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Ticket number is #9486588. I received an email on Friday, October 20th saying that my ticket was being escalated and I never heard anything else so I sent an email asking for a status update on Tuesday, October 24th and have yet to hear anything back. 

May I ask why this is not considered a bug when the instance is not functioning properly and ConnectWise Support has yet to get back with me regarding this issue?

Hey Ben,

I just changed one of my customers organizations to "NotInAnyGroupButAllMachines" and have the same results. If you'd like to schedule a session we can go over what I've done thus far.


Joey Felps

I can confirm we are using 6.1.12054 and that it is more than 4% of our disconnects that we receive a Feedback Survey.

Created a Bug Report on this as well. This is a huge turn off.