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Event.EventType = 'LoginAttempt' AND Event.OperationResult = 'PasswordInvalid'

Source: ConnectWise Control 2021.15 Release notes

This wouldn't have any impact on self hosting. You'd still be able to self-host just fine.

The feature request is related to the fact that currently the host machine you want to do remote control sessions from has to either install the ScreenConnect client software, or have Java installed so you can use the Java client.

If a HTML5 "client" was included in ScreenConnect then you could sit down on a computer you've never used before and that doesn't allow you to run executable files on and that doesn't have Java installed and still be able to remotely control other systems. 

What does the "Closed" status mean?

Did you update (reinstall) the control client on the workstation after the update? (Updating just the server won't help.)

Since I'm still on 6.2 that's great, thanks! And just for future reference, what is the process for getting future versions white listed as well? Were you able to establish a relationship or some kind of arrangement with Kaspersky such that future versions will be automatically white listed by the time they are released as stable?

Thanks for the update Kirsten, that's great to hear! What versions does this apply to?

I just ran into this again today using ScreenConnect 6.2

As others have stated, it's pretty annoying that it's impossible to interact with Kaspersky using ScreenConnect without manually reconfiguring Kaspersky ahead of time. This is really annoying when connecting to a new computer for the first time using a Support session since the only way to interact with or reconfigure Kaspersky in that case is to use an alternate remote support tool.

In addition to Teamviewer, (which others have mentioned & which can be used without installation on both sides of the connection by running the TeamViewer QuickSupport tool (TeamViewerQS.exe) on the client's machine & then using the TeamViewer Portable download on your machine), another tool that works well which is very quick & easy is AnyDesk which uses a single small exe that runs without installation on both sides of the connection.

While these tools do allow you to reconfigure Kaspersky so it trusts ScreenConnect, this "solution" is far from ideal for at least the following reasons:

  1. It's inefficient: Loading up a second remote support tool just to reconfigure Kaspersky takes longer & appears less professional.
  2. Using most other remote support tools in a commercial setting without a valid license is a violation of their terms of use which means if you want to use ScreenConnect on a Kaspersky machine you have to buy not only ScreenConnect but another remote support tool as well!

@ScreenConnet / ConnectWise:

While I realize that the root issue may be outside your direct control, it would seem that by "declining" this feature you saying that you have given up on trying to solve the issue and are unwilling to even consider pursuing it further, even though functionally it is a legitimate limitation of your software that has somehow been figured out by not only many of your major competitors (TeamViewer, LogMeIn, GoToAssist), but also by smaller & lesser known competitors (such as AnyDesk)... Is that really what you are saying?

Would you please reconsider your position?

I know it doesn't address the point of your original post, but if you haven't seen it already you may find this interesting: Feature Request Status Madness

Just so you don't get your heart broken when the status inevitably changes back to Pending or Under Review, this would probably be a good read.

I've posted a workaround that will allow you to access the true C:\Windows\System32 directory from the ScreenConnect command window in the original form thread:

Summary: Prefix your commands with %windir%\sysnative\