Your comments

So looking at 19.6 i see this among other fixes

"Bug, Host Client,  Host client opens as small square"

and this

"Bug,  .NET Client, Host Client,  Opening monitor in different window doesn't size it correctly"

That sounds familiar, and i see other fixes related to Windows Size/Location so there are obvious problems with 19.5

I wonder if i can upgrade to 19.6 early it can't be worse.  If i sound bitter it's because starting with 19.4 and now 19.5 i have multiple problems on both of my laptop and Desktop.

I did that and it worked for a few days.  Then i used Remote Desktop to connect to my Desktop which has the 4K (and 2K) screens.  I used Remote Desktop from my laptop instead of ConnectWise because it's unusable going from a laptop which is HD (1920 x1080) to my Desktop which is 4K and 2K.  Remote Desktop will at least resize my monitor screen so i can see what i am doing.  When i went back to use my Desktop (not RDP, sitting at my Desktop) and went to use ConnectWise sure enough the resize problem had come back.  So if my only solution is i have to uninstall/reinstall everytime that isn't a solution and this wasn't a problem before 19.5.  To add insult to injury the 19.5 claims to make using and resizing ConnectWise Session Windows easier by it remembering the window placement which it does not

To YMMV though thank you for help.

Please add this to ConnectWise.  I have 4 monitors and would be great for locking into place and moving sessions from monitor to monitor

I am not elderly nor are most of my clients but being to customize the size of font in the chat message window would be much appreciated.  Especially on 4K or 2K screens it's too small

I am right there with you.  What would be really great if we could resize SC Windows because they supported features in Windows 10 UI like Snap.  I wouldn't be as annoyed if i could use Hot Keys to move SC Windows around my Monitors ( I have 1 4K, 2 2K and one 1920x1080 Monitor in a Multi-Monitor Setup)