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Yeah, it seems an update has wrecked the themes. Fonts have been changed so I've have to change to an off-brand standard theme that doesn't really look great... 

It looks like it isn't just custom themes either as multiple themes seem to suffer with this, with the Shell themes completely removing the bottom left hand corner icon that allows you to change your password, manage the toolbox etc. 

Hoping for a quick resolution to this as the front end doesn't look great now. 

+1 to both you and Tim. 

It's bad enough when ScreenConnect asks me to provide feedback. I don't need Windows complaining about low resources when it's running on an i5 with 8GB DDR4. 

I am hopeful that now the issue can be reproduced a fix is on the way sooner rather than later. 

Just what I was looking for. Thanks! 

Cloud version here too.

I hope 6.3 resolves the issue. We're on good PC's here so I'm surprised this is a problem. 

Yeah, we're still experiencing the same issue in 6.2. I haven't really noticed a difference between 6.1 and 6.2 in terms of regularity.

I do feel this is something that should be available. A group for machines offline for more than 30 days would be useful so I can keep track of live machines and those we no longer use.

Morning Ben,

Apologies... may have forgotten to attach it. Here is the image I took yesterday:

...and here is an image I have just taken on the same machine today:

Looks like there is a memory leak issue?

I think that's what we're thinking too for the time being as the message is rather annoying. Glad to hear it's on the dev teams list anyway as our machines are fairly beefy things so we wouldn't really expect system resources to be a factor. Is there any rough timeline for a fix?



Hi Ben,

Since upgrading to the latest version of ScreenConnect this error has appeared. We have never encountered it before and all of our machines ran the high quality setting by default.

1) Yes we can join the session fine. Roughly 2 - 5 minutes after joining does the message appear

2) We have encountered this error on all of our machines (all Win 7)

3) We run the default Windows theme (company background image) with the Aero effect enabled

4) ScreenConnect client CPU usage is at 09 / 58,264 K memory usage.

Following on from mhighsmiths comments, I'm not sure if the issue we have is due to duplicate clients? I have attached a screenshot of our processes list and as you can see we have two clients running. When the new version released I flagged all our machines to reinstall the client.