Your comments

Yes, I agree that would be nice to have different session names. Actually, when I was working on the Host page, I tried to name new sessions like: "Session001" "Session002" to "Session999". But there are couple of side effect about this:

  1. What will happen if you have 1000+ sessions. If you name the new session "Session1000", it would break the order of sessions and jump directly behind "Session100".
  2. What if you have created 100 sessions, and then delete "Session099". When you click create the next time, should you give the name "Session101" or "Session099". To loop through the data base and find out whether there are duplicate session names is computational expansive. 

That is why we ended up using the same name "Untitled Session" by default. 

I will actively searching for solutions that could solve the problem for you. Thanks for your post.

* FYI, if you just do not like the name "Untitled Session", you can go to Appearance page under Admin Tab and change the default new session name. The string you want to customize is called something like "SessionPanel.NewSupportSessionName".