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This appears to be fixed now with the latest version. Thanks guys :)

Yes the guests are Windows. I had tried connecting to Windows 7 and 10 machines with the same result. The server is 2012 R2.

For now I just have HostSessionWithoutConsent enabled so that I can successfully connect to computers. I hope to get to a point where I can start requiring consent again though.

When I spoke with support this morning to pinpoint this issue my chat ticket number was #10929870. If needed I would be able to do a remote session and phone call to demonstrate the issue if that would help.

So far it hasn't been a priority, sadly. I never know when an update comes out (unless I manually go to the main ConnectWise Control downloads page) because I am required by my employer to disable these insecure protocols. I love a lot of things about ConnectWise but this has been an issue for a year now and no action has been taken :(

In the mean time, if anyone needs to check what version they have installed, you can right click a .dll files in the Bin folder and check it's file properties.

Would be really nice to not have to do that though :)

Ben, any update on this? I am on the latest stable version of ConnectWise Control and still can't use my Status page to check for new versions, external accessibility, browser URL, or web server checks. This is a really inconvenient page for me right now.

Very excited to see this finally become a priority.

Thanks very much for your reply! I look forward to my Status page working again.

Here are the settings that IIS Crypto 2.0 disabled: