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I was actually given this link by support to upvote this. What is the point if it isn't being worked on?

Has there been any movement on this?  This is a feature we used to use a lot with UltraVNC (which was free). I find it hard to believe that other users have not been asking for this. Is this even being worked on?

I'll take a look at Just Manager, Thanks

Any update on this? We are using Explorer ++ with backstage which helps but its still buggy as hell. Again, being able to transfer files outside of a session is a feature that most (if not all) remote management software supports now.

I would be very interested in this feature. Is there an ETA on version 7.0?

We used to use UltraVNC, which was free. It had this feature.  

Any update on the retrieve side of the file sharing app? This is a severe limitation to the software.

This would come in really handy.

Definitely limited, receiving files is what we would use it for mostly. Is there a way to change the text from white on white?