

It is not even possible to sort them...

Please help us, this is really annoying.

Thanks and best regards


We are sitting in the same boat.

We have about 1000 clients, and the only thing to figure out from which client the unread messages came from, is with this filter:

UnacknowledgedEventCount > 0

But unfortunately, you have to keep in mind which client it was, because it falls out as soon as you click on the clients chat tab.

There definitely needs to be a better solution than that. This filter group is not even a solution..

Thanks for implementing that soon.