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Just ran into this today... Totally insane. Definitely need a 10S app in the Microsoft Store for Support Sessions.

Mid 2021... still no ability for on-prem users to have View? We've been users supporting this product for nearly 7 years now and still can't have this ability because we aren't cloud users... What are we missing here? Is there not a way for this to work with on-prem servers doing the stream data transfer? Does it have to go through your cloud servers to work? Why hasn't this been enabled for on-prem hosts who presumably have some of the largest installs?

I have tested that with success... I pushed this update to a mojave machine, had to re-enable permissions, and then could control. I then reinstalled and it worked without intervention. However, when a new version comes out, will I then have to have physical contact again or will it work as well?

Does having the signed installer help at all when reinstalling on mac Access clients, or do we still need physical access to each machine to re-grant permissions to control again?  I'm hoping this means physical permissions only need to be granted on initial install and updates/reinstalls are possible without further physical visits.  If not, man... this is becoming a deal breaker.

+1... It seems like all the parts are there but not quite connected. You have VOIP audio and Meetings... why not enable screen recording from the HOST and capture the VOIP audio as well? We'd really like this ability to record tutorials for users or archive webinars.