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Thank you for your attentions.

Ok, I'll be looking forward for the incoming update.

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Thank you for answering.

Unfortunately that's not my case; I'm not using that extension.

Thank you for your answer.

Here are the details:

There's no migration, I copy the full directory as a backup, first to another directory on the same HD, and, if everything is ok after upgrade, then I move that local backup to an external disk.

I'm not using the "Additional General Info extension".

Win XP SP 3
4 Gb RAM
80 client access PC's...

Thera re running two process on that equipment ScreenConnect and an in-house software that receives alarm signals from IP connections (the ram used as reported from Task Manager is around 540 Kb).

This PC was working OK since 2015 (5.3.9074.5646 release) and I ran the upgrades from that version as they appear, always using stable release versions. But the last one comes with the mentioned issue.

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