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We do run mostly Remote Support sessions, we are having issues elevating the session. The instructions to elevate the service do not produce consistent results. We are an MSP and work in may different environments, so may of the PC we connect to are configured differently. So far we have had trouble when it come to elevating a remote Support session. We have trouble with the elevation, switching users within windows and reconnection upon reboots. Currently with the current configuration of LogMeIn we do not have theses issues. We are able to elevate LogMeIn as a system service with the administrator credentials before we even see the users screen. This allows the engineer to see any UAC windows and control and acknowledge as needed. With a Remote Support session with screen connect we get varied results with UAC. Some times a UAC window will pop up and we are unable to see via the remote session. This then requires user intervention. In many cases we start a support session while the user is preset then they leave while we work on the machine. Our engineers have experienced problems where they do not have full control and need some sort of user intervention. With LogMeIn all we need is someone to initiate the session with a pin code and we have full control of the machine.