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It was bugging me one day that I had to keep going to Access as well, since I don't really use support in my case, so I wrote an extension - "Load Access Page After Login"

By default it directs you to the Access sessions when you navigate to just /Host (like when you login from the guest page). This is configurable in the extension's options > Edit Settings. It also allows hosts to determine which one they want by default as well - just have them go the one they want by default, click the user circle in the lower left, and then select the option to "Set '{page}' as my default". The ability to select this can be disabled in the extension's settings as well.

I believe the idea behind this feature request isn't that the client will be deleted when you disconnect from a session, but after the tech is done with the session, as in when that session is actually "ended". So instead of the "End' functionality having the client just stop it's service or end the program, it would clean up after itself first, and then stop the service/close out.

I would personally like the client to be able to keep at least a minimum log with the Status information from the most recent failure to connect attempt with a time stamp that persists after a successful connection. Being able to further configure this, or have a 'debugging mode' type of thing that would increase these capabilities to include logging over time, session activity trace, etc, would be nice as well.

+1 for this feature in addition to the script-style commands tab we have now, as it is useful in other ways.