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Funny you should say that they never read this anymore. The support rep stated no one else was having this issue and that I was the only one reporting it. I referred him to this link. You would think a bug report forum would be something that they look at but there may be a disconnect between support and the devs.  

When talking to support they stated Nginx will cause this issue. However I was not using Nginx and having the same issue. We ended up migrating to a Windows Server. As a temp fix we were able to edit the listening uri and replaced the IP address with a + symbol to get us back up and running after a tech pushed out updates to the clients as well.

This seems to be working now after an update and a webconfig change removing the ip address from the listening uri and adding a +.

Was this feature taken off the roadmap?

This would be great if this option could be saved as a user preference per user.

We would like to hide session groups that we have had to create to grant a user access to only their computer. A single computer is showing up in as many as 3 groups currently and I only need to see that the PC is in a OU group and i'm ok with the All Machines group. Perhaps when a string such as "IsShown = No" enabled it would hide any group from the dashboard and we would still have access to edit the group via manage session groups if we needed to revert the change.